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Book Reviews ~ 12 Steps 12 Stories Spiritual Messages of Recovery for Children and the Child in You

Debra Alessandra12 Steps12 Stories
Spiritual Messages of Recovery for Children and the Child in You by Author Debra Alessandra

Motivational/Inspirational Author Debra Alessandra has a special gift. She is making every effort to reach out to children to help them understand and overcome the struggles of having a family member/loved one who is dealing with the negative consequences of alcoholism.

12 Steps 12 Stories consists of just that…12 delightful and easy to understand tales that coincide with the 12 steps to the recovery program offered to those with an addiction to alcohol. At the beginning of the book, Author Debra Alessandra adeptly explains the disease of alcoholism and its three dimensional parts of mind, body, and spirit. She states that “the alcoholic has lost their connection to a Power Greater than themselves.” She further extrapolates on the 12 step recovery program.

In her noble effort to help children cope with this debilitating disease, Author Debra Alessandra utilizes colorful characters and illustrations to reinforce each step that a recovering alcoholic is actually facing. In doing so, she creatively and effectively takes the child through the program along with the recovering alcoholic so that they can better understand the experiences of the parent or loved one. This process is a “valuable resource” for the parent as it may “help the children you love feel comforted, included, and valued”.

This children’s book is definitely an enjoyable and easy-to-read little gem. It deals with a very difficult subject in a positive way in order to openly and honestly discuss alcoholism and the effects it has on the whole family as a unit. In other words, it offers the opportunity to deal with this disease as a family rather than the go-it-alone approach. There is a strong “spiritual emphasis” incorporated into the book which stresses the need for a Higher Power to help cope with the devastating disease of alcoholism. In my opinion, this emphasise can be beneficial when dealing with other illnesses as well. As the author states…”these 12 stories will assist parents, grandparents, relatives, counselors, therapists, and members of the clergy to begin to discuss the spiritual principles behind the steps.” I wholeheartedly agree!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


Book Reviews ~ Solstice

Solstice by Author Damian Stevenson

This fictional mystery thriller starts off ordinarily enough. Dana Barnes the protagonist…has a good insurance policy with her present employer and decides to voluntarily commit herself to a five day stint at Expedition House, a psychiatric facility to help her overcome her bout with severe depression. She is being treated by Dr. Hertzig, who after the required time, releases her with a bag full of prescription drugs and sends her on her way.

Tyler…a temporary worker/new boyfriend at the facility picks her up on the day of her release to drive her to Thornhill House, Home of the Rainbow Collective. This gated compound is run by her sister’s fairly new husband, Clive. He is a charismatic leader who has a son by the name of Conrad from his first marriage that Zoe is yet to meet.

On the drive to Dana’s destination, Tyler mysteriously disappears and then all hell breaks loose. The roller coaster ride of a series of the oddest and most unpredictable events ensues. Something very weird is going on in this compound where Clive, with his eerie personality and haunting eyes, manages the affairs and orchestrates the preparation for the yearly Solstice Fair. It has been a very dry year. Much rain is needed to correct the drought situation that is similar to four years ago when the Marsh’s nineteen year daughter also lost touch with her family and friends. Dana, even in her fragile mental and emotional state, is wondering if there is some kind of connection. What macabre events has this cultish leader cooked up to honor this annual event and satisfy the demands of nature earth in order to get that much needed rainfall…

Any reader who enjoys a mystery thriller with many unexpected twists and turns is bound to be captivated by this quick and unpredictable novel. It is a real thriller and will keep you on the edge of your seat…Damian Stevenson is one creative author!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

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