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Psst…Hey EWE! ~ December 29, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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Hope…thanks so much for reading this post and reminding me to put it where others can read it! This was one of my very firsts articles.  Your lovely blog reminded me of the importance of its message. http://eyesonhope.wordpress.com

Yes you!  Now that I’ve caught your attention I really want to talk to you.  By chance do you enjoy doing Crosswords and other types of puzzles?  If so, this is the article for you.

Ever since I can remember, I have been a puzzle solver.  I love the mental challenge of trying to figure things out.  It is unbelievable how mentally stimulating and life enriching these puzzles can be. There is a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips just ready to be tapped into on a daily basis in most local newspapers.  

Now why did I choose the word EWE in my title to get your attention?  Most of you probably know that EWE is another word for a female sheep.  Over and over again this word comes up in Crossword Puzzles.  Every time I see it when solving a puzzle, it reminds me of Jesus Christ and how He is described as the gentle Lamb.  If we are to emulate Christ and follow in His footsteps we, too, must be like gentle lambs in our dealings with people. 

As we all know, it is not always easy to be gentle and kind.  Many times in life, our patience is tested as we become frustrated with the people around us.  In some instances, people may be unaware of this fact but on other occasions we may only be fooling ourselves into thinking that they don’t take notice of exactly how we feel.  The tone of our voice and our body language can quickly give away our true feelings despite what our words may say.  

I find as I do my daily Crossword Puzzle that God works in mysterious ways.  I hear God’s Word in many ways as I solve these puzzles. I can do an examination of conscience and ask myself if I have had any cross…words with any one in my life.  God can prompt me many times throughout these puzzles if I am open to His cues/clues.  He reminds me to be like the Lamb and follow in His footsteps when I come across the word EWE. 

Other times, one of the clues will ask for the letters found on the cross.  Yes…INRI.  There again, I am reminded that the Lamb died on the cross for the salvation of humankind.  This inscription reinforces that fact that I have sinned and Jesus’ forgiveness was so great that He chose to die on the cross to save my soul.  He is the Teacher and I am the student. Often times, I need to be reminded to be ready to forgive at all times because my transgressions have so generously been forgiven. 

It is truly amazing to see the many creative ways that God can reach out to people. God has a way of utilizing all his followers and reminding them of their mission in life.   We only need to be open to hearing the message!   I much prefer Crosswords to cross…words, if EWE know what I mean.


LOVE TRIANGLE ~ December 27, 2011 by Fred Ayotte

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I know many of you have heard of a love triangle where 2 people love the same person. In this situation, the two suitors usually don’t like each other at all. This happened to me during my 30’s and 40’s with my wonderful wife. 

In my late 30’s, one of my twin daughters on her thirteenth birthday, acquired a brownish-red miniature poodle named Joey. He was a very beautiful dog. However, as time went by in our house, Joey came to believe that he and my wife were the married couple and that I was in the way. 

Many times I had to set him straight. For instance, my wife always went to bed a few hours earlier than me. Joey would jump onto the bed and sleep on my side. When I came to bed later, he did not want to move. I had to physically remove him (very gently) and put him on the floor so that I could get into my side of the bed. There were many other similar occasions like this where he thought I was the third wheel in our house and I had to set him straight yet again. Needless to say I was not a big fan of his and he wanted nothing to do with me for being like this. 

Many years later, when my daughter eventually got her own place, she took Joey with her. Well, as you know, dogs do not have as long a life span as humans. In his 13th year, Joey became quite sick. After numerous trips to the vet, we knew it was just a matter of time until he would have to be put down in order to prevent him from needless suffering. 

A few days before he passed away, we were visiting at our daughter’s apartment. I was sitting on a chair and Joey came right up to me and just sat right at my feet. I reached down to pick him up and he didn’t put up a fuss like he normally did. He just sat on my lap very quietly without even trying to move or get down. 

A few days later he passed away. I know, even if no one else believes me that Joey came to me before he died so we could make amends for our relationship. In his own way he was forgiving me for my behaviour. It’s too bad, we as humans; often times can’t be anywhere near as forgiving as Joey. What a wonderful world this would be if we were.  Don’t you agree?

Thanks Fred for reminding me how precious Joey was in our lives and also for the gentle reminder of the need for forgiveness.


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES AND ANECDOTES ~ Forgiveness ~ November 20, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”  ~ Ephesians 4:32 

I love this biblical quote. It demonstrates to me that I am to forgive others “just as” Christ has forgiven me. Perhaps, I see things a little differently than some people when it comes to forgiveness but I would like to take this opportunity to explain my views. I know it has been said that we will not be forgiven “until” or “unless” we forgive others. However, according to the above biblical quote, I believe that I can also go to God as a sinner and seek forgiveness for myself from Him. When I experience His generous gift of  forgiveness and mercy, I then learn to forgive others in the same way that I have been forgiven. In other words, I am emulating God’s forgiveness.

I believe God sets the ultimate example of forgiveness by dying on the cross for my sins and I have the option of going humbly to Him and accepting His forgiveness. He’s the Teacher, not me. I personally need to learn from the Master. It’s not me showing God how I forgave so that I may be forgiven, but rather, it is God showing me how to forgive by first forgiving me for my sins.

In my situation and perhaps in other’s as well, by following His holy actions I am better equipped to forgive others because I have learned from the greatest Forgiver of all times. When we accept Jesus as our personal Savior, we not only want to forgive, it becomes a way of life as we follow in Jesus’ footsteps and forgive others as we have been forgiven by God Himself.   In essence, I have chosen to look at my own need for forgiveness first instead of looking at the need to forgive others in order to be forgiven. Once I see my own weaknesses and ask for God’s forgiveness, I am better able to accept the weaknesses of others and forgive them theirs.

“Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.” ~ Colossians 3:13

This third biblical quote by Matthew says it a little differently…more like the “until” or “unless” description of  forgiveness.  “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” ~ Matthew 6:14

Perhaps, either way we choose to look at the power of forgiveness, whether we repent and seek it, or whether we forgive others then seek it…if we end up at the foot of the Cross, we are ultimately forgiven our transgressions. I don’t think the act of forgiveness is about drawing a line in the sand or an either/or type of concept. It’s not about if you don’t do things the way I think they should be done, then it’s the wrong way. Our relationships with God are very personal because we are all unique individuals. With that in mind, it is wise to acknowledge that each relationship with God is as unique as our personalities. Therefore, it is necessary to respect each other and trust that God has a plan for each of us even if it is a bit different from someone else’s path. Our heavenly Father has taken our uniqueness into consideration when forming our relationship with Him and knows exactly how to draw us closer to Him. For that, I am eternally grateful!


MIRACLE MONDAY ~ “LAFF” ~ MAY 2, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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In two of my previous posts I mentioned my great pleasure in the solving of all kinds of puzzles. I also stated that one of my favorite expressions is Live…Laugh…Love. When I found this quote, it made me think about both of these earlier posts. Instead of repeating what I wrote, perhaps you would like to take a moment to read them.  Please click on  “LAFF” or  “Psst…Hey EWE” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ Perpetual Offenders: When To Stay And When To Walk Away ~ April 6, 2011 by Jennifer Slattery

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During this Lenten Season, we are very much reminded of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and our need for redemption. Most of us recognize our need “to forgive” others and also our need “to be forgiven”. Jennifer has written a very inspirational article addressing both these necessary human conditions. It touched me in such a way that I was moved to share it will all of you. Please take a moment to read  Perpetual Offenders: When To Stay And When To Walk  Away Thanks Jennifer!

SPIRITUAL SATURDAY ~ Mercy And Forgiveness ~ March 12, 2011 by Charles Betts


He who cries for mercy

Must also mercy give

If we ask for God’s forgiveness

We must as well learn to forgive


Jesus tells the story

Of the man who had a debt

When the master had forgiven

How he so quickly did forget


He threw his friend in prison

Though a smaller debt was owed

When his friend cried out for mercy

There was no mercy shown


His master learned what happened

He sent the servant off to jail

An ardent plea for mercy

Was all to no avail


The moral of this story is

You can set your mind at ease

When you grant someone forgiveness

You’ll find it is yourself that is released

 A poem by Charles Betts. July 22nd 2005

Thanks Charles!

WALK WITH THEM ~ February 19, 2011 by Charles Betts


Everyone needs compassion

From someone they can turn to

Who’s kind enough to listen

When life does not go well

A friend along the journey

A shoulder we can lean on

Strong enough to hold us

When we begin to fall

A haven, a safe harbour

A refuge we can sail to

Where we can find protection

When the waves are crashing in

We all need forgiveness

For sins we have committed

Transgressions in our life time

That have harmed another soul

If we can find repentance

A chance to start all over

Do things so much different

Live life another way

Reach out to a neighbour

Be kind to a stranger

Who struggle on their journey

Walk with them a while

A Poem By Charles Betts

Thanks once again Charles for sharing such an inspirational poem with all of us. Charles has been most generous in sharing several poems with us over the last several weeks. I will continue to share his talent on Saturdays when I receive a poem from him.

Blog Hopping Day ~ Forgiveness ~ January 5, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

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Are you in need of forgiveness or in need of forgiving someone who has deeply hurt you?

Isn’t it strange how we are guided to read words that actually pertain to us?  In my opinion, this is not a chance occurrence. I don’t much believe in coincidences, although I realize there appear to be quite a few.  I think God knows our journey and the places we frequent.  If He sees the need to get us a particular message, He knows exactly how to make sure we receive it.  I very much enjoyed this post  By His Grace  by Jenny Burr.  She writes about the gift of Grace so eloquently that I felt the need to share her words with all of you.  Please take a moment to read her wonderful, inspirational post.   It’s short and very pertinent to each of us.

Hope, Found Where You’re looking — September 25, 2010


Perhaps not.
It may be too much to ask.

It’s a must,
for hope to take flight.  

It makes more room for hope.Move on?
In good time,
Stay awake.
You’ll know when and how.  

Please do,
It’s a good workout for hope.

It takes time,
Stay willing,
Your dreams will find you. 

Even if it’s hard ,
or just a little,
If you choose too, you will.
Try it.
You’ll see.

It’s up to you.
Start to look,
Start to see.
Possibility is out there.
Be willing to see.
Being willing is the key. 

Always bless!
Always notice.
Always see.
Take it all in.
Take it in with deep thanks.

Oh yes!
Become all you can be.
Become all you can imagine.
Imagine all you can be. 

You will find it,
In forgiving and moving on.
It’s in the daring to dream.
It’s the risk to believe.
It’s in the glimmer of a dream.
It’s in the grace of the day.
It’s where you are.
It’s where you look.
So long as you’re looking,
Hope will be found.

– here’s to hope 


Hope…thank you so much for sharing your inspirational words. To enjoy more lovely poetry and stories please visit http://eyesonhope.wordpress.com   



CHARACTER — August 15, 2010 by Mary Haskett

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Character is what you are when no one else is looking or you think they’re not; like the times when my mind wanders during a sermon. I rebuke myself and return to see the pastor talking directly to me. I try to look interested as my pastor with great enthusiasm expounds on well–something, and I hope my nods of agreement are being executed at the right time! 

What sort of character is that? Not very honourable I guess. I repent and ask God to forgive me of my short comings. I want to improve in so many areas. For instance I don’t want to think negative thoughts about others and refer to certain persons in moments of exasperation as my nemesis. When that happens I’m in to asking forgiveness again. Unfortunately I’ve had to ask forgiveness on that one more than once.

It’s a good job God is a merciful God, otherwise this character would be in deep trouble! Then there are times in the shopping malls or out there somewhere and I don’t want to talk to someone I know, so I gaze intently at some item that I’ve no intention of  buying. It’s not that I don’t care for that person, but it’s not convenient right now. If I think about it I don’t even know why!

In the 1950s psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham determined four components of humans and their characters; their goal to assist us to better understand ourselves and others. Their concept known as the “Johari window” identified four characteristics in us humans. The first characteristic is the self that we see and others see. The second is the self that others see, but we fail to see. The third is what we know about ourselves, but no one else knows and the last characteristic is unknown–period!

These psychologists didn’t come up with anything new. We only have to read Scripture to realize that God sees all aspects of our characters. For man to improve his character he must follow the laws of God. In psalm 44 the psalmist gives glory and recognition to God, but later he talks about God having drawn back from His people because of their sin, but at the same time he says, “Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart.” (V-21).  David too had a deep understanding of God. Psalm 139 expresses many of his sentiments. He tells God that whatever he does, whatever he thinks, wherever he goes he knows God sees and knows all concerning him.

Like David I say, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139 23-24 KJV).

Food for thought . Don’t you think?

Be blessed and encouraged as you march onward and upward with Jesus.

Thank you Mary for sharing your inspirational article with us. 

Mary is the Award-Winning Author of  “Reverend Mother’s Daughter”. 

To learn more about Mary, please visit –  http://www.maryhaskett.com

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