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MEMORY LANE ~ YOU ARE NOT BROKEN ~ November 14, 2011 Andrea Cockerill

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A WOMAN’S VOICE – My Daughter’s Voice 

Although the memory of our first breath when we entered this world is beyond our recollection, its innocence and wonder are no less profound. You just have to look at your own or any newborn child to see the vulnerability and utter newness of when a new soul begins its journey into the experience of being a human being.  When babies grow into toddlers, you can see the fearlessness of a child’s innate curiosity and how it propels them into following any and all of their hearts desires, which on many occasions goes against that of their mothers! 

Imagine living this way as an adult, following your heart’s desires with wild abandon. At some point in our childhood we go from living fearlessly, to viewing the world as unsafe. We start to realize that not all is right with the world and we internalize it as meaning that all is not right with us. At a deep level we turn from the experience of the newborn, a being of pure perfection, to feeling as if we are someone who is broken and in need of fixing. How painful it is to see ourselves in this light. We then start the process of seeing ourselves as possessing much darker traits. 

Many people may not even realize that they actually think this way because it goes beyond the awareness stage. It is at a subconscious level as evidenced by the words we say to ourselves about our lives. How many times have we said, if such and such happens, then I will feel good, be happy, find joy, be worthy of love, etc.?  This kind of thinking implies that at the core of our being, something is broken.  We then project this brokenness on the surface areas of our lives, our job, our bodies, our families, our communities and the list goes on. Isn’t easier to try to fix that, which is outer, than to go deep within ourselves and feel the emotion of brokenness, vulnerability and just plain not measuring up? 

In my opinion, we spend so much time protecting ourselves and our spirit, trying to fix that which is truly not broken. Yes…you are not broken. There is nothing to fix. The centre of your being is pure perfection and light. It is the part of you that always was and always will be. You can’t lose it, damage it, abandon it, or escape the love that resides in you. You may have developed coping mechanisms along the way to protect yourself that have created layers similar to that of an onion. With compassion and faith, each of these layers can be carefully peeled away to reveal the wonder and innocence you came with when you entered into this world as pure perfection itself. 

When you learn to view yourself as whole, failure won’t have such a high price tag. It won’t run so deep and healing won’t take so long after you stumble and fall. Highs and lows would be just a part of life because the thread running through life’s challenges would originate from a feeling of innate wholeness and love. I pray for this for myself and for all women, and I pray each one of us experiences the joy of living with wild abandon like that of an innocent child. 

When I was young, I was innocent and saw the world as limitless. Now that I am older, I may see the limits of this world, but my faith sees the limitlessness of God. It is this faith that allows me to spread my wings and take a chance on life. 

Thank you Andrea! 

Andrea lives in Winnipeg with her husband Jeremy and is the mother of four children.   She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Social work from the University of Manitoba. 

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MEMORY LANE ~ The Persistence Of The Spirit ~ October 17, 2011 by Andrea Cockerill

A Wo-Man’s Voice   

If you have ever been around children, you know how persistent they can be when they want your attention. All of my children let me know in their own way if they feel like they are not getting their fair share. Today it was my oldest daughter who told me loud and clear that her well for my attention was running low.

After filling my daughter’s well, I started thinking about how persistent our spirit can be when we are ignoring its guidance and passions. I have on many occasions put my spirit last on the list, but I am comforted with the fact that my spirit is going nowhere. No matter how long I ignore it, it is like a patient and trusted friend, waiting for my next phone call.

Our relationship with our spirit is like any other relationship that we honor in our lives. It needs our time in order for an intimate bond to be built. It is the difference between talking to one friend every few months and talking to another friend every few days. You may cherish both friends but it is the friend whom you talk to more often that is going to know the more intimate details of your daily life. This same principle applies to our spirit. If we form an intimate relationship with our spirit, we will be better able to understand and intuitively follow its subtle guidance system.

Your spirit promises you that it will never reject you. It is persistent but patient, and its sole goal is to lead you to the Divine. Forming a relationship with your spirit needs to be a conscious decision on a daily basis, but the rewards span a life time.

Namaste (I see the Divine in you which is also in me.)

Thank you Andrea! 



Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential”  (Black Elk, Native American)



My Daughter’s Voice  

A woman’s voice. What does she sound like? She is fierce, intuitive, and powerful, for she is aware of her own relevance. Her knowledge runs deep, fueled with the passion coming from the women that have come before her. She looks into the eyes of the little ones around her knowing that if she denies her worth, she denies the worth of the next generation of femininity.

She has experienced the deep personal pain of having ignored the whispers of her own soul, or when she has had the courage to speak up and then quickly backing down. She sees the women around her struggling as well, many overeating to try to temper the power within.

Others may spend too much money or try to portray perfection, or they may devalue the role they play in their families and communities. Just maybe if they could keep their minds busy enough, they wouldn’t see where they have either given up their voices or where they have been taken from them.

She knows the courage it will take to speak her truth, but she can no longer sacrifice her spirit. When she felt that her voice was irrelevant, she cared that others did not hear her. Now she feels her relevance deep with in her soul and no longer seeks out the confirmation that it is worth something. That she is worth something. There is a deep freedom in honoring and celebrating the fierceness that resides in the inner voice of a woman.

It is this power that if collectively used, will create deep and everlasting changes for the world we live in and for the generations to follow. She thanks the women before her, who have used their strength and wisdom to make it easier for her, and she uses the next generation as inspiration to continue to find the courage to stand tall.

Thank-you Andrea!

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Andrea is married to Jeremy and is the mother of four children.   She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba.

MIRACLE MONDAY ~ Forever And For Always ~ May 16, 2011 by Andrea Cockerill


As I stretch towards the center of you,

in silence I find the space that exists between the mind and the heart,

and I am reminded that there is nothing to fear.

Nothing can separate me from this place of comfort.

But in order to reach it,

I must pass through a moment that lies just between letting go

and the moment I grab hold of you.

It is my faith that bridges this divide.

When I reach you it becomes clear.

All I was every meant to do, forever and for always, was to love myself.

All I was every meant to do, forever and for always, was to love you.


I’m pleased to say that this poem was composed by my daughter Andrea. Thank you Andrea for sharing your talent with my readers.


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BLOG HOPPING DAY — December 15, 2010

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The blog I’m featuring today is very special to me. First of all it really hits home at this time of the year when we are all so stretched during this very busy Christmas season.  Although, it isn’t about Christmas, it explains some of the ups and downs of what life has to offer.  It has a “neat” take on daily living and a visual picture of our personal struggles. I am especially proud to share not only the blog’s content, but the author of the blog as well.  For those of you who have not yet read her blog, I’m honored to introduce you to my daughter Andrea, who has been behind the inspiration for my own blog “A Wo-Man’s Voice”.

This is a very short article and well worth reading.  To enjoy your visit with Andrea please click here: http://www.inspirationalforwomen.com

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