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MIRACLE MONDAY ~ LIFE’S JOURNEY ~ March 14, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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Many years ago I decided to take responsibility for the unhappiness in my life and I made several life style changes. One of the biggest and best decisions I ever made was to get on a more regular exercise routine. Although I was fairly young, I never really had much time to dwell on myself  because I was busy raising my family and working outside the home as well.

In order to get my life back on track, I decided to start walking on a regular basis. I started off small by walking in between my bus stop connections on my way home from work instead of merely standing at the bus stop to wait for the next bus. After I built up my stamina and my desire to walk, I would not catch the first bus that came along opting to walk a little further each day.

Walking brought so much pleasure to my life that I proceeded to increase my distance so that eventually I was able to walk home on some days. (6 miles) I started this program over twenty-five years ago. I don’t think I could even do the math to figure out how many miles I have walked or the unbelievable benefit I have received from this simple decision. I have met several people along the way and enjoyed the company of many other walkers. I still walk three miles every week day and continue to enjoy all the friendships  I have made in this special way.  

At times, it is very difficult to make time for ourselves with the very busy schedules that we all have.  However, when we take time for ourselves, in the end everyone benefits. Walking is so simple yet so beneficial. Taking the first step, may very well give you such positive results that you will want to take many more steps.

Regular exercise of any kind is definitely a good habit and has many other positive side effects. Exercise is very therapeutic in dealing with and managing stress.


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