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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY~INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ Keep Your Dreams ~ June 18, 2011 by charles Betts

Dreams are more than butterflies that flitter through our mind

Searching for a place to land in hopes they somehow find

The food we all require to sustain our journey every day.

When we believe our dreams, it matters not what others say

It’s the dreams that burn within our heart that keep our soul alive

When times are tough or life gets rough they help us to survive

When the flame becomes a candle, be a beacon  on a hill

Wrap your dreams around your heart, they’ll fortify your will

Soar up to the mountains where only eagles dare

Somewhere in the journey you’ll find someone to share

The dreams that burn within your heart and keep your soul alive

When times are tough or life gets rough they’ll help you to survive

While your candle’s burning, you’re the beacon on the hill

That lights the way for others who have somehow lost the will

To keep their dreams alive when their hope is fading fast.

When you learn to share your passion then both your candles last

Butterflies are beautiful, so lovely to behold

Dreams may be impractical, yet they fill our soul

Both of them are needful. We are filled with awe and hope

Each of them in their own way help us all to cope

A Poem By Charles Betts. Feb 9th 2011

Thanks Charles!

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Prayer For The Prodigal Son ~ June 11, 2011 by Charles Betts

God of our Fathers. Friend Of Abraham

Creator of all. The great I Am

Who loves and cares for the souls of all

And hears the prayers when His children call

Your eyes we know are everywhere

To watch for those who are in your care


All my life, I’ve by you been blessed

Though yet my soul is sore distressed

My youngest son is still on his own

I only pray he’s not somewhere alone

May the Angels that watch over him be strong

The truth he knows keep him from wrong


I cannot continue to bear this pain

My heart has never known such strain

If only I could hold him in my arms

To know his soul has known no harm

God, does he know how I love him yet

I will forgive him, with no regrets


Though I can’t see him, I know you can

I trust he’s safe and in your kind hands

May he come back before it’s too late

I long to see him come through the gate

Just to know he’s alive and he’s free

God, please, bring him home, safe to me.


I love this poem Charles…maybe it’s because at one time or another we are all prodigal children and it brings me great comfort and reassurance to know that I am loved and forgiven.

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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ It’s A Good Day ~ June 4, 2011 by Charles Betts


When I wake up each morning and I’m breathing on my own

I know that Jesus loves me and I’m not in this thing alone

It’s a good day

I say a little thank-you prayer and put my feet upon the floor

Get dressed, have my breakfast and head out my front door

It’s a good day

I jump in my old truck and if it starts up first thing

I turn on a gospel station and hear somebody sing

It’s a good day

It’s a good day for me just to know that I am whole

My hope is in His love and I’m aware in my own soul

That no matter what may happen, God is in control

By the time my day is over, someone will be told

Have a good day

As I head on down the road, I have purposed in my mind

As I interact with others, I’ll do my best to be kind

And make it a good day

We can never tell, unless they let us in their heart

Exactly what it is that may be tearing them apart

They need a good day

Everyone needs someone to show them God above

Through gentle acts of kindness or some small act of love

We can make their day

We can make their day more beautiful by what we say or do

Their grey and darkened skies can be turned to clear and blue

When their day is over, they’ll take time to thank God too

Their journey was less arduous because we helped them through

We made their day

If you aren’t having a good day, help someone else to

A Poem by Charles Betts Jan 9th 2011

Thanks Charles…this poem made my day! 

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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Aging ~ May 28, 2011 by Charles Betts


Cruel, hurtful aging

Midnight cries of sorrow

Painful loss of friends

Passing long before

I was willing they should go


Cruel, hurtful aging

Health, memories

Joyful thoughts of youth

Cannot be recalled

Like the things I used to know


Cruel, hurtful aging

Disdain replacing respect

Once sought-for advice

Now mere musings

Or rantings of the disillusioned aged


Cruel, hurtful aging

A process they say

More of a gristmill

Grinding down the strong

Consumed now by rage


Cruel, hurtful aging

You are not now

Nor ever have you been

A friend to those of us

Confined to your control


Cruel, hurtful aging

To be rid of your influence

Is more than just a wish

It is a deep longing

Formed somewhere in my soul


A Poem By Charles Betts  Sept. 10th 2007

Charles…what an insightful poem. Aging is not an easy process as you have so aptly pointed out in this inspirational poem. Thanks! 

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SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Unkind Words ~ May 7, 2011 by Charles Betts


People say society today is so much more civilized

But the dreams the dreamers dreamed have not been realized

I hear lamenting cries and sorrow from the hearts of the abused

Who simply cannot understand and it leaves them so confused


High on my own wish list is “Peace on earth goodwill to men”

I recall the angels declared the same, as they told the world of Him

Two thousand years ago. So long ago. Have we even changed at all?

The only way I know to change is to answer the Savior’s call


Why are we afraid? Why do we turn away?

Is it too difficult, Too high a price to pay,

To be kind to a neighbour, or a stranger in the way

Or just to be careful in what we do and say?


There’s lots of information. We get smarter every year

But all the education does nothing to ease the fear

The world is filled with hatred for those who don’t think the same

They refuse to believe the angels and will not accept His name


For those of us who have believed, we say He’s in our heart

Let’s care enough to talk with them, help them make a brand new start

Reach out to those around us, perhaps we can repair

The damage that has been done if we show them that we care


Let’s repel the darkness by showing the world the light

The angels sang so loud and clear about that first Christmas night

If you try you’ll be amazed what Christ can do through love

That flows from your life and heart when you submit to God above


So if we really want to see the hatred and anger cease

I believe we Christians must show them the Prince of Peace

If we want to heal the hearts before they have been broken

Remember this “The kindest words sometimes are unkind words unspoken”


A Poem By Charles Betts

Dec 22nd, 2004


A personal note from Charles…I must also say that I thoroughly enjoy your comments along with the others who contribute. You no doubt have gathered from my poems and replies, that words are very important to me. They can do so much, good or evil. I have told a few people over the years that when I am in conversation with someone, I try to never say anything to that person that I would be uncomfortable saying if that person were Jesus Himself. It has been a blessing to me and them. We can both walk away from the situation and be OK with how it went. To me, it matters not if they deserve or appreciate it, I know we both needed it and God can use the situation to His advantage.

I believe with all my heart that when our conversation is handled thus, then God can speak to that person’s heart after we are apart and they begin to wonder, what just happened? How could someone maintain such composure? In this way God can speak to them when we cannot, long after our conversation is done. It took years of practice and much grace, but like the scripture says, ” The grace of God teaches us”. I have been taught. For some I can only say as I used to say to my children, ” a lesson taught is not always a lesson learned”.

Thank you Charles. You have a very gifted, gentle and inspirational way of saying exactly what each and every one of us needs to hear. Beautifully written!



I stood as king upon a mountain

Which my own two hands did build

I had all I ever wanted

I did everything I willed

You see I’d built a business

And that business it did well

I employed a lot of people

They made products that would sell

As I surveyed my kingdom

I used to say I had it made

But for every dollar in the bank

There was a price that I had paid


I’d neglected my wife and family

And our kids were almost grown

They didn’t know I loved them

“Cause my love had not been shown

You could see that I had money

You could see that I had wealth

The only thing no one could see

Is that I did not have my health

Just a routine doctors visit

What he said took away my breath

Set your affairs in order sir

In three months you face death


How would I tell my family

Or let my workers know

I had no God to turn to

So where else could I go

I ran back to my mountain

I threw my arms out wide

I raised my voice to heaven

From an angry heart I cried

God if you can hear me

 If you’re even really there

Come into my circumstance

And prove to me you care 


I need someone to walk with me

Through the valley of death’s shadow

The path ahead that I cannot see

Is the path that I must follow

It’s not the path that I would choose

If the choice were all my own

I’m so afraid I’ll lose my way

If I have to walk alone

I need some one to talk to

Who can help me understand

How of all the plans in life I’d made

This one thing I had not planned


A Poem By Charles Betts

For the Easter Sermon

Thank you for this very touching poem Charles! Your words give us plenty to think about.


Joy Comes In the Morning 


“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters…”                   – Psalm 23:2  


When I open my eyes, by the grace of God I see

the trees and the flowers the birds and the bees.


Colorful trees sway in the breeze.

Blossoming flowers emerge with ease.

The green grass glistens in the morning dew.

The birds they sing a song or two.


His  goodness and mercy is in everything I see.

I feel his presence touching me.

The sun shines ever so brightly

in this day of joy and glee.

I really don’t know why it’s a mystery to me.


I only know this joy I feel, fills me up and swallows me whole,

from the depth of my soul to the tingling in my toes.


Thank you Father for this day

for we’re not promised tomorrow.

Lord, thank you for this joy in my heart.

I pray I feel the same way tomorrow.



By: Yvonne C. Freeman

From: Y: Spiritual Journey

Copyright @ 2008


Thanks Yvonne…This poem is a little extra gift to add to Charles’ beautiful poem from yesterday and Good Friday.

              Happy Easter everyone!   

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Simple Things ~ April 23, 2011 by Charles Betts


Somewhere in the mountains falls a tiny drop of rain

It joins a thousand others and begins to form a stream

Their journey through the hills to the valley far below

Is drawn by a force of nature that all creation knows

The streams form a river where people work and live

Enjoying all the pleasures those tiny raindrops give


Far off in the distance someone speaks a gentle word

In our time of trouble it’s the sweetest we have heard

Entering our heart it always helps to bring a smile

Giving us the energy, strength to go another mile

Such are loving words exchanged between two friends

The peace we all long for on such simple things depends


Death and life are in the tongue, choose well the words we say

Bring peace to those around us as we work and live each day

Like the tiny drop of rain, the loving words we speak

Might be the best encouragement a weary soul can seek

Flood the earth with kindness, overflowing all the banks

Do it for God’s glory, and let the people give Him thanks


A Poem By Charles Betts

Aug 25th 2008

Thank you Charles and Happy Easter everyone!

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Calvary Or Gethsemane ~ April 16, 2011 by Charles Betts


There is a place called Calvary

Where many come on bended knee.

Some to pray, some just to see

What has been or what will be.


There’s another place called Gethsemane

Where fewer come and fewer flee,

There to pray and there to plea

Before the Lord for His mercy


When people come to Calvary

Not passing through Gethsemane,

So many things they just do not see

And from themselves are never free.


You’ll find it is in that garden place

As you kneel there and bow your face

You see God’s mercy, love and grace

Extended to all the human race.


So enter now and slow your pace.

The steps you’ve taken in life retrace.

God’s holy presence now embrace.

Let Jesus’ love fill that empty space.


In Gethsemane is where Christ did pray.

Found strength from God to face His day.

Sweat drops of blood washed His will away.

He resigned Himself  then was led away.


Here come the soldiers and the angry crowd.

Here’s Judas, His friend who was too proud

To repent. Instead, he kissed the Savior’s brow

And walked away. Hanged himself, too late now. 


Jesus’ friends and disciples all fled his side.

Scared, they ran away somewhere to hide.

Peter, the bravest one, even cursed and lied.

“I don’t know him. I’m not his”, he cried.


Christ was led to the judgement hall.

Not one soul on Him did call.

No one on their face did fall

To honor Him, the Lord of all.


There He stood and took the shame.

They all laughed and mocked His name.

Was it for this to earth He came?

Yet people today would do the same.


No justice could our savior find.

Their eyes were shut, all were blind.

Hatred was all that filled their mind.

They put His miracles all behind.


Then He was led up Calvary’s hill.

The last subjection of His own will.

There His blood He did freely spill.

The Roman spear made the final kill.


The angels looking down on earth

Say to God “Is mankind really worth

The agony, the pain, the dearth”.

On Satan’s face such a look of mirth.


Almighty God now speaks to them

“I know the human heart is filled with sin

They have no peace or joy within.

But now they can because of Him”


“Look ahead now to a future day,

When weary souls will come to pray.

Seeking help to find life’s way.

And I can go to them and say” 


“ You made your way through Gethsemane

Now I see you kneeling here at Calvary.

You’ve finally found your way to me.

My truth alone will set you free”.


Let the tears fall from your eye

As from your heart there comes a cry

“God forgive me and the blood apply.

I’ll live for you, to myself die.”


Heaven fills with a sweet refrain.

For you the Savior died not in vain.

Go now, tell others, ease their pain.

So they as well may salvation gain


So if you decide to come to Calvary,

First spend some time in Gethsemane.

Stay there my friend on bended knee

Until from yourself you are truly free.


 A poem by Charles Betts

Typed on June 23rd 2001 at sta. 4

Once again Charles, I thank you for such an inspirational poem. 

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Do Angels Cry ~ April 9, 2011 by Charles Betts


I wonder if the angels cried

The day the Lord was crucified

And they were told to step aside

He must be left alone


They watched the Roman soldiers kill

The Son of God and His blood spill

They knew it was the Fathers will

Man’s sin to atone


They saw sweet Mary so torn apart

The secrets kept from the very start

Today, ripped from her broken heart

Did it have to be this way?


Did they recall the starry night

When shepherds watched by firelight

As they were all arrayed in white

And made the heavens ring?


In their hands they held the star

That guided wise men from afar

To where the babe and mother are

Such precious gifts they bring


The shepherds ran throughout the town

Asking where He could be found

They spread the message all around

The king was born today


They watched the baby as He lay

Beside His mother in the hay

People came, their respect to pay

But no one brought a crown 


Angels watched as He played and ran

And interacted with fallen man

The way the father had it planned

To show the world His love


Now they stood back in untold waves

They wanted so to go and save

Him from going to the borrowed grave

Oh they loved Him so


They also watched as disciples fled

Afraid, ashamed as Jesus bled

From the thorns that pierced His head

At last He had His crown


As He cried out from untold pain

About to die from all the strain

Was it angel tears that made it rain

I wonder if they cried?


A Poem By Charles Betts

Nov. 18, 2005 iHis

Thank-you Charles for this second poem in the series of Easter Poems you’ve shared with us.

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