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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Best Friends ~ October 19, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

A Wo-Man’s Voice

The other day, my two-year old granddaughter told me that I was her “best friend”.  Wow…where does a two-year old hear such an expression?  Well, she has three older siblings and I’m sure she heard it from one of them when they were talking with their friends.

I was very touched when she made this comment, although, I’m not so sure she knew exactly what she was saying.  Young children, usually go to great lengths and have much need for a best friend. It’s all part of the growing up process. I’m pretty sure we have all been there.

As the years have gone by, I’ve come to realize that the girlish need for a best friend no longer exists.  My “best friend” is my husband and all my female friends are just that, my friends.  I love them, enjoy them, and I relish the relationships that we share.

Over the years as part of the maturation process, I have changed my focus.  For many years now, my goal in life has been “to be” a best friend rather than “to have” a best friend based on some insecure need of mine. In doing so, I have surrounded myself with a wonderful group of people, both female and male.  I always try my “best” to be a true and loyal friend. I have every desire to take their feelings into consideration.  Hopefully, one day my two-year old granddaughter will realize that I am truly her best friend because I love her with all my heart.  Isn’t that what being a “best friend” is all about? I sure hope so because my friends mean the world to me.


“Friends are an indispensable part of a meaningful life. They are the ones who share our burdens and multiply our blessings.”  (Beverly Lahaye)



INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ New Ending ~ September 21, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

How many times in life do we live with regrets? We look back and sometimes our lives haven’t gone quite the way we hoped for or expected. We get so disappointed and discouraged with ourselves, our lives, and with the people around us. No one can change the past, not even God. What’s done is done. The key in life is to not let the past affect our present or future happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with looking back and learning from our past mistakes but rather than mourn the loss of what could have been, we can choose to start now to make a new ending.  By doing so, we can change the outcome of future events. Our lives can hold a much brighter future when we look ahead with faith and courage.

Faith in God and a renewed faith in ourselves…because we have taken the time to look in the mirror and realize as well as capitalize on the personal power that we possess in order to start now and create a new, more positive, and acceptable ending to our lives.  Go for it!

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.~ Source Unknown

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE ~ Silence Is Okay ~ August 25, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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I married my high school sweetheart.  No, we weren’t the prom king and queen.  As a matter of fact, he actually got chosen and I didn’t.  He was so gallant that he refused this honor because he didn’t want someone else by his side to share in this teenage moment.

It’s seems like a lifetime ago that we were playing the dating game in our eleventh grade classroom. My high school sweetheart grabbed my attention right at the onset.  Boy…he was one quiet guy and I sure made up for his silence.

Now, over forty years later, he is a little more talkative and I am a lot less.  Although, I still can outdo my husband, I have nowhere near as much to say.  I find that we have long moments of silence in our home and it’s not one bit awkward.  We’ve discovered that we can still be in each other’s company and provide a sense of comfort with silence. I like it and so does he.  The pressure to fill the silence has been removed a long time ago as we embrace each other in this wonderful and pleasant way.

Yes…silence is okay. In fact, in most instances I have come to cherish it and my husband is still gallant enough to “not” admit this truth. 

I may not have been chosen to be the prom queen but I’ve pretty well been treated like one ever since.   42 years and hoping for more! Happy Anniversary Fred!



“Harmony is one phase of the great law whose spiritual expression is love.”  (James Allen)


Fewer Words ~June 10, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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At times we are inspired to share our stories. Other times we are inspired to say less. This is one of those days when the fewer the words the better. A few of these words are etched in stone. Today I am sharing them with you.  May God grant you His choicest blessings.

Blog Hopping Day — December 21, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte

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HOPEis this not the time of the year when we want to be right with our family, with our friends, and with the world? Each and every day, I read Hope Rising and each and every day I am inspired by the words that I read. By visiting  this blog, I start off my day on a positive note with renewed Hope in all that I believe in and in all that I Hope to be. 

If you are searching for Hope in these last few days before Christmas, I encourage you to take a few moments  to visit with Hope and be inspired by her words.  Over the last several months, she has become a  very dear friend of mine as we journey together in this world we call home. HOPE RISING may be just the perfect gift to give yourself this wonderful winter morning!  Please click on either of the above green or red words to open your incredible gift.  

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE — December 16, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte

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A few years ago, I received an email from my oldest granddaughter. She made me laugh.  She was using  words like “u” instead of “you” and some of the other shorthand words that the young people use today when texting to speed up the process.  I remember when she signed off with a colon : and a bracket ).  I had to write her back and ask her what it meant. She told me to look at it by tilting my head to the side and I would see that it was meant to be a smile 🙂 I must admit I find it so interesting to learn all these new methods of communication and I’m making every effort to continue to increase my computer knowledge. 

Less than a year ago, the only thing I knew how to do was to send or respond to emails and google for information about a subject I wanted to research.  I’m still no computer whiz but I’m pretty sure that even my granddaughter would be proud of my progress.  The reason I’m mentioning her today is because at the end of one of the emails that she sent me, she signed it with Live…Laugh…Love. 

As soon as I saw these closing words, I immediately asked her if she minded if I signed off the same way. She gladly gave me permission and I have these  words permanently added to every email I send. Often times, I think of my granddaughter when I read them.  I also wish the true meaning of these three simple little words every time I correspond by email. When I found this little picture using Live…Laugh…Love, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of “u”.

“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. ” (Henry Drummond)

“Love is everything.  It is the key to life, and its influences are those that move the world.” (Ralph Waldo Trine)

“Once you have learned to love, you have learned to live.” (Source Unknown)

Grateful to be Mindful — December 4, 2010 by Jeremy Angus

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Day 14 – of Jeremy’s Journal   

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” Thich Nhat Hanh

It’s a beautiful quote from a gentle, beautiful writer. Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us to be grateful of the marvel of life, to be mindful of our presence within the miracle.  I urge you to find his books and read them.  His words rhythmically lap against your soul as lake waves on a shore. 

Tonight I didn’t get home until about 7:30pm.  Where I work, at Manitoba’s Emergency Management Organization, we are normally not doing much emergency management-wise this time of year beyond research, planning, meetings and the like.  But it’s been busy lately.  Just the last 3 weeks we’ve been hammered by a once in a lifetime “Weatherbomb” event with hurricane force winds wreaking havoc, a few river communities are flooding while the snow falls and rivers freeze-up, and now an avian influenza outbreak at a turkey breeding farm that could be minor or perhaps otherwise.  Busy, busy. So it goes sometimes.  

After we played with our daughter, Elena, gave her a bath and put her to sleep, I got layered up and went out to shovel the drive again, as it just won’t stop snowing.  I could think of a dozen other things I would have rather done, but I have to admit, it was nice to be out, breathing the cool air, watching light snow still fall, working my muscles.  It all roused memories and associations of being a child doing happy activities outside, in the dark and in the snow.  

I couldn’t get away from this task as it had to be done, as most responsibilities in a day cannot be avoided.  So instead I decided to embrace it; I consciously chose to practice mindfulness while shovelling.  

A million thoughts floated in and out of my mind as I pushed the white stuff, and I just observed each one and let it go.  I gradually became aware of that same calm awareness I noticed while fasting this week. 

I thought about a lot of things, but eventually a thought-thread developed that I followed for the rest of this labour.  I consciously asked myself what I was doing with this experiment in spirituality.  What was I expecting or hoping to get out of it? Do other people think about topics like spirituality and mortality and God and where we come from before birth, or where we go to after death?  Or am I a lunatic in a minority?  Do the masses consider such things, or does something have to happen in your life to trigger these questions?  I know from experience that once you ask yourself the questions, you have a difficult time going on without a satisfactory answer.  I wasn’t so much philosophizing here as much as I was just observing my train of thought as it bumped along.

When I was a young lad, I never doubted God or questioned who I am or why we’re here.  As a boy and into my teenage years, I believed the things I was told in church and school and home and this was a potent thing: with the power of faith I had no questions, and therefore sought after no answers.  

I cringe out a smile now to remember how dedicated I was, how genuine and fearless my love was for God.  Maybe I’m jealous of the kid I was then, feet firmly marching forward on the sacred path through the fullness of life.  There was no endgame to my efforts – it was just a part of who I was as a person. 

When my brother Geoffrey died, a number of things happened.  The first thing was I denounced my faith in God.  I remember it as if it was only an hour ago.  Everyone was gathered in town at my grandparents place, and I was brought there to hear the news.  When someone says or writes that their heart shattered into a thousand pieces, this is not a metaphor.  To hear those words, “Geoffrey’s dead,” – well, I tell you, my heart shattered into a thousand little pieces onto the floor, and I further trampled those shards of heart into dust as I ran out the door.  I was traumatized; he was my best friend, my hero, my mentor, my rock and my protector.  And by some sick manipulation of Life, he was no more. 

I ran and hid in the shadows behind the gas station down the street. I just crumpled to my knees, like tossed rags of sorrow.  Never had I experienced such anguish and ache before.  I couldn’t take it – everything came gushing out of me. I exploded into tears and let go horrible, droning howls, all that was in my stomach projected out; these bodily fluids, my worldview and my faith all blended into a mush on the ground.  I covered my release with dead leaves and pulled myself to standing.  So much anger – I feared I might self-combust if I didn’t do something.  I started punching the brick wall and vowed to chase God down and expose him as a fraud for ever allowing such a thing to happen.  I smashed my fist to a bloodied pulp against those bricks, but it still did not take away from the excruciating ache inside.  By then my friends found me.  Of course they didn’t know what to do, but they put their hands on me anyway.  I let them.  I gave up, and let them quietly lead me back to the house. 

When Geoffrey died, a cosmic piece of me died too.  I morphed into an unbearably sad young man. Maybe some of you reading this can remember.  I wasn’t sure I could live with this new poison; I was terrified to allow myself to love again with all my heart.  I was not strong enough to go through that another time.  I did everything I could to put off going to sleep each night.  I feared my dreams, and besides, I would just have to wake up and face another long day.  I stopped going to Church with my mother; this I know tore her hemorrhaging heart even more.  I stopped thinking there was a God or caring if he/she existed.  Maybe God existed, maybe not; I no longer cared either way.  

Then I turned to alcohol.  For the next few years I gave it my finest effort to drink myself into a stupor.  I wanted to become comatose.  I wanted to become an idiot who, even if I wanted, could no longer care, could no longer think haughty thoughts about life and my place in it.  These were sad days, and I fell until I could fall no more. Let me tell you, it’s a lonely, despairing place, down at the bottom.  May you never see it in your life. 

But then the second thing happened. Life is a beautiful and glorious mystery, a swirl of endless miracles, and for reasons unknown to me, Jaime came along with an unwavering smile and a heart heaving with love.  She led my wretched soul out of the darkness and off the self-destructive path I had chosen; she fostered me back into a human being.  She saved my life, and she gave me a reason to care and to believe and to try again.  I owe her everything and I’ll never forget that. 

About the time Jaime came into my life, my mother also quietly intervened and convinced me to go to university.  This is the third thing that happened.  I discovered books; I met smart people with great ideas and remembered that I’m a smart person with great ideas too.  I started to experience light back in my world again.  My mother and my wife helped me avoid my catastrophic iceberg, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

So I followed this thought-thread as I shoveled. I was mindful of all of it and watched it float along in my mind like a movie.  I wasn’t daydreaming or unaware of where I was or what I was doing.  On the contrary; I was very much aware, and I was relishing what was happening.  

A series of events, both tragic and beautiful, occurred to make me into the sort of person who today works very hard to be more spiritual, more compassionate, more mindful of life and its miracles.  I consider myself fortunate. 

My thought-thread took me on to contemplate these ideas further.  I thought about my closest friend Graham, and his father Bill.  After a valiant battle against cancer, Bill passed on in February of this year.  At every funeral I ever attended since my brother’s, my tears were always still for my brother, except at Bill’s funeral.  My tears were for him.  My closest friend’s father was like a father to me too, and I mourned. 

Afterwards, something Graham shared with me stuck with me, perhaps it’ll stick forever.  Graham stayed home with his father for about two years, as every good son wishes they could in such a situation.  There were a lot of nights in the house, I’m sure, of just sitting around letting time go by rather than talk about difficult topics like death and such.  But one night they did.  Graham asked Bill what he thought was next for him, with cancer in his body and death close by.  Bill looked at Graham, shrugged his shoulders, and said he had no clue.  He had never thought about it, and figured it was too late to begin thinking about it now.  

Bill was wonderfully kind, generous and often hilarious.  The world could use more great men such as him.  Why didn’t he have an answer to Graham’s questions?  Why didn’t he feel the urge to ever contemplate God and his soul?  I don’t know. 

If you are a person who does ask yourself similar questions as I, please realize they are the most important questions of all.  If you are genuine in your dedication to spiritual pursuits, share it with the world.  Don’t be an evangelist or a recruiter or a preacher; just be honest and open and true to yourself.  For years I wondered what people would think if I explored and pursued spirituality in such an open forum as the world-wide-web, and the answer is, it’s the right way.  I’ve only heard positive comments.  We all have a light to share and the world needs more light these days than ever.  

I’m telling you from my own experience:  share your light; it’ll only brighten someone else’s way.

Thanks Jeremy.  I was so touched by your story that I felt very moved to share it. I’m happy I discovered your blog site.   To learn more about Jeremy please visit: http://pathwaytoenlightenment.com

Yes, Dreams Can Be Heavenly Sent –November 15, 2010 by Dorothy Griffore

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A Wo-Man’s Voice

After listening to a young mother share her experiences of life’s journey with all of its ups and downs, fears, rejections and disappointments, Father God wants to remind her that she is His child and He is faithful to care for her even in a greater way than she cares for her little son. As I began praying for this young mother one morning I felt as though the Lord wanted me to write something to Kate from Him. In obedience, I began to write in my journal and this is his message to Kate and, I believe, to all who love Him and need to be reminded of His faithfulness, gentleness and unfailing love and protection.

Father God you cradle Kate in your arms the same way she cradles her son in her arms. You wipe away her tears and gently swipe her nose. You rock her to sleep humming a heavenly tune as you caress her hair and she succumbs to your love and protection. She is your child – a beloved daughter.

Needing the strength of a father and knowing she is safe and secure, her slumber descends deeper as her breathing becomes slow and quiet. Kate enters into her dream of love and beauty directed by her Heavenly Father.

Heaven reveals itself secretly in this dream state. There she is! Kate running, playing, skipping and laughing as she runs through the meadow of brightly colored flowers. Her golden curls bouncing and swaying reflecting the rays of the sun like a golden rainbow. Her curiosity and innocence lead her to a large pond. It looks like glass; a mirror; can I walk on it? As Kate removes her white strap sandals, she sees something move under the water. With enthusiasm she reaches for it and falls on her knees into the water. Startled and surprised she sees a beautiful face looking back at her. Who is it? she wonders. Father God replies, “It is you.” “Oh no, I am not beautiful like that, “ says Kate. Father replies, “You are more beautiful than the reflection you are seeing. You are perfectly created by me, your Heavenly Father, and you are my beautiful beloved daughter.”

Kate touches the face in the water and it begins to ripple but it doesn’t disappear. As the ripples settle down the beautiful face is still there. Kate begins to make faces at the face in the water and begins to laugh and giggle again. The face staring back at her is doing the same. Such fun and freedom and discovery!

Father God begins to speak, “Kate, I know all about you. I have known you before you were in your mother’s womb. I created you and placed you here to reflect my light. As this water reflects your beauty, I desire you to reflect me, my unconditional love, my joy, my compassion and my beauty. You have traveled a rocky road but I have been beside you all the way. You have blessed me because you have trusted me and called out to me for help. I hear you all the time. I bring you to this place to refresh you and show you who you truly are in me.”

Jump into the water. Swim, dive deep and see all the beauty below the surface. I see your beauty below your surface. I see your soul, your heart, your longing, your needs, your heart’s desires. I see your love for your husband and now your deep, deep love for your son, my gift to you. Swim. Remove all the heavy clothing hindering you from freely floating on the water. Remove all your fears, worries, hurts and rejections so that you can rest and float in my love and protection. Be refreshed. Be renewed. Be energized by the cleansing water both in the pond and in your spirit.”

As Kate swims and dives in and out of the water like a fish newly born, she begins to feel a surge of strength and beauty, freedom and victory – a cleansing and a refreshing so invigorating and propelling that she no longer has a sense of fear or worry.

Again on shore, she puts her sandals back on. She feels such warmth. Looking up she sees the sun (Son) and feels the surge of God’s love. It was at this moment that Father God took Kate’s hand and they quietly walked along the shore together.

Mommy, mommy was the sound that awakened Kate from her sleep. She quickly jumped up, “Did I oversleep?” Realizing she slept the whole night through, she picked up her son and held him tight. She looked into his eyes and saw his beauty. Hmmmmm, what is below the surface? Her dream spoke to her all day long. Each time she looked into the mirror she heard Father God saying, “You are more beautiful than the reflection you are seeing, you are my beautiful beloved daughter.”

From that day on, Kate felt a new trust in God and relied on Him more and more to guide her on the journey of life. When the road is rocky, muddy or crooked, she simply looks up to see the sun (Son) and feeling the surge of God’s love, takes His hand and they quietly walk together.

I Corinthians 13: 4 – 7

God, Your love for me is fierce, soaring above sentiment. It is the mightiest force in the universe, whispering, roaring, creating, redeeming…and taking delight in me. Thank You for Your Word that offers me this simple measure of Godly love. If I am impatient, if I am unkind, if I do not protect, if I delight in another’s trouble, then I am not loving with Your love. But thank You for empowering me to love by your standard my will washed in submission, ever rejoicing in heaven’s best for the sake of others.” (NIV Worship Bible)

Thank you very much Dorothy for sharing your wonderful and inspirational story with all of us. I love it!

ONE WORLD OF WINNERS — September 8, 2010 by Julie Johanson

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For generations this world has been about winning. The whole attitude has been what I call the Donald Trump attitude (excuse me Donald) and that is,” How can I win?”  This is opposite of the attitude of, “How can ‘we all’ win…?”

I am a true believer in the concept that we are “all” meant to win. And we are “all” meant to “win” at the “same time”. Anything less would be ludicrous in a world with more than enough  to spare. We live in a world, where we can in a moment have or create anything we want…creating abundance constantly through the laws of attraction.

So this brings me to this new moment. (Building on that which I came to a very long time ago). How do I live my life in such a way that I am a winner and I stand firmly for everyone else to be a winner too?

And so here I am doing my ‘do’. I believe that all of us can be full of light, can remember our perfection and our love. All of us have great things to contribute to this world, even if at this moment it is only that we exist! I act in ways that remind me I am like each person that shows up for me in this life and that each person, as a part of me in this dimension, is beautiful and worthy of goodness and love. I project my joy in being associated with each person and my wonder at the beauty of each moment with them also.

I see that we can be, and already are “ONE”. And in the grand conception of ” Ho’o pono pono” (from the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale. It is the Hawaiian Kahuna method to resolving conflict). I say in my heart… “I love you, Thank you, Please forgive me, and I am sorry”, clearing the old issues and making room for all the love and success.

So my ‘prayer’, my hope, my intention, my wish, my desire, is to spread my vision of this world, as a world full of oneness, full of winners, full of light and full of love. May we all be winners and full of joy.

Thank you Julie for your inspiration and your words of wisdom. I agree, we can all be “winners” in this world.

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FOR THE LOVE OF PETS (Part 2) — May 20, 2010 by Lorraine Gauthier

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Well guess what?….Here’s the answer!

I got 2 more kittens that we named Chum and Miss Tootie who were brother and sister. They were just lovely and inseparable. 

Barry who apparently did not really like cats kept saying these were different. He grew to love them too. Again I had my family….. A boy and a girl. We had many years with Miss Tootie and Chum. She had allergies and was sicklier while Chum was the tougher BIG brother. We were always concerned for Miss Tootie for she was smaller and weaker. Then we had the shock of our lives……at age 11 Chum had a heart attack in front of our eyes. We tried reviving him on the way to the Vet’s but he was gone within minutes. We were sick!! We lost our Chum in minutes and could not do a thing about it. 

Miss Tootie was lonely and sad too. Over the next few weeks we had to try to grasp how this could happen. How could the tough, strong one die and the weaker one live?  Ohhhhh…. how painful this was for all of us.  Like life, however, when there is pain there is also joy!  When a door closes God opens a window!!  

Two months later we got Buddy!! Now this guy is the exact opposite of Miss Tootie. He gets into everything and is quite rambunctious. Now we have an 11 year old quiet female with a curious energetic kitten. This was not going to be easy. 

Miss Tootie wanted a quiet friend and instead got an attacker who just wanted to jump and play. What now???  With losing Chum and having a new friend we thought that Miss Tootie would do just fine. Instead, her health started to deteriorate. She did not want to have anything to do with Buddy. He was upset and so was she. 

What do we do? Well I got a brain wave………get another male kitten?? I thought Buddy could have a playmate and Miss Tootie could watch. So…we get a new male kitten. He is the smallest kitten we have ever seen. We call him Chico and we keep them all apart so they can adjust. Now we have 3 that are NOT yet getting along. We are so hopeful that Buddy and Chico will play and Miss Tootie will watch.  Not so!! To our dismay Chico is quiet and wants to be with Miss Tootie. She also wants to be with him. Buddy is left to run around like a crazy cat. We have 3 cats but still have the same problem. No friend for Buddy. 

Over the next few weeks things get really bad. Miss Tootie and Chico both get very sick. We did not know if they got it from each other so we had to keep all 3 cats separated. Our home became an animal hospital. Chico was on IV and Miss Tootie was hand fed. Buddy was the only normal one and had the run of the house. 

But…he wanted a friend, he was lonely. We tried so hard to get them well. Miss Tootie started to turn around but Chico died at 5 months. We were heartsick once again… How could we grow to love an animal so much in just 2 months?? How could this cause us so much heartache?? What is this connection that so many of us feel?? 

Over the next few months Buddy seemed to adjust but Miss Tootie now had 2 losses to deal with, Chum her brother was by her side for 11 years and her new friend Chico who she had just started to love. Well her pain ended up in her body as an eye infection. One year to the day that Chum died Miss Tootie lost her eye. The infection was so bad that in order to save her life we had to have her eye removed. That was the only chance that she could be saved and there was no guarantee. 

Well she survived and is still with us today……..2 years later. Buddy and she tolerate each other but he still attacks. They want to be together but at times he is just a little too active for her. She tries to defend herself and finds places to hide. They are our perfect family… a boy and girl and we love them dearly. Miss Tootie will be 14 and Buddy will be 3 this summer. We appreciate each day we have with them. We also know that the day will come when we will have to say goodbye!  We have learned that with each pet we have had tremendous love and joy and with each loss tremendous pain!  Each one moves us to a new place for the love of pets!!!

Thank you again Lorraine for your very touching story and for shedding some light on the love that pet owners have for their “furry friends”!




“Love is life…And if you miss love, you miss life.”  (Leo Buscaglio)



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