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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Simplicity ~ October 26, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

I have learned the hard way about the negative consequences of over complicating life. I have found it is much better to live life as simply as possible in order to reduce stress and to find more pleasure in the small things that can be so easily overlooked  if our lives are too busy and complex.



“No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form.  The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.”  (John J. Morgan & Ewing T Webb.)

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Serenity ~ September 28, 2011

“We find God’s plans when we surrender ours to Him each day. It’s a moment by moment process of coming to Him, talking to Him, believing He listens and letting Him love us into a place of hope and healing.

God’s love is not a quick-fix for our wounds, but it has the power to redeem and restore us into confident hope. When we allow the Holy Spirit poured out like Living water to go deep into our pain, He can heal our hearts from the inside out.

As we process the pain of our yesterdays and live through the disappointments of our todays, doubts may still creep up, threatening to steal our hope. But each time that happens, we can stop and seek God in that place. We can ask Him to show us His purpose by revealing what is true about who we are and what we have been through to make us start doubting.

Then we can ask Him to help us re-define our future, not through the filter of our past and pain, but through the power of His life-giving truth. And do you know what happens when we do that moment by moment, day by day, doubt by doubt? God tells us in Jeremiah 29:14, “I will be found by you…and will bring you back from captivity.” ~ Sheila Mosely


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Fear ~ September 15, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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We all know what fear is because every one of us has felt it at one time or another to varying degrees.  Fear can be extremely debilitating if we let it get a strong hold on us and allow it to control our lives.  Overcoming any kind of phobia has its challenges whether it ranges from mild to severe.  To openly admit that we feel fearful at times is one of the first steps to helping conquer fear and the unhealthy side effects and stifling consequences it can have on our lives.



You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…the danger lies in refusing to face the fear, in not daring to come to grips with it…You must make yourself succeed every time. You must do the think you think you cannot do.”  (Eleanor Roosevelt)

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ “Off My Rocker” ~ September 12, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Do you have a favourite chair in your home?  Do you usually have the tendency to sit in the same kind of chair wherever you go?  I do!

Whenever I visit in other people’s homes, one of the first things I do after the initial niceties are out-of-the-way is look for the spot where I am going to sit. I scan the room with hopeful anticipation that I will find a rocking chair or glider.  To me, this kind of chair is both comfortable and comforting. In new and awkward situations, when I have the opportunity to sit on one, it takes the edge off the moment as the rocking motion brings its soothing relief to me.

It is very hard for me to start my day without a short stint on my rocking chair.  It sets the pace for the whole day, as I find my source of peace and contentment in this simplest of ways. It is during this time on my rocking chair that I listen to the softest of music and feel so inspired.  This is my time, this is my special spot.

When on holidays or visiting with family and friends when I’m “off my rocker” because they don’t have one, I always feel a tiny absence in my life.  I can’t be the only one that feels this way.  What about you?  Do you miss the comfort of your special chair? Please don’t tell me that you don’t have one even if it isn’t a rocker/glider.  I will be very surprised if you don’t!



“You have not found your place until all your faculties are roused, and your whole nature consents and approves of the work you are doing…”  (Orison Swett Marden)

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Peace and Joy ~ September 4, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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Inspirational Quotes


“It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace. When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit down and work out our differences.” (Harry S. Truman)


“We find greatest joy, not in getting, but in expressing what we are…Men do not really live for honors or for pay; their gladness is not in the taking and holding, but in the doing, the striving, the building, the living.  It is a higher joy to teach than to be taught.  It is good to get justice but better to do it; fun to have things but more to make them.  The happy man is he who lives the life of love; not for the honors it may bring, but for life itself.”  (R. J. Baughan)


BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ His Love Extended ~ July 13, 2011

Isaiah 55:10-12 says, “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sewer and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace…”

Please take a few minutes to read Julie Gorman’s article to get a true understanding of this kind of peace. She shares her story so eloquently that you won’t want to miss it. Click below to enjoy her post. Thanks Julie for your inspiration!

God’s Voice Communicates Peace – It Doesn’t Leave Us Fearful

BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Words Of Wisdom ~ July 6, 2011 by Charles Betts

In response to last week’s Blog Hopping Day post “Who Are You Performing For?”, I received this response from Charles Betts.

Dolores: I read the article by Sandra. It was interesting to see how she relates the need to perform and be accepted or approved by others with anger and power struggles and rejection. As I read this article I thought of what I used to say to my daughters [and others] when they were feeling angry toward someone, “Whoever you allow to anger you controls you” and ” if you don’t learn to forgive others, then every time you encounter that person, or hear their name, or think of them, you will endure some type of negative impact on your soul”.

The need to live and perform for Christ alone is not only paramount to a happy existence, but to me it is a part of losing ourself in Him as the scriptures advise. When we do this we find ourselves. Then the approval of others is not something we demand of ourselves, and we are free to be who Christ wants us to be. We not only lose ourselves but we lose all that baggage of anger and rejection and so much more.

This point of view of life has helped me so much in my lifetime. I hope it will help others as they learn the value of putting it into practice. God Bless, Charles Betts

Thank you Charles for once again taking a moment to share your inspirational and thought-provoking words with my readers and me. Your words of wisdom always add a special touch to each and every article you respond to.  I can see that you are a benevolent man who searches deeply into your own soul to explain what life means to you in order to help others achieve peace and contentment in their own lives.

It is apparent to me that you have learned from your own experiences and you are making every effort to share the benefit of your knowledge based on these personal experiences. I am truly grateful that you have shared your insights in such an honest and forthright manner. I hope you will continue to do so at every opportunity. It is an honor to share my space with you. 

Fewer Words ~June 10, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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At times we are inspired to share our stories. Other times we are inspired to say less. This is one of those days when the fewer the words the better. A few of these words are etched in stone. Today I am sharing them with you.  May God grant you His choicest blessings.

SOLACE — April 26, 2010 by Shirley Sarafinchan

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A WOMAN’S VOICE – My Sister’s Voice 

I dedicate “Solace” to all women who have been diagnosed with cancer and to those fortunate enough to have escaped this disease. 

It is ten years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and today I would like to share a wonderful experience I had while receiving my chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  

I awaken with a feeling of doom, today is my first chemotherapy treatment and even though I’ve been educated on what to expect I’m afraid!  I go about my normal routine of getting ready for work but it is not a work day.  I shower and dress and remember not to use lotions that have a strong scent and no hair spray or perfume, I dress casually.  This will be the first of six treatments.  We arrive at the Cross Cancer Clinic and I check in with my new Cancer Clinic ID card.  The receptionist hands me a pink paper with instructions to go directly to the lab for my blood test.  I look around the waiting room and see other patients and family members and I try to relax.  It’s a quiet place with no hurrying or scurrying, just calm. 

My lab tests are in and I wait patiently to see my Oncologist.  My treatment will begin as scheduled, my blood count is okay.  I’m directed to Unit 1 and instructed to sit in a lounge chair.  A nurse comes to see me and informs me the lab technician will be with me shortly.  I’m told I will receive the FAC chemotherapy, a large bottle of red liquid and another of clear liquid.  I will also receive a drug called “Zophran” a steroid to help minimize the nausea. I sit calmly holding my breath as the technician inserts the IV needle into a vein in my right hand but the vein collapses so she must try again.  The second attempt works and the drip begins.  I’m told this procedure will take approximately three to four hours.  A kidney basin and box of Kleenex are placed on a small table beside me, just in case. 

My hair has been cut short and I’m wearing a skull cap to keep my head warm, it is December 22nd, 1999. 

My appointment was 8:00 AM and now over five hours later my first chemo is behind me and I’m heading home. I have two steroid prescriptions I will need to ease the nausea for the next few days.  As planned I will sleep in the bedroom located off of our family room and close to the washroom.  The bedroom is the darkest room in the house and also very quiet and I’m feeling very sleepy. 

My body is numb and my head aches so I draw the blankets over my head and I try to sleep, my stomach is churning and I pray……… 

My wonderful experience begins that day as I huddle under the blankets and continues throughout my chemotherapy and radiation treatments and I call it “Solace”.

I was alone on the days following my treatments and I recall how quiet it was.  No music, TV, phone ringing or computer humming just quiet…. If I wasn’t in bed I was curled up on the couch in the living room.  It was during this time I listened to “God” and slowly day by day my fears turned to trust and hope and then to “Solace”.  How beautiful to have this special time alone with “God” who loves us and gathers us into his arms to comfort and reassure us.  It wasn’t easy, some days were pretty difficult but the gift of “solace” carried me through not only my chemotherapy but also my twenty-five radiation treatments, severe radiation burns and my recovery over the next two years.

I find “solace” in my life today and when things are difficult I remember “God’s” gentle touch as his arms enfold me and I feel safe…………

We are never alone.  He is always close by…. We just have to open our arms to receive his embrace…………

Thank-you Shirley!

Shirley is married to Ken and lives in Edmonton, Alberta.  She is employed full time by Building Products of Canada Corp.  as an Executive Administrative Assistant/HR Cooridinator.  She enjoys her blended family of four children and several grandchildren.   

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