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Not too long ago, I wrote an article titled, Confidence In God.  If you happened to read it, I was referring to a little booklet my that dad gave me many years ago. Today, I would like to share a passage with you from that booklet.


“From our childhood many of us have been told more of the punishments God has in store for us if we fail to please Him than the rewards He looks forward to giving when we do please Him….The first thing in loving our Lord is to believe Him lovable. What are the sort of persons one loves?  First, they must be easy to get on with. How many in their heart of hearts think our Lord easy to get on with? We think Him touchy, unapproachable, easily annoyed or offended. And yet all this fear of Him pains Him very much. Would our father wish us to hang our heads, be shy and shrinking in his presence? How much less so our Heavenly Father? He has an almost foolish love for us.” (Rev. Daniel Considine)

How many of you can relate to this quote? How many of you can think back to your childhood and remember the fear that was instilled in you? How many of you remember hearing about the fires of eternal damnation and that you would burn there if you didn’t do what God wanted? Yes…we learned full well the punishments of God!

On the other hand, how many of you ever heard that God loved you?

In all the teachings I learned as a child, I never once recall hearing the word LOVE to describe how God felt about me or anyone else for that matter.  If you are in my age bracket, the word God and LOVE, never went hand in hand. The word reward was never heard either. The word punishment definitely was used to describe what God was all about and what His plans for us would be if we didn’t tow the line. How much damage was done to some of the children of my era? Are you one of them?

I think Rev. Daniel Considine has it right. It took me twenty-five years to write I’m Not Perfect & It’s Okay. It’s hard to believe it took me that long to put pen to paper but in actuality it took me that long to garner the courage and determination to set the record straight.  God loves me, warts and all and He loves you too!


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