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A MAN’S VOICE ~ Lost In The Mirror ~ April 19, 2011 by Charles Betts

Dolores; I read with interest your article today. To go along with this, I would like to interject that my experience in life has been, many people are unhappy today because they don’t have a connection with who they really are. They search so hard for that which is better left alone and spend so little effort searching for that which means so much. The first being the approval of others and the second being the approval of themselves in and through Christ. No wonder that the scriptures say ” He who will find himself must first lose himself in me and whoever will lose himself in me will find himself” There is no substitute that I know of. Many have tried other things but I have found this alone works. When I become overwhelmed in life, it has been my experience that by looking it over carefully, I have been attempting things on my own. Time to stop and retrace and do what I know I should, ask for and follow God’s plan.

I am also including a poem I did that sort of goes along with this. Enjoy and God bless you, yours and your readers, Charles Betts

Lost In The Mirror

I felt lost in the mirror’s reflection
‘Cause I wasn’t really sure it was me
I couldn’t seem to make the connection
‘Tween them and who I wanted to be

Like a mirror looking into a mirror
The reflections just kept going on
The ones at the back disappeared
It seemed to me that I was a pawn

I fell under the strong influence of others
I made changes I thought they’d accept
I thought for sure I would be smothered
Every change left me feeling so inept

Then one day my whole world fell apart
I couldn’t stand what I saw in my face
So I asked Jesus to come into my heart
He filled me with His mercy and grace

Now I like what the mirror is reflecting
And I like what God’s done to my soul
The mirror is His word I’m inspecting
And I’m so glad that I’m in His control

A poem by Charles Betts
July 10th 2005

Thank you Charles.  I always appreciate your insights and words of wisdom. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t usually post on Tuesday but this seemed so fitting. I would also like to share Thoughts For Today by my friend Susan Earl. She has used several wonderful quotes. 

A MAN’S VOICE ~ Dealing With Anger ~ March 4, 2011 by Charles Betts


Have you ever heard the expression, “You took the words right out of my mouth”?  Charles left a comment yesterday after my post titled “Dealing With Anger”. Charles went one step further than the above statement of taking the words right out of my mouth when it comes to the issue of anger.  He not only expresses my sentiments, he explains anger from such a personal frame of reference that it hits home even better. I have reprinted his comment here in its entirety so that all of my readers will have the opportunity to share in Charles’ wisdom. Thank you Charles for sharing your spirituality and wisdom so openly and honestly.

Dolores; I was intrigued by your post on anger and the comments that ensued. I would like to make a comment as well.

   I grew up in a house that knew much anger. Some expressed, some suppressed, but seldom was it ever controlled. Not a lot of violence involved but a lot of verbal abuse. I remember as a child being very angry myself. In my early teens I began to be aware that this anger was damaging. By the time I was 15 I realized that the anger could end up destroying not only myself but others around me. I began praying for God’s help and at this time with my study of scriptures making me aware of God’s opinion of anger, I decided that I did not want to be an angry man, as my father was. Somehow I came to the conclusion that if I let people or things anger me, then these people or things would control me. I made a conscious decision that I would with God’s help beat the anger. It took a few years, but by the time I was married and had children, the anger was not an issue for me.

  The single biggest influence on my decision to stay anger free has been the scripture in Prov. that says ” Be not hasty in your spirit to be angry for anger rests in the bosom of fools” and its companion verse that says ” Join not yourself to an angry man lest you learn his ways and so get a snare for your soul”. These two had such an impact on me. The first reminded me of a scripture that goes “The fool has said in his heart that there is no God” My thought at the time was that perhaps the reason people use anger so freely and abuse others by it is because they fail to realize that we are responsible for our words and since there is no God we will never be taken to task for our anger. The second reference above caused me to think that a snare chokes the life out of whatever is caught therein and if I wanted my soul to be alive then I must take charge of my anger and not let it get the best of me.

  I have in my life time seen so many people be less than they could be because they failed to see the value of their own soul and others, and both were, if not destroyed, at least negatively affected by their anger. Choosing to be kind and using kind words even in difficult situations is much more rewarding and lets both parties involved live. It may take a lifetime to realize the rewards but well worth the effort. At least when we lay down at night we don’t have to beat ourselves up because we did or said something in anger today.

  As well. I have yet to be able to recall even one situation where anger has made the problem better. I have on the other hand seen it cause a lot of destruction, both to property and people.

  These are some of my reflections on the subject. I hope it helps some. I know what God has done in my life has been a blessing to my family. I like to think that for my family at least the cycle was broken.

 Thanks for letting me post this, Charles Betts”

You are most welcome Charles.  I actually would like to thank you for your inspirational story!

Yes, Dreams Can Be Heavenly Sent –November 15, 2010 by Dorothy Griffore

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A Wo-Man’s Voice

After listening to a young mother share her experiences of life’s journey with all of its ups and downs, fears, rejections and disappointments, Father God wants to remind her that she is His child and He is faithful to care for her even in a greater way than she cares for her little son. As I began praying for this young mother one morning I felt as though the Lord wanted me to write something to Kate from Him. In obedience, I began to write in my journal and this is his message to Kate and, I believe, to all who love Him and need to be reminded of His faithfulness, gentleness and unfailing love and protection.

Father God you cradle Kate in your arms the same way she cradles her son in her arms. You wipe away her tears and gently swipe her nose. You rock her to sleep humming a heavenly tune as you caress her hair and she succumbs to your love and protection. She is your child – a beloved daughter.

Needing the strength of a father and knowing she is safe and secure, her slumber descends deeper as her breathing becomes slow and quiet. Kate enters into her dream of love and beauty directed by her Heavenly Father.

Heaven reveals itself secretly in this dream state. There she is! Kate running, playing, skipping and laughing as she runs through the meadow of brightly colored flowers. Her golden curls bouncing and swaying reflecting the rays of the sun like a golden rainbow. Her curiosity and innocence lead her to a large pond. It looks like glass; a mirror; can I walk on it? As Kate removes her white strap sandals, she sees something move under the water. With enthusiasm she reaches for it and falls on her knees into the water. Startled and surprised she sees a beautiful face looking back at her. Who is it? she wonders. Father God replies, “It is you.” “Oh no, I am not beautiful like that, “ says Kate. Father replies, “You are more beautiful than the reflection you are seeing. You are perfectly created by me, your Heavenly Father, and you are my beautiful beloved daughter.”

Kate touches the face in the water and it begins to ripple but it doesn’t disappear. As the ripples settle down the beautiful face is still there. Kate begins to make faces at the face in the water and begins to laugh and giggle again. The face staring back at her is doing the same. Such fun and freedom and discovery!

Father God begins to speak, “Kate, I know all about you. I have known you before you were in your mother’s womb. I created you and placed you here to reflect my light. As this water reflects your beauty, I desire you to reflect me, my unconditional love, my joy, my compassion and my beauty. You have traveled a rocky road but I have been beside you all the way. You have blessed me because you have trusted me and called out to me for help. I hear you all the time. I bring you to this place to refresh you and show you who you truly are in me.”

Jump into the water. Swim, dive deep and see all the beauty below the surface. I see your beauty below your surface. I see your soul, your heart, your longing, your needs, your heart’s desires. I see your love for your husband and now your deep, deep love for your son, my gift to you. Swim. Remove all the heavy clothing hindering you from freely floating on the water. Remove all your fears, worries, hurts and rejections so that you can rest and float in my love and protection. Be refreshed. Be renewed. Be energized by the cleansing water both in the pond and in your spirit.”

As Kate swims and dives in and out of the water like a fish newly born, she begins to feel a surge of strength and beauty, freedom and victory – a cleansing and a refreshing so invigorating and propelling that she no longer has a sense of fear or worry.

Again on shore, she puts her sandals back on. She feels such warmth. Looking up she sees the sun (Son) and feels the surge of God’s love. It was at this moment that Father God took Kate’s hand and they quietly walked along the shore together.

Mommy, mommy was the sound that awakened Kate from her sleep. She quickly jumped up, “Did I oversleep?” Realizing she slept the whole night through, she picked up her son and held him tight. She looked into his eyes and saw his beauty. Hmmmmm, what is below the surface? Her dream spoke to her all day long. Each time she looked into the mirror she heard Father God saying, “You are more beautiful than the reflection you are seeing, you are my beautiful beloved daughter.”

From that day on, Kate felt a new trust in God and relied on Him more and more to guide her on the journey of life. When the road is rocky, muddy or crooked, she simply looks up to see the sun (Son) and feeling the surge of God’s love, takes His hand and they quietly walk together.

I Corinthians 13: 4 – 7

God, Your love for me is fierce, soaring above sentiment. It is the mightiest force in the universe, whispering, roaring, creating, redeeming…and taking delight in me. Thank You for Your Word that offers me this simple measure of Godly love. If I am impatient, if I am unkind, if I do not protect, if I delight in another’s trouble, then I am not loving with Your love. But thank You for empowering me to love by your standard my will washed in submission, ever rejoicing in heaven’s best for the sake of others.” (NIV Worship Bible)

Thank you very much Dorothy for sharing your wonderful and inspirational story with all of us. I love it!

Hope, Found Where You’re looking — September 25, 2010


Perhaps not.
It may be too much to ask.

It’s a must,
for hope to take flight.  

It makes more room for hope.Move on?
In good time,
Stay awake.
You’ll know when and how.  

Please do,
It’s a good workout for hope.

It takes time,
Stay willing,
Your dreams will find you. 

Even if it’s hard ,
or just a little,
If you choose too, you will.
Try it.
You’ll see.

It’s up to you.
Start to look,
Start to see.
Possibility is out there.
Be willing to see.
Being willing is the key. 

Always bless!
Always notice.
Always see.
Take it all in.
Take it in with deep thanks.

Oh yes!
Become all you can be.
Become all you can imagine.
Imagine all you can be. 

You will find it,
In forgiving and moving on.
It’s in the daring to dream.
It’s the risk to believe.
It’s in the glimmer of a dream.
It’s in the grace of the day.
It’s where you are.
It’s where you look.
So long as you’re looking,
Hope will be found.

– here’s to hope 


Hope…thank you so much for sharing your inspirational words. To enjoy more lovely poetry and stories please visit http://eyesonhope.wordpress.com   



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