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Book Reviews ~ A Woman’s Voice ~ Inspirational Short Stories

Once I started this book I simply could not put it down! The author has written a beautifully crafted masterpiece for the minds of us all today. This beautiful book is full of deep and thought provoking quotes and anecdotes throughout, which served to remind me how much better we can all live our lives.

One of the lovely short stories that truly touched me in this delightful book was about the day the author went walking alone as her husband was mowing their daughters garden. Whilst on this walk she noticed a white envelope lying on the ground. She picked it up and looked around for it’s owner, but to no avail. She held the envelope in her hand openly and transparently for all to see, in the hope that someone would spot it and come forward. This was not the case, so she continued walking and saw a mother with her children in a phone box nearby, she walked up to the woman and asked if she was Gina, the woman replied no. So the author started to walk away, and then the woman called out, “What did you want Gina for?” And the author said she found a letter with her name on it, the woman had a look of pure relief displaced across her whole face as she started to explain to the author, that Gina was her nanny and she had lost an envelope containing $200. The author smiled and handed over the envelope.

This story was very similar to one of my stories of the past. I too had found a lot of money and handed it in. And I was informed later that the owner had received it and was most grateful. I remember the great satisfaction I had too felt that day. This is such a beautiful book. It makes you truly think about your own actions each and every day and how they can affect your life and those close to you. Like the author says in the beginning of the book, she merely wants to come across as a whisper in your ear and she does just that. A whisper that will always remain.

A must read for anyone looking for inspiration in their lives. If I am totally honest here, I did not think I needed any inspiration at all as I am very happy with my life, but then on reading this delightful book I was reminded of a few things I had forgotten myself. And for that I thank this wonderful author.

by Author Dawn Torrens


Book Reviews ~ I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay

Marriage, money, wise life decisions: Author Dolores Ayotte has written an amazing book that needs to be read by young and old alike. Every couple looking to get married should read this book! She brings to the forefront some “old fashioned” methods on how to make a life together thoroughly enjoyable, richly rewarding and solid. Her stories about her and her husband’s life prove it out and show how it’s done.

Dolores also very candidly tells her story of struggles with guilt and depression and other of life’s obstacles and how she overcame them. In this book she shares 13 major keys to living a happy satisfied life, being a benefit to one’s own self as well as to others.

I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay is a delightful read, as well as a book full of hefty life changing wisdom on many levels.

by Author Carolyn Molica

The Human and Humane Self-Help Author ~ Dolores Ayotte



“The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honour.  If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.”  (Samuel Smiles)


My books are written in a gentle, conversational style, meant to reach my readers in a kind and non-judgmental way.

Both books, are self-help books about the steps I used to help me overcome two serious bouts with depression that I experienced in my earlier years. They are written in recipe format giving thirteen simple steps in each book that are easy to incorporate into daily living. In order to get out of the pit I found myself to be in, I had to do much soul-searching and reflection to get to the source of my depression.

My books are what I consider to be heart books.  They are written from my heart to any and all hearts that are open to my message. They are also written with the intention of reaching out to help people by sharing some of my personal experiences. Others may be able to identify with some of my stories and anecdotes.

Hopefully, my suggestions will enhance the lives of my readers in much the same way they have enhanced mine.

Through my faith,  eventual self-acceptance, and with the support of my husband, I was not only able to rise above my despair, I learned how to lead a full and rewarding life with my husband, children and now several grandchildren

My recipe for life consists of a little bit of this and a little bit of that borne from my life experiences. Usually, when I use all of the ingredients and steps…I end up with a pretty good product. Sometimes…I can still fail. It is this failure to succeed all of the time that helps remind of my humanity and the fact that I am not perfect and it’s okay.

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