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Up The “Down” Ladder by Author Dolores Ayotte

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…I’ve noticed something else in my travels. At times, the recollection of what happened to us to cause our depression can be skewed. It can build up in our minds as being much worse than what really occurred. It is only human to want to “pay back” others for what we think they did and for the grief that they caused.

If someone was really mean-spirited toward you and caused you nothing but grief, I repeat, the best way to “get even” is to “get better”. Remove your invisible “kick me” sign and don’t allow anyone to get the better of you. Stop… and I do mean stop allowing people to put you down. It seems to be a human flaw that if someone feels lousy, someone else will capitalize on it. I hope that you read me loud and clear on this matter because I can’t stress it enough. Work everyday at building up your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Make this the basis of your “new you” structure.


Book Reviews ~ A Woman’s Voice ~ Inspirational Short Stories

Once I started this book I simply could not put it down! The author has written a beautifully crafted masterpiece for the minds of us all today. This beautiful book is full of deep and thought provoking quotes and anecdotes throughout, which served to remind me how much better we can all live our lives.

One of the lovely short stories that truly touched me in this delightful book was about the day the author went walking alone as her husband was mowing their daughters garden. Whilst on this walk she noticed a white envelope lying on the ground. She picked it up and looked around for it’s owner, but to no avail. She held the envelope in her hand openly and transparently for all to see, in the hope that someone would spot it and come forward. This was not the case, so she continued walking and saw a mother with her children in a phone box nearby, she walked up to the woman and asked if she was Gina, the woman replied no. So the author started to walk away, and then the woman called out, “What did you want Gina for?” And the author said she found a letter with her name on it, the woman had a look of pure relief displaced across her whole face as she started to explain to the author, that Gina was her nanny and she had lost an envelope containing $200. The author smiled and handed over the envelope.

This story was very similar to one of my stories of the past. I too had found a lot of money and handed it in. And I was informed later that the owner had received it and was most grateful. I remember the great satisfaction I had too felt that day. This is such a beautiful book. It makes you truly think about your own actions each and every day and how they can affect your life and those close to you. Like the author says in the beginning of the book, she merely wants to come across as a whisper in your ear and she does just that. A whisper that will always remain.

A must read for anyone looking for inspiration in their lives. If I am totally honest here, I did not think I needed any inspiration at all as I am very happy with my life, but then on reading this delightful book I was reminded of a few things I had forgotten myself. And for that I thank this wonderful author.

by Author Dawn Torrens

Book Reviews ~ I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay

Marriage, money, wise life decisions: Author Dolores Ayotte has written an amazing book that needs to be read by young and old alike. Every couple looking to get married should read this book! She brings to the forefront some “old fashioned” methods on how to make a life together thoroughly enjoyable, richly rewarding and solid. Her stories about her and her husband’s life prove it out and show how it’s done.

Dolores also very candidly tells her story of struggles with guilt and depression and other of life’s obstacles and how she overcame them. In this book she shares 13 major keys to living a happy satisfied life, being a benefit to one’s own self as well as to others.

I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay is a delightful read, as well as a book full of hefty life changing wisdom on many levels.

by Author Carolyn Molica

Book Reviews ~ Growing Up and Liking It

Here is an author who cares passionately about people. Having offered her gentle advice for a happier self in her first book, I’m Not Perfect And It’s OK, Dolores Ayotte is back to share her inspiring bits of wisdom, this time in the sequel: Growing Up And Liking It.

As always, her advice is never overbearing, and she makes it especially palatable by mixing it in with quotes, and anecdotes and humor. Supported by a rich bibliography, her advice is more than palatable–it comes with the combined wisdom of many writers, philosophers and story tellers. And, it is personal–by which I mean, it comes from the heart, based on the trials and tribulations of a troubled past, when the dosage of anti-depressants prescribed to her was doubled by her doctor. “I got on my hands and knees and prayed like I had never prayed before in my whole life. I sought out the peace and comfort of a loving and forgiving God.”

I love her words, “Now that I have put this message into words, my healing circle is complete. I sincerely hope that you can learn from my experiences and find your healing circle too. I have discovered that what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning.”

Five stars.
by Uvi Poznansky

Book Reviews ~ A Woman’s Voice – Inspirational Short Stories

“A Woman’s Voice – Volume 1” by Dolores Ayotte is a beautiful book by a remarkable writer and inspiring woman. The book is a selection of personal anecdotes by the author, enriched with philosophical quotes by her and others and with additional meditative questions for the reader to reflect upon her thoughts.

Ayotte is a strong believer in God and Christianity, yet her writings have relevance to any person regardless of faith. Her pointers are inspired by real life and common sense as much as they are from her faith in God and love. As a matter of fact some of the pieces reminded me even of a book I recently read that came from a Buddhist / Tao angle.

Her positive and upbeat attitude shines through the pages and for me it represents the best of Christian teachings. It is not judgemental, respectful and is written for you to reflect upon your life and its path, trying to help you find confidence and love.

The author uses her life experience to teach us what she learned about love, communication in relationship, about the choices we make in life and the connections she sees in the world that make Gods Great Picture.

This is a heart felt book that contains much wisdom and inspiration. Probably best read in small portions so that you can use the advice of the author and reflect on to the individual pieces for longer. Enjoyable with lots of food for thought.

by Author & Book Reviewer Christoph Fischer

Book Reviews ~ I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay

“I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay” by Dolores Ayotte feels like an intimate conversation with a wise friend over a cup of tea. Her informal style, her kind sense of humor, her practical advice, and a light-hearted attitude to life (despite or, perhaps, because of her own struggles with depression earlier in life) make this book especially appealing.

Unlike many self-help books who promise instant solutions to our complicated problems but never deliver, this book is very realistic. Right in the first chapter, Dolores Ayotte quotes Tolstoy (one of my favorite writers!) and tells the readers that “it is easier to produce ten volumes on philosophical writing than to put one principle in practice.” That point alone made this book and all the advice in it so much more credible to me. There are no easy solutions and, as Dolores writes, “it takes a lifetime to master the art of living wisely, and it must be learned one step at a time.”

What follows in the thirteen chapters, the baker’s dozen, are just that: specific steps we can all take to improve our lives. Some of my favorite suggestions are these ones:

1. “Learn to love yourself as you are.” – The reason this advice is especially appealing to me because I work with a lot of college-age and adult students who seem to never have learned that principle, and who tend to be overly critical of themselves. While I am not an advocate of praise for the sake of praise (and neither is Dolores Ayotte, not at all!), accepting ourselves for who we are is the only way to move forward in life and to succeed.

2. “Take time to listen to the simple genius and the gentle philosopher that lives within you.” – In this chapter, like in many others, Dolores uses personal stories to illustrate her advice. I believe that stories are one of the best ways for us to learn from someone else’s experience because they allow us to vicariously experience life events. The story that spoke to me in this chapter is that about a teacher who decided to use the theme of simplicity for a school celebration and forego all decorations, choosing instead to focus on human connections and the celebration of the moment. What a wise idea. I’ve seen too many of my friends ruin their wedding day, family Christmas celebrations, or other important events because their napkins did not match the flowers or the color of the walls did not go with the wrapping paper. If only they had followed this simplicity principle and focused on the meaning of the occasion, they would have been much more content and much happier, enjoying the moment, instead of worrying about irrelevant details.

As I write this review, I’m realizing that I enjoyed all the advice so much that I may end up listing all the points here as my favorite, and that would spoil the experience for other readers. So, instead, I will comment on something else. This book is written from a strong Christian perspective but it is written from the heart and it is not intended only for the readers of the same faith. It is not judgmental and not dogmatic. No matter what your faith is, you will enjoy this book and benefit from it. I know I did. On a more personal note to Dolores: that turkey stuffing experience was hilarious and eerily familiar, but I’m not going to explain why right here to avoid embarrassing a certain member of my own family. Thank you for this wonderful book!

By Author Julia Gousseva

The Human and Humane Self-Help Author ~ Dolores Ayotte



“The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honour.  If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.”  (Samuel Smiles)


My books are written in a gentle, conversational style, meant to reach my readers in a kind and non-judgmental way.

Both books, are self-help books about the steps I used to help me overcome two serious bouts with depression that I experienced in my earlier years. They are written in recipe format giving thirteen simple steps in each book that are easy to incorporate into daily living. In order to get out of the pit I found myself to be in, I had to do much soul-searching and reflection to get to the source of my depression.

My books are what I consider to be heart books.  They are written from my heart to any and all hearts that are open to my message. They are also written with the intention of reaching out to help people by sharing some of my personal experiences. Others may be able to identify with some of my stories and anecdotes.

Hopefully, my suggestions will enhance the lives of my readers in much the same way they have enhanced mine.

Through my faith,  eventual self-acceptance, and with the support of my husband, I was not only able to rise above my despair, I learned how to lead a full and rewarding life with my husband, children and now several grandchildren

My recipe for life consists of a little bit of this and a little bit of that borne from my life experiences. Usually, when I use all of the ingredients and steps…I end up with a pretty good product. Sometimes…I can still fail. It is this failure to succeed all of the time that helps remind of my humanity and the fact that I am not perfect and it’s okay.

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MEMORY LANE ~ The Persistence Of The Spirit ~ October 17, 2011 by Andrea Cockerill

A Wo-Man’s Voice   

If you have ever been around children, you know how persistent they can be when they want your attention. All of my children let me know in their own way if they feel like they are not getting their fair share. Today it was my oldest daughter who told me loud and clear that her well for my attention was running low.

After filling my daughter’s well, I started thinking about how persistent our spirit can be when we are ignoring its guidance and passions. I have on many occasions put my spirit last on the list, but I am comforted with the fact that my spirit is going nowhere. No matter how long I ignore it, it is like a patient and trusted friend, waiting for my next phone call.

Our relationship with our spirit is like any other relationship that we honor in our lives. It needs our time in order for an intimate bond to be built. It is the difference between talking to one friend every few months and talking to another friend every few days. You may cherish both friends but it is the friend whom you talk to more often that is going to know the more intimate details of your daily life. This same principle applies to our spirit. If we form an intimate relationship with our spirit, we will be better able to understand and intuitively follow its subtle guidance system.

Your spirit promises you that it will never reject you. It is persistent but patient, and its sole goal is to lead you to the Divine. Forming a relationship with your spirit needs to be a conscious decision on a daily basis, but the rewards span a life time.

Namaste (I see the Divine in you which is also in me.)

Thank you Andrea! 



Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential”  (Black Elk, Native American)


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Believe In Yourself ~ August 13, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

This is a very profound quote.  If I can leave anything with you today, I would like to give you the gift of believing in yourself. It won’t happen in one day, but maybe it will be the first seed that when nurtured, will bloom into a very fruitful tree. So many of us look for validation outside of ourselves to identify who we are by how others react to us.  We may look to others for approval instead of being our authentic self.  It is necessary to find that validation from within in order to have a true belief in ourselves.

If we rely on others to form this belief, we may lose sight of all that we hope to be because we have compromised facets of our own personality and character so that we will be loved and accepted. This is conditional love. It takes real courage and true grit to be different and stand up for our beliefs. We can only find this courage when we have the strength and determination to validate who we are from the inner stirrings of our Maker.

These stirrings may begin by a dissatisfaction or lack of contentment in our lives that just won’t leave us, but there is a reason for this. If we are always satisfied with our situation in life, there would be no room for growth or any desire to change our circumstances or anyone else’s for that matter.  Growth results in many fine attributes like self-worth, self-esteem and a desire to make a difference.  With these attributes, we learn about hope and the gift of believing in ourselves…a gift so wondrous that we can stand tall and be exactly whom we were meant to be regardless of other people’s opinion of us. Be true to these inner stirrings and you will learn how to believe in yourself. Thank you God for spurring me on.

Back by popular demand. Previously posted April 18, 2011 

GROWING UP AND LIKING IT ~ Four Rooms (Part 3 – continued) ~ August 3, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

…continued from yesterday ~ part 3

I would now like to go into each room, one room at a time, to explain what is there and how you can enhance your own lives by visiting what is actually within yourselves. The first room is the spiritual room. It is the room where we develop our relationship with a higher power. As stated in my first book, for those of you who believe in this Supreme Being, you may choose to call him/her by a different name. To make my point, I am going to call mine Bonhomme (a French term of endearment with special meaning to me). In this spiritual room, we spend time praying or talking with God. It is our faith room. We don’t spend all our time in this room because if we did our lives would be out of whack. Although I feel that it is the first and most important room, I also realize that in order to have a well-balanced life I can’t live/visit here all of the time.

According to the elder, I must also visit the other rooms in my body/house. Nonetheless, every day I love to spend time with the one who gave me life and who created me in his image and likeness. “While faith makes all things possible…love makes all things easy.”[i] I start off my day by being thankful for both these gifts. Many times throughout the day, I may re-enter this room. I especially like to visit here at night just before I fall asleep to once again give thanks or to pray for those in my life in need of prayer including myself. It is in this room that I become fully alive. In our local newspaper I have read many of Karen Toole-Mitchell’s articles, which I discovered on the faith page. She has a Masters of Divinity degree. She was previously self-employed in Soul Seasons, a counseling and consulting partnership. In one of her articles subtitled “Fully Alive” Toole-Mitchell states that she has observed that some people live normal lives in extraordinary ways. In doing so, she feels that they live divinely inspired lives because they have explored their spiritual roots and have found the freedom to grow from this inspiration. Toole-Mitchell adds that because of this, these people take time to reflect on their lives and share what they have learned.

To share who we are and what we believe in means taking risks. I couldn’t agree more. To decide to step outside of our comfort zone and express ourselves more openly about our faith and spirituality creates a state of vulnerability. This is why I feel that it is a big decision to enter into this ordinary room and do extraordinary things! “For greatness after all, in spite of its name, appears to be not so much a certain size as a certain quality in human lives. It may be present in lives whose range is very small.”[ii]  I love this room because no matter how small and inadequate I may think I am, I feel God’s presence and accept His Will for me. Although, I come to this room daily, I cannot nor do I want to stay in any one of the four rooms all of the time. I would not accomplish much else in my life if I chose to do so. In this room, I have found my faith and learned the art and value of balancing my life and enjoying what each room has to offer. “Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than his own soul.”[iii]

To be continued…

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