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Book Reviews ~ Vengeance Is Mine

Harry James KrebVengeance Is Mine ~ A Benjamin Tucker Mystery by Author Harry James Krebs

I very much enjoy reading a good mystery and this fictional murder novel certainly did not disappoint. I’m a big fan of well-known authors John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, and Ken Follett. I would have to say that talented Author Harry James Krebs is about to give them a run for their money if he keeps on writing mystery murders like “Vengeance Is Mine”. I sincerely hope that this book is the first in a long list of future Benjamin Tucker Mystery novels and that a series will ensue.

The main character, Benjamin Tucker, is an author haunted by a past tragic event that sets the pace for this mind tingling thriller. Seventeen years earlier on his eighteenth birthday, his girlfriend Christina Morgan doesn’t show up for their planned date. Although, Ben is half an hour late, he figures it’s no big deal until…three days later her raped and murdered body is discovered. Ben blames himself and becomes a vigilante of sorts in his pursuit to educate himself about criminal behavior. He eventually becomes an investigative reporter and then a “bestselling true crime author”.

Presently residing in Holly Springs, North Carolina with his second wife… successful business tycoon Maggie Marshak…Ben gets caught up in a police investigation when a series of decapitated female murder victims are discovered in the area. With his police connections, he is quickly drawn into the macabre activities of the psychopathic killer.

When Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer is brutally murdered, his pursuit of this maniacal serial killer becomes extremely personal. His daughter, his new wife, his step daughter and a few others that have deeply touched his life…are all at incredible risk. Why is Benjamin Tucker chosen to be so personally and helplessly drawn into this killer’s brutal desire for vengeance? How far will this mad man go to obtain the vengeance he so desperately seeks? A multitude of questions…so few clues! As the murder mystery unfolds with its bizarre and unpredictable twists and turns, Benjamin Tucker becomes both the hunted and the hunter seeking justice for the murder of these innocent women. Armed to the teeth, he is definitely driven to solve the mystery of these unprecedented murders and soon discovers some unknown and bewildering secrets about his own past.

The acerbic wit of Ben and his crusty, cigar smoking cohort Netter…his main contact on the Cary Police Force, are sure to entertain and amuse most readers. If you enjoy murder mysteries, you’ll be hard pressed to put this book down. It grabbed me right from the first page to the last.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte
Vengeance is Mine
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Book Reviews ~ Apollo Road

Cliff RobertsApollo Road by Author Cliff Roberts

Yikes…where to I start? In this macabre murder mystery, very little is left to the imagination. Protagonist Clint/Jake has been carefully selected and stalked by psychopath Bill Connelly…definitely not his real name. He methodically and emotionally kidnaps Jake. Clint’s new name is Jacob Keys and an untraceable identity is provided for him by his new best friend and potential partner in crime.

Bill has an agenda…Jake is his protégé. The message is extremely clear and very succinct…co-operate or else. Clint/Jake is in a total state of confusion and utter despair. Disabled and relatively new to Florida, he finds himself in a fine kettle of fish. Now unemployed and virtually penniless, his wife is starting divorce proceedings and has been carrying on behind his back for the last four years. How does he know this…because Bill has been stalking her as well! In fact, the blame game started with her and led to his obsession with Jake. He’s bugged their house, he’s bugged their car…and there is not a word or privately shared moment that has taken place between this soon-to-be divorced couple in the last four years. Every word and every action has been heard or witnessed by this self-proclaimed man of justice.

Bill has now taken Jake under his wing and is determined to avenge the mistreatment that has taken place in Jake’s life. Bill has adeptly and calculatedly taken on this role in his life and Jake is at a total loss as to what to do about it. Grin and bear it comes to his mind but then the master plan unfolds bigtime and he is caught up in a sinister plot. Expect the unexpected as the twists and turns take the reader on a well-written and suspenseful roller coaster ride with Bill at the helm calling all the shots until…

I really enjoy Author Cliff Roberts’ style of writing. As he pens this mystery thriller in the first person, he manages to get his reading audience right into the head of the main character. It is a unique method of getting in touch with Jake’s every thought, emotion, and vicariously experiencing his psychological and moral warfare. I had a tough time putting this novel down. I did not want to miss a word of it. It grabbed my attention from start to finish and left me wanting more. Riveting!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Book Reviews ~ End Result (Hero Series #2)

Mel ComleyEnd Result (Hero Series #2) by Author M. A. Comley

I have only read one previous novel Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book #7) by seasoned Author M. A. Comley and I am delighted to have the opportunity to read another one of her intriguing mysteries. In this new series, the Prologue to “End Results” grabbed my attention right from the onset. The unexplained murder sets the pace for what is yet to come. Once I started reading this fictional crime novel, I had a tough time putting it down.

Moving on to Chapter One with the introduction of Hero Nelson, a supervisor for the Met Police Department, I was further drawn into the story line and the mysterious murder of Stu Daws. Garroted to death, the police seem to have little to go on but DI Nelson has the nose for crime solving. After the birth of his twin daughters Zoe and Zara, he is unable to take a leave of absence until he solves this crime. Julie his partner is distracted these days due to a personal crisis going on in her life but Hero Nelson forges ahead with his due diligence as he makes every effort to get to the bottom of this heinous crime. Now he has been informed of another death in his area…

DI Hero Nelson and partner DS Julie Shaw work in tandem along with the other copper members of their team to discover the connection between these two murders. It doesn’t take long for Hero to get to the realization that Cathy Daws is the common thread. He certainly has his suspicions that Daws’ wife Cathy is involved but she has a rock solid alibi to add to his frustration in solving this case. Regardless…he is relentless in pursuit of justice as he digs into the case to try to piece together the puzzle of clues in order to ferret out the murderer…or is it murderers? Only time will tell. He needs a break to crack this case wide open. Stan Foster might be able to help out there but…a third murder takes place. Once again, Cathy Daws has a “cast-iron” alibi. To add to Hero’s frustration, what can he do to help his twin sister Cara out of the fine fix she’s in, the one that could result in the end of her career?

I just love a good mystery and talented Author M. A. Comley has delivered just that. I realize that “End Result (Hero Series #2)” is the second book in this crime solving series but it is a stand alone novel and I never felt short changed by not reading the first one. Although, it does give me the itch to go back and do just that. However, I am going to revisit the first novel in the Justice Series. Today, I just downloaded a copy of Cruel Justice (Justice Series #1). I need another great mystery novel to read and this author sure knows how to deliver one!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

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