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Book Reviews ~ The Lost Wife

Alyson RichmanThe Lost Wife by Author Alyson Richman

Many years ago as a young girl I had the opportunity to read “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Over time, I have read many books pertaining to the atrocities that were committed against the Jewish people during the reign of terror by Hitler and his cohorts during this unforgettable era in history. Each and every time I do so, I am moved to tears as I can so vividly picture the images portrayed and the cruelties inflicted. I am once again touched by such a tale. In this eloquent and heart wrenching story penned by seasoned Author Alyson Richman, her writing is laced with so many truths and well-researched facts to authenticate her realistic love story during this troubling time.

Her words have touched my heart in a most memorable way as she shares the captivating tale of two newlyweds, Josef and Lenka, who are torn apart by their unimaginable circumstances. Each presumes that the other is dead. They eventually give up hope because they have been informed by the authorities that their loved one has perished…one at sea and the other in a concentration camp with her family. Eventually, they make every effort to go on with their lives. They marry, have children and now grandchildren. However, their paths are about to cross in the most unexpected way. The love that they shared is unique…and after all these years to find each other again is nothing short of miraculous. This intriguing fictional novel starts at the end of Josef and Lenka’s lives when in old age they rediscover each other at the wedding of their grandchildren.

Subsequently…the reality of their situation unfolds as Author Alyson Richman takes us back in time as both Josef and Lenka share their past lives and vividly recall the people they encountered along the way. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a word of their incredible journeys! I received a copy of this book from a dear friend of mine. I am ever so grateful that she shared it with me.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


Book Reviews ~ Unwilling Wife

ReneeUnwilling Wife by Author Renee Roszel

My book review of “Unwilling Wife” is going to be short and sweet just like the content of this fictional romance novel. Married couple, Gina and David Baron are headed for a divorce after ten years of marriage. Gina is soon turning thirty and is questioning her submissive role in her marriage to Physics Professor and would-be Dean at the Einstein University…that’s if David fulfills his ambitious dream. She can no longer live in the shadows of her husband as she decides to move away and pursue her own dream of writing a book. Gina leaves to take up residence in a lighthouse home she has inherited from her uncle just outside the town of Maryvale. David has agreed to a month separation so she can sort things out but he is totally dismayed when he receives divorce papers from her lawyer. David unexpectedly appears at her doorstep and then the fun begins…

Seasoned Author Renee Roszel spins a captivating tale as these two star-crossed lovers figure things out. She tastefully shows the steamy side of their relationship without going into excessive detail. I consider this romance novel to be both captivating and refreshing. It turned out to be a “feel good” book because that’s exactly the way I felt after reading the Epilogue at the end of it.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


Book Reviews ~ The Shift

M A Ricks
The Shift by Author M. Ann Ricks

The Prologue to “The Shift” immediately grabs the attention of the reading audience and sets the pace for what is to follow. Xion is deep in dreamland as she experiences first hand, the persecution and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The vividness of the dream/nightmare is so very real that Xion feels like she is there in person witnessing this most life-altering event that so affected the entire world.

Veronica, Xion’s mother is somewhat estranged from both her daughter and her parents, Zeborah and her step-dad Richard. After graduating from college in New Jersey, Xion decides to remain there instead of returning to live with her mother. Xion has chosen to live closer to her grandparents in an effort to be part of a more normal family life. When Veronica receives a call from her daughter that she should come home and visit with her mother and step-father…the familiar, upsetting, emotional merry-go-round of feelings immediately starts to turn. She is not eager to face the demons of her past as she vividly recalls memories of unpleasant conversations with her mother. Veronica feels extremely inadequate and knows she has been a disappointment not only to her mother Zeborah, but to her daughter Xion as well.

As an only child, Veronica knows what she is required of her but…does she have the strength and courage to go back and face the music? Will she ever come home and be a real mom to Xion and a genuine daughter to her parents? Maybe then, both she and Xion would truly believe in the power of prayer and accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Both are reluctant as those around them continue to pray for this realization. Veronica thinks her past sins are unforgivable and Xion wants to discover her faith in her own way and on her own time schedule. But the dream continues to haunt her even during her awake moments….

Three generations of women…Zeborah, mother to Veronica….Veronica, mother to Xion, Xion, daughter and granddaughter to these two women with incredibly painful pasts. Each with memories and secrets they’d just as soon forget…some so deeply hidden…even unknown to themselves. Connected by blood and determined to be who they are, they are seemingly unaware of the unique presence of Cinque and Christophe and their endless guidance. All three women fighting both mental and spiritual warfare…so many secrets yet to unfold if they are to move forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ by embracing the truth that shall set them free. “The Shift” is about to take place when Officer Bo Pillar enters into Veronica’s life and Delia visits New Jersey to make her claim. Her visit changes it all…

Talented Author M. Ann Ricks has done it again! You will not want to miss a word of this incredible Christian romance novel with its many unpredictable twist and turns. She has managed to pen another captivating fictional novel filled with the supernatural presence of a loving God and His gift of salvation. This quote from the book packs a powerful punch… “God is changing the atmosphere and using His people to bring His plans to glorious fruition”. Yes indeed…that is exactly what He is doing!

Inspirational Author & Book Review ~ Dolores Ayotte

Book Reviews ~ Marriage Takes Three


Marriage Takes Three by Author G.E. Hamlin

I feel the need to admit that I am a romantic and if there’s one thing I enjoy it is a love story. Secondly, I enjoy the story even more so if it rings true! Fiction or non-fiction, credibility and authenticity go a long way with me. Debut novel “Marriage Takes Three” by talented Author G.E. Hamlin offers both.

Darla and Randall have a tumultuous marriage. After seventeen years, it appears that their relationship is coming to an end. Randall, a recovering alcoholic with close to two years of sobriety under his belt, loves his wife and has every desire for his marriage work. After joining AA and then finding his faith, Randall is striving to be a better husband to Darla and father to teenaged son, Paul. However, Randall is not Darla’s first love. High school boyfriend, Jack Collins is determined to make his past claim on Darla as one of his top priorities. Better known as successful country western singer, J.J. Collins, he is making advances on Darla and causing much friction in Darla’s unstable and already stressful marriage to Randall. Presently, she is managing to fight off the temptation to give into Jack’s persistence in pursuing her but…

Darla, on the other hand, has a dark and deeply hidden secret. Paul’s surprise discovery is a shock. The unknown is about to be revealed and is destined to upset the already wobbly apple cart. Can her marriage survive this revelation and worse yet…does she really want it to?

If there is one quote that deeply touched me in this fictional love story, it is this…“Righteous anger is good. The other kind is like taking poison and expecting it to kill the other person.” At last, Randall decides to take back the power in his marriage and refuses to be a victim…he makes a very profound and life altering decision. The other man, namely Jack Collins, no longer has a place in his marriage to Darla. Randall makes a conscious choice that, yes indeed…“Marriage Takes Three” and that third person is God. A God-centered marriage is definitely what his marriage requires to survive. With the help of long time friends Lonnie and Vicki, Darla might just agree…

Another image that will forever stick in my mind in this captivating novel is the description of the picture of Jesus that Randall notices hanging on the wall behind Pastor Bill’s desk. The artist depicts a “laughing Jesus”. All the pictures I have ever seen of Jesus are serious ones. However, in my mind’s eye, a laughing Jesus is exactly what I envision! I thank gifted Author G.E. Hamlin for sharing her view of Jesus this way. How refreshing!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.


Book Reviews ~ The Colors of Blue

The Colors of Blue by Author Lance McCulloch

Are you a romantic? Do you believe in second chances at true love? Talented Author Lance McCulloch does a wonderful job in his debut novel “The Colors of Blue” by tapping into the possibilities of love at first sight and the intriguing consequences of taking a second chance with love.

The protagonist in this well-written fictional novel is Sarah Field. She has been endowed with a very unique and powerful gift…she sees the world in colors. This gift is very evident in her younger years but as time and life progresses, she is no longer as tuned in to this once enjoyable and inexplicable ability. As an adult…surrounded by the stresses of life…it seems that she is unable to tap into this powerful sixth sense. Sarah has so adeptly used it in the past, not only to assess her personal situation, but also to get a better understanding of the people who cross her path. As a gifted teacher, she now manages to see colors once again in her daily dealings with the young children she loves so dearly in her class. However, her joy is soon to be shattered on more than one front. Due to budget cuts and shortly after her break up with fiancé Greg Watkins, she no longer has the bright future that was once a part of her dreams. Much to Sarah’s dismay…shortly before her job loss, she catches Greg in a clandestine tryst with another woman and cancels their upcoming marriage which further adds to her financial worries and concerns for the future…

Sarah is the younger sibling of Rachael who is about to be married. After an unfortunate automobile accident that took the lives of both parents, these two sisters enjoy a deep love for each other and an understandable protective bond. While on a pre-marriage getaway at a lovely remote ranch by the name of Tres Piedras situated in the mountains near Durango, Colorado, Sarah has the opportunity to meet Rick Wheeler. She mistakenly takes him for a tour guide and he makes no effort to correct this assumption. Rick has an incredibly sad story of his own. Sarah and Rick connect on an almost ethereal level which is beyond both of their understanding. Ex-fiancé Greg, who is also attending this prenuptial gathering because he is a friend of the groom’s family, makes every effort to destroy what he sees developing between Rick and Sarah. Will he succeed?

Now the colors are back in full force as Sarah deals with this new attraction to Rick and the mixed emotions that ensue…true love is definitely the color of blue. As so eloquently stated in this captivating love story…”if you’re going to love, be sure to love with every ounce of your heart.”

In “Colors of Blue” it is as if a banquet was prepared before me and I had the good fortunate to feast upon every word. The vivid descriptions of Tres Piedras and the surrounding area….the true love story…the concept of the gift of colors…and the hope of life’s perfect gift of hope and love…what more can a reader ask for when reading a book? Delightful debut novel by Author Lance McCulloch! I look forward for more to come.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Book Reviews ~ Beginning Anew

PaulaBeginning Anew by Author Paula Rose Michelson

“Beginning Anew” is the third book I have read and reviewed in the captivating “Casa de Naomi (House of Blessing)” series and it certainly won’t be the last if there are more novels to come by talented Author Paula Rose Michelson. It felt like I was visiting some very old and dear friends as I was quickly drawn into their intriguing lives yet again.

Chaz and Naomi have reaffirmed their marriage vows and are about to resume where they left off after their very unfortunate and painful separation. Chaz is still consumed with guilt for the unkind way he treated Naomi when he discovered her religious background. Full of remorse and with a somewhat clearer understanding of not only her heritage but his as well, they both set their minds to starting over and beginning anew in their yet to be consummated marriage. As to be expected, they are truly blessed with the love they have for each other and now they must learn to cherish, respect, and be totally honest with one another as they grow in that love.

Chaz has a surprise for Naomi…a beautiful hand carved sign hung above the entrance to the recently remodelled casa. Naomi prefers that it be placed above the former grandmother’s home behind the main house. When Tio Luis comes over to make the change, he begins to share the origin of the casa when, in the early 1900’s Vieda came to live in Spanish Harlem with her papa. Naomi thinks he has misspelled Tia Vida’s name…however, she is soon to discover otherwise.

After their emotional upheaval, Chaz and Naomi are determined to share…“the unique gift of being able to come together, fully known, and still be loved.” Yet, there are many new secrets to be uncovered. When Justine gives Vieda’s journal to Naomi to assist her in helping Chaz better understand his heritage, Naomi gets a much better understanding of Vieda. The more she reads, the more she is captivated and intrigued by her personal story. Strange things start to happen to her…it is as if Vieda is now communicating directly to her. Naomi senses her presence and can mysteriously play on the piano like she has never played before. It is as if Vieda is now reliving her life through the eyes of Naomi. Although this concept is beyond Naomi’s comprehension, she knows she must follow through with reading Vieda’s journal in order to have closure not only for Vieda but for her and Chaz as well.

“Beginning Anew” is yet another incredible romantic novel in this fictional series penned by gifted Author Paula Rose Michelson. I could not put this book down as I was so captivated by the storyline with its rare combination of fact…..the history of the persecution of the hidden Jews and fiction….the enticing love story between Chaz and Naomi whereby they have the opportunity to discover “echad” in the deep abiding love uniquely found in a God-centered marriage. This author truly demonstrates her faith in her own words as she states…“God is faithful! Whatever he has called you to do, when you step out in faith, as I did, God will meet you and together you will become more than a conqueror!” Her books testify this belief and her personal relationship with Messiah Yeshua. A rare gem indeed!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Book Reviews ~ The End of the Line

The End of the Line by Author Jim Power

Latesha Thomas is one of the main characters in the well-written and interesting fictional/historical novel. Living with her wheel chair bound father, they are in dire straits. Latesha, a young university student with just over a year until graduation…and with the hope of becoming a teacher…finds pressing money problems plaguing this father and daughter duo. Much needed house repairs, high tuition, and the other necessary demands of everyday living take their toll on their dwindling back account. Latesha subsequently decides to start a matchmaking business in order to supplement their income. In doing so, she falsely presents herself as an expert in the field.

Her first client, Peter Elsworth, the other main character in this captivating romance novel, is a handsome electrician. Latesha inadvertently sets him up with three very ill-suited women. As she is about to return his money by mail…Peter unexpectedly shows up at her house in the “all-black village” of the Beechwood Community.

He is very surprised to discover who Latesha really is, as he has seen her before on campus. Her skin is the “color of rich, creamy chocolate” and she is beautiful beyond words. She is immediately attracted to his handsomeness with his fair skin and blond hair…but more importantly, the attraction goes far deeper. There is a special and inexplicable quality in their relationship that is impossible to ignore. Peter asks to join Latesha in a walk to the local Beachwood grocery store. He wants to take a chance on developing a more intimate relationship with her; however, she is dead set against it. She sees life as black and white but Peter tries his best to sway her by saying…”Life isn’t black and white, it’s gray. Black and white works well on a piano, or in the law, but not in human relationships.”

If fictional romance novels are your genre…you won’t want to skip a word of “The End of the Line”. It grabs at the heartstrings with its spellbinding love story. The magnetism of the storyline and the reality of the challenges these two young lovers face adeptly draw the reader into the intense attraction between these two love-struck people from very different worlds. Latesha’s father is outraged at Peter’s determination to make Latesha a part of his life. Peter’s mother, is equally distraught and has no desire to have Latesha in her son’s life. Both parents have one thing in common. They have every desire to keep Peter and Latesha apart for the very same reason. They even go so far as to threaten to disown each of them if their wishes are not obeyed. Will their hatred and bigotry succeed or…can the undying love that Peter and Latesha share survive the odds?

I just cannot express the pleasure I received in reading this enticing and heartwarming romance novel. Author Jim Power is one talented writer…who in my opinion has a very kind heart and a wonderfully creative imagination as he skillfully uses it to connect the dots in this very intriguing story. This talented author’s character and belief system clearly shine through with every word that he pens. Simply put…I loved this book!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

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