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BOOK REVIEW ~ It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily ~ October 3, 2011by Dolores Ayotte

It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily is a wonderful daily devotional written by author Shawn Boreta.  Shawn has chosen to share her spirituality and gift with her readers. She shares her intimate relationship with God in order to help others know a better way so that they too may find the joy, peace, and comfort that she has found.

Shawn’s devotional is full of applicable biblical quotes that reach out to people in a warm and comforting way. She has chosen to live one day at a time and her words of inspiration encourage others to do so as well. Every morning I sat quietly in my rocking chair as I read Shawn’s peaceful and encouraging words. Yes…peaceful is the word that is best used to describe the feeling I attained after these early morning encounters with It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily. 

Shawn states at the bottom of each page “Your journey to daily gratitude begins with your decision to find something good in every situation”. Shawn knows exactly what she’s talking about because we have so much to be grateful for and it’s good to be gently reminded of this fact.  Her daily devotional has been a great inspiration to me and her honesty and openness are a great gift to us all.

To learn more about Shawn, please visit her FB author’s page.


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECTDOTES ~ In The Light Of Eternity ~ October 1, 2011 by Mary Haskett

Recently I saw a news feature identifying people who were living up to a 100 years and beyond. Several women in this age category were interviewed, one was 109 and another 111. Their response to questions as to what contributed to their longevity were succinct and sometimes humorous. Sadly one woman said it was due to the three beers she drank every day.

The end report determined that researchers had found that all these long lifers had one thing in  common—a certain group of genes! Researchers may have made this discovery, but God created the genes. This revelation reminded me that God has ordained the number of our days and in the light of eternity it’s not so important as to how long we live, but how we live while we’re here on earth. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mary Haskett is a fellow author. Thank you so much Mary for sharing your thoughts on longevity and  that how we choose to live our lives is what really counts.

To learn more about Mary, please visit her website:  http://www.maryhaskett.com


SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Seeing Beauty When There’s None – September 24, 2011 by Nikki Rosen

A Wo-Man’s Voice ~ July 6, 2010

“He who has courage and faith will never perish in
misery.” Anne Frank

It’s hard to think Anne Frank was only 14 when she wrote this. Fourteen and hated – for no other reason than being Jewish. Fourteen and having her world as she had known it – turned upside down. Fourteen and not able to go outside to smell the flowers, or attend a dance or sit in a classroom and daydream about boys or her future or life…..

In spite of the hatred and brutality that had taken over her world – in spite of the being stripped of all the comforts of home and school and friendships – in spite of those who believed she had no right to exist….fourteen year old Anne wrote as if her world was normal…as if nothing had changed…putting her thoughts down on paper….the thoughts of a normal teen…..

I try to visualize what it must have felt like to be fourteen and forced to live in a small space with people terrified for their lives – fearing the craziness of those who wanted to kill not only you but your whole race – people who lived with fear that if they were found – they would die….or worse…

Anguish – cries heard in the streets – family, friends, respected elders – taken – their lives stolen – beaten like violent criminals – in temples, in shops, in communities – there was no safe place….nowhere to hide. It was always just a matter of time.

Yet in the midst of that senseless brutality – fourteen year old Anne kept her diary and wrote like any typical young teen pondering the world around her and her place in it.

Her words strong, positive, powerful: “I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be….I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains….”

I didn’t have the strength that Anne had. Or the courage – nor her positive outlook. I felt the hatred and I hated back. I felt the brutality and I wanted to lash out against every perpetrator who hurt me. I let the brutality pull me into its lies – into its fear, into its hatred – Everything in my world was black – dark  – I saw no beauty. I wanted so bad to give up and to give in to the darkness. I saw no hope – no light – no meaning.

Anne had been raised by loving parents – parents who gave her security and a strong foundation  – so strong that when the darkness came – she was able to push it aside and still see beauty. I’m trying to parent my girls that way. Maybe it’s working. My oldest 13 – almost 14 – is amazingly positive. She inspires me – she teaches me….

Growing up in a Jewish home – I heard the phrase over and over: “to not
remember the past is to be condemned to repeat it.” I used to wonder why do Jewish people constantly talk about what happened….and hold memorials and give honor to the survivors.   I was told – ‘so it will never happen again. From one
generation to the next – we must tell what happened.’

I think I’m beginning to understand…..to tell of the brutality we lived – in some way is a protection for the next generation – to know – to be aware – to live a bit differently – to understand there is darkness – but there’s also a strength, a hope – a light with each survivor who stands up and says, “I survived. The darkness couldn’t destroy me.”

I never wanted anyone to know what happened to me – all those things I lived – Today I want you to know, “I survived.” And every time I read some of your blogs – and know you too have survived – I’m cheering

Thank you so much Nikki for sharing such an intimate part of your self with us.

Nikki Rosen is the award-winning Author of   “In The Eye of Deception” (A
True Story).

Website: http://gentlerecovery.webs.com

Blog Site: http://cultofdeception.blogspot.com

Blog Site: Tips & Tools for Healing from Trauma http://www.gentlerecovery.blogspot.com


MEMORY LANE ~ Remembering When…~ September 22, 2011by Linda Briscoe

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When I was a child we walked to school on the very first day! Brand new outfit and school bag, packed with crayons and all new supplies. I walked and walked for what seemed like forever, happy to finally be at school, only to realize that there would be the same walk home at lunch, then back to school and home again!The days would be glorious in the fall, still warm enough for just a sweater.  The leaves would start to fall to the ground and the winds would pick up.

Before I knew it, the cold would be in the not too distant future. It was time to bundle up to make the walk to school as bearable as possible.  Now, in the bitterness of winter, lunch bag packed, off to school I went.  Bundled tightly, with my scarf around my forehead and neck, I braved the long walk to school.Oh…it could get bitterly cold, so cold as the wind blew through my not so warm coat and the well-worn boots which had known other winters.  Is this cold winter ever going to pass?

Then it changed.  The days started getting longer, the sun started getting stronger, and I was very excited as I could spot the first patch of pavement. The ditches were so inviting filled with melting ice and water.  Trusting to step on the now thin ice and not sink…only to find a boot full of water was merely a fine line away…just one more step and a little more pressure before the ice cracked and I could feel the SPLOOSH as the cold water seeped into my boots.  A young child and a ditch full of water are like two magnets being drawn to each other.

On that walk home from school, the snow was only going to bring the worst of spring, with its dirty snow banks and slippery sidewalks after a cold night.
Getting splashed by a passing car was the norm as I surged forward on my long walk home.Try as I might to keep my spring coat clean and the runners that I changed into after school as I rid myself of my heavy rubber boots was an impossible feat.

Then finally, the lovely spring weather came and stayed like the pavement rid of ice and snow for the season.  Now, with a skipping rope in hand, it was like heaven. All the things I loved most, fresh air, rope to jump, light clothing, and the walk to school was almost effortless.  Almost a year had passed since the first day of school and it made me so aware of the changing seasons. What was it like for you?

Thank you Linda!



“Plodding wins the race.”  (Aesop)


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ New Ending ~ September 21, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

How many times in life do we live with regrets? We look back and sometimes our lives haven’t gone quite the way we hoped for or expected. We get so disappointed and discouraged with ourselves, our lives, and with the people around us. No one can change the past, not even God. What’s done is done. The key in life is to not let the past affect our present or future happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with looking back and learning from our past mistakes but rather than mourn the loss of what could have been, we can choose to start now to make a new ending.  By doing so, we can change the outcome of future events. Our lives can hold a much brighter future when we look ahead with faith and courage.

Faith in God and a renewed faith in ourselves…because we have taken the time to look in the mirror and realize as well as capitalize on the personal power that we possess in order to start now and create a new, more positive, and acceptable ending to our lives.  Go for it!

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.~ Source Unknown

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