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INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECTDOTES ~ In The Light Of Eternity ~ October 1, 2011 by Mary Haskett

Recently I saw a news feature identifying people who were living up to a 100 years and beyond. Several women in this age category were interviewed, one was 109 and another 111. Their response to questions as to what contributed to their longevity were succinct and sometimes humorous. Sadly one woman said it was due to the three beers she drank every day.

The end report determined that researchers had found that all these long lifers had one thing in  common—a certain group of genes! Researchers may have made this discovery, but God created the genes. This revelation reminded me that God has ordained the number of our days and in the light of eternity it’s not so important as to how long we live, but how we live while we’re here on earth. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mary Haskett is a fellow author. Thank you so much Mary for sharing your thoughts on longevity and  that how we choose to live our lives is what really counts.

To learn more about Mary, please visit her website:  http://www.maryhaskett.com


FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE ~ The Weather Channel ~ September 19, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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Sometimes in life I feel like I am a cross between Erma Bombeck with her wry sense of humor or Phyllis Diller and her silliness about her husband “Fang”.  To quote Phyllis, she states that “his fine hour lasted about a minute and a half.”  I sincerely hope that some of you know who these two admirable women are even though Erma has now left her legacy with us and Phyllis is still hanging in there. I love both these women because they have such delightful senses of humor and they have succeeded in making a lot of people laugh over the years.

How great is that when you can bring a smile to someone’s face, or light up their eyes with mirth, or get a burst of laughter that seems to come from the tips of their toes?  Oh…to bring such pleasure and joy to other human beings. What a wonderful goal to strive for and to emulate.  My hoping to be similar to these two well-known women is quite the aspiration.

When a couple retires, they get a good taste at developing the kind of sense of humor it truly takes to sustain a long time marriage and ride off into the sunset together.  During these retirement years, you have the opportunity to discover what your marriage vows are all about and what it really means to say “I do”.  When there is no one else to look at, you have plenty of time to have a better look at your lifelong partner. Some don’t make it after almost a life time together.  Just take a look at Al Gore and his wife Tipper. After forty years of marriage they bid each other adieu, even after that big smooch we observed on national television just a few short years ago.

You know when you’re retired for sure when you have the Weather Channel on for several hours during the day.  Your love is tested when you ask your husband about what kind of weather to expect and he looks at you, points to his forehead and asks, “Do you see a weathervane on my forehead?”

Hey, it could be worse.  I could have to look at the Weather Channel myself. I much prefer to delegate this small task to my husband instead.  You just can’t help but love this guy. He’s a real “stand up” kind of fellow but sometimes I think he should be a “sit down comedian”. Perhaps he is trying to emulate Jack Benny.  He never ceases to amaze me with his one liners. He probably wouldn’t mind using one of Jack’s famous quotes right about now.  Jack says, “My wife Mary and I have been married forty-seven years, and not once have we had an argument serious enough to consider divorce, murder, yes, divorce, never.”

My husband really does watch the Weather Channel but he insists he’s listening to the music!   What do you think?


“Growing Up And Liking It” ~ February 3, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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“I find that men and women can view things in such different ways. They not only have different views, they have different ways of saying things. It reminds me of a book, which is based on the theory that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Many times when my husband and I discuss as we walk, I see some of those differences. We were made in different ways for a reason. My husband says I have a tendency to flower things up when I have something to say. I consider this to be the eternal gardener in me who wants to spare everybody’s feelings. He has a tendency to cut to the quick and has been referred to as brutally honest when he was in the business world. When I search through my quips and quotes to emphasize what I am writing about, I can’t help but snicker to myself as I think of some of the unprintable ones that my husband has saved over the years. It’s a good thing that I’m writing this book. Between the two of us, I soften his edges and he hardens mine so that we can effectively deal with all that life has to offer. I need his strength, and he needs my softness. Our marriage, in most instances, consists of a healthy balance between the two.” 


“Growing Up and Liking It” (The Donut Holes) is the second in a series of books written by Dolores Ayotte. I truly enjoyed it, much like her first book, “I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay” because it seemed to fill in the gaps.  “Growing Up And Liking It” takes you on an adventure filled with humorous quips and anecdotes about life’s experiences. The simple tips shared by Dolores help the readers to find meaning in their own lives in order to better cope with their own personal challenges. It is once again, a hand’s on recipe. The recommended tips help individuals to be the best they can be no matter the circumstances. Lorraine Gauthier~ B.A. (Psychology) Sun Life Advisor 

A most inspiring and enjoyable sequel to, “I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay”.  Once again, the author enlightens the reader with her wisdom and natural ability to express and teach others from her own life experiences.  As a result, this book gives you insight on simple life strategies to a happier self.  I loved it!  Gloria Korell 

Dolores’s second book was as much joy to read as her first. It’s full of insight and wisdom.  I wrote her when I was done reading her manuscript and told Dolores how hard it was to put down “Growing Up and Liking It” (The Donut Holes) once I started to read it. It’s one book that totally had me hooked from start to finish.  Linda Briscoe 

Living happier and more fulfilling lives is ever more daunting in these stressful times when finding a balance between work, home, recreation and relationships often seems out of reach.  How refreshing it is then to read Dolores Ayotte’s latest book “Growing Up And Liking It” (The Donut Holes) and to discover simple, effective steps for finding a balanced approach to happier living. This wife, parent, grandmother, gardener, storyteller, teacher and author shares her wonderful philosophy for living a happy, rewarding life using her easy to follow “nuggets” of wisdom.  Her unique writing style borrows from the quips and quotations of many of the world’s wise and quotable persons passed down through the ages, which she blends with her own life experiences to guide the reader to better life coping skills. This is a book to be read as one would eat a box of “donut holes” from the local Donut and Coffee Shop, one bite at a time so as to savor the flavor and to digest the lessons taught from your favorite ones.  Gilbert Frontain~Director Human Resources (Retired)

To learn more please visit: TATE PUBLISHING

I would like to thank the four of you, not only for your endorsement of  my books, but for all the support you have shown me throughout my book writing endeavors.


A Little Humor Can Go A Long Way — September 29, 2010

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Be sure to check out my blog tomorrow if you enjoy my sense of humor. My post is titled,  “My Old Dog”.  I think you can figure out who it’s about by the above cartoon.

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