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Book Reviews ~ Choose Yourself & Love You More

Choose Yourself & Love You More by Author Lucie Jones

If there is a genre of book that I can identify with…it is an inspirational one! The Introduction to “Choose Yourself & Love You More” is excellent as it quickly addresses the real issue and the difficulties we encounter in learning to love ourselves. It also stresses the need for internal positive self-talk. For many people, it is not so simple to look in the mirror and love what they see and who they are. As stated by Author Lucie Jones, it is very true that “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”. I’ll even go one step further…if you don’t love yourself you will never learn to truly love others. Charity really does begin at home. Therefore, I totally agree with her suggestion to have a better look at ourselves and learn to truly value who we are…

From the very first page right to the last, I can clearly see what this talented author’s goals are and why she decided to pen this little gem of a self-help booklet. To love ourselves is not a crime…it is a necessity in order to positively change our self-image and move forward. Yes…we all have flaws as mentioned, however, they should not decrease our self-worth and affect how we live our lives. As this motivational author stresses, the benefits of self-love will enhance our opportunities to have better relationships. If we stop beating ourselves up…we will attract people who add to our positive dynamic which will result in healthier relationships. Who could ask for anything more? Great suggestions are given to help us follow a new direction and turn our lives around. It is an excellent place to start!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Positive Attitude ~ December 22, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte


I recall going bowling in my younger years and to be honest, I do not have an athletic bone in my body.  I got the worst score possible.  It was so embarrassing!  I didn’t even realize that anyone had been watching me until after the game when this gentleman came up to me and introduced himself as a minister. 

He said something which has stuck in my mind all these years… something that I didn’t even realize I was doing.  Obviously  he could see how badly I was bowling.  It was pretty apparent but he proceeded to tell me that after every ball I threw, no matter how bad it was, I would turn around and smile at my fellow bowlers.  He then told me how wonderful he thought this was.  Wow…it was like, how could anyone smile after bowling the way I did!  I was so grateful for the compliment that I thanked him and then gave him one of my biggest smiles.  It meant the world to me that someone had given me such a fine a compliment.

That’s me in a nutshell, forever the smiley one…forever the eternal optimist.  You know the one. The one, who would be searching for a puppy if she found a pile of dung in the garage while someone else would be cursing the mess.  I would think that someone probably gave me a new puppy as a gift and I would be busy trying to find it.  There could be no other explanation!  Right?

You want to know my secret? I can usually find the bright side to just about anything. This has been my saving grace in facing the ups and downs of daily living. It has been said that “it is worth a thousand pounds a year to have the habit of looking on the bright side of things”. (Johnson)  So in other words, it is probably where some of my greatest wealth lies because in most instances this is how I choose to view life.   Choose is the key word here. In life we have many choices and our attitude usually has a huge impact on how we view life.  I guess you could always ask yourself if you see your “glass as half empty or half full”.  Your answer might give you a better understanding of what I mean.



“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” (William James)

“The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose” (J. Martin Kohe) 


BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ One Incredible Lady ~ May 25, 2011

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I would like you to meet one incredible lady. She is a fellow author and her name is Janet Perez Eckles. When I read her story, it gave me a clear vision of the meaning of being a true survivor.

Against all odds, Janet did not lose her optimistic, positive, and spirit-filled attitude that she needed in order to face what most of us can’t even imagine. I have the utmost respect for people who know how to overcome the odds and rise above the heartbreaking hardships that life has to offer. Janet is one such woman.

Please take a moment to meet  Janet Perez Eckles. Trust me. She will be such an inspiration to you when you see her positive attitude after all that she has endured. She has also managed to retain her sense of humor which adds to my admiration of her. Janet states that “God is stronger than your pain”. The way she has chosen to live her life proves it!

Please click here: http://barbarajrobinson.blogspot.com/2010/12/trials-of-today-treasures-for-tomorrow.html if you want to check out the review of Janet’s book, TRIALS OF TODAY, TREASURES FOR TOMORROW

Thanks Barb…what a great book review!

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BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Small Powerful Choices ~ May 4, 2011 by Belinda

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This blog site was recommended to me by a friend. She sent the link via e-mail. I was having a very busy day and almost deleted it. I hesitated for a moment and thought better of it. I decided that I would make time to read it later. I am very grateful I did. I left a comment to the effect that I found the topic refreshing as it had to do with having a positive attitude instead of a negative one. 

I think we have all experienced how difficult it is to be positive and upbeat during difficult times in our lives. I had a very touching and profound conversation with my dear friend recently and she was explaining a very sad event in her life. It was several years ago but I’m sure it still felt like yesterday to her. She was sharing about her granddaughter who died at a very young age from a childhood illness. On the way to the funeral it was necessary to stop at a local store.

Due to her circumstances and her grief, as she got out of the car, she accidentally let her car door bang the vehicle beside her.  The driver was sitting inside and he took a royal strip off her. She was already so emotionally drained with the loss of her precious grandchild that she was rendered speechless. All she could do was look at him and think “if he only knew where I was headed”.  How many times in life to we give people a piece of our minds when we have absolutely no idea what is going on in their lives? How many times do we lose our cool over such similar insignificant mishaps? Sometimes, we need to give our heads a really good shake to put our lives into perspective. This wonderful article by Belinda helps us do just that. I hope you will take a moment to read  WHATEVER HE SAYS ~ Small Powerful Choices. Thanks Belinda!

BLOG HOPPING DAY~ How To Say No To Negativity ~ March 16, 2011 by Audra Krell

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Have you ever heard of Dale Carnegie? I once took a course on public speaking and human relationships. The books written by him were the required reading for this enlightening philosophy on life.  Over and over as I read these books, I was reminded to have a positive attitude and positive outlook on life. I didn’t exactly become a public speaker but I will say this. I gleaned so much about how to look at things in a more positive way.

Dale Carnegie believes in “looking at the glass half-full instead of half-empty”. He believes in the philosophy of ” when or if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade”.  One analogy that still clearly sticks in my mind was when the instructor walked in the room and hung a white sheet of paper. On it were some black dots. He then asked the students what we saw. Everyone said, “black dots”. The instructor then went on to say, “that’s the problem with the way some people view life”.

In our lives, there is way more white than black, however, we have a tendency to look at the negatives (black dots) in our lives even though the positives far outweigh them. This philosophy changed my life. Please take a moment to read Audra Krell’s article, How to Say No To Negativity. It’s not too long and well worth reading. Sometimes we are being negative or saying negative comments to others and we don’t even realize it. Audra gives some helpful tips to overcome this habit. Thanks Audra! 

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