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MIRACLE MONDAY ~ Movies ~ April 25, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Posted in MIRACLE MONDAY by doloresayotte on April 25, 2011
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To follow my tradition of discussing topics on the lighter note on Monday, here goes.  I love going to the movies. How about you? Actually the best part about going to the movies is going out with our friends. During the winter months, we usually go to a movie once a week. Afterwards, we go for supper together and oftentimes, we discuss the movie we have just seen.  This is a wonderful social event for us, but it’s so much more than that because we have the opportunity to discover more and more about each other by sharing our impressions of the movies we enjoy or the places we prefer to eat.

Recently, we went to see the movie “Limitless”, and although the ticket attendant said it was a good movie, we didn’t agree. The best part about that evening was going for Vietnamese food afterwards because the movie really didn’t score high points with any of us. On the other hand, the week before we went to see “Lincoln Lawyer” and we all thought it was wonderful. It held our attention throughout the whole two hours and we discussed it extensively. When I walked with my friends the next morning, we continued to discuss it even more.  The acting was excellent as well as the plot. The story was not only suspenseful, but unpredictable as well. 

Sometimes I see a movie and I can’t say it was bad, nor can I say it was good. Other times, I see a movie that I feel I can comfortably recommend for others to see. “Limitless” falls into the first category, and “Lincoln Lawyer” falls into the latter. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s well worth seeing.  If you’ve seen either of these movies, it would be great to know what you think.


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