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“The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honour.  If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.”  (Samuel Smiles)


My books are written in a gentle, conversational style, meant to reach my readers in a kind and non-judgmental way.

Both books, are self-help books about the steps I used to help me overcome two serious bouts with depression that I experienced in my earlier years. They are written in recipe format giving thirteen simple steps in each book that are easy to incorporate into daily living. In order to get out of the pit I found myself to be in, I had to do much soul-searching and reflection to get to the source of my depression.

My books are what I consider to be heart books.  They are written from my heart to any and all hearts that are open to my message. They are also written with the intention of reaching out to help people by sharing some of my personal experiences. Others may be able to identify with some of my stories and anecdotes.

Hopefully, my suggestions will enhance the lives of my readers in much the same way they have enhanced mine.

Through my faith,  eventual self-acceptance, and with the support of my husband, I was not only able to rise above my despair, I learned how to lead a full and rewarding life with my husband, children and now several grandchildren

My recipe for life consists of a little bit of this and a little bit of that borne from my life experiences. Usually, when I use all of the ingredients and steps…I end up with a pretty good product. Sometimes…I can still fail. It is this failure to succeed all of the time that helps remind of my humanity and the fact that I am not perfect and it’s okay.

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BOOK REVIEW ~ Love And Acceptance ~ September 26, by Dolores Ayotte

TITLE: Love And Acceptance ~ Nonfiction – 206 pages

AUTHOR: Annette Robertson

PUBLISHER: Take Publishing & Enterprises

Love And Acceptance is a heart-wrenching, true story written by Annette Robertson, about her dysfunctional childhood and her struggles with mental illness. It is apparent that Robertson has a deep faith that sustained and guided her throughout her trials and tribulations. Although, she admits that she wasn’t raised with a strict Christian background, she was always aware of the presence of a loving God.

Robertson professes that at one time, she “only identified, and felt safe, with unhealthy attention”. When at an all time low when her life was like a living nightmare,she attempted to commit suicide and failed. She eventually learned how to be healthy and love herself when she accepted her mental illness for what it was. At the pit of her despair, she likened herself to a “shattered vessel” and when she gazed into the mirror she was consumed with “self-loathing”.  Sexually abused as a child, Robertson cried out to the “Great Physician”, the “I AM” for  complete healing and after years of counselling, her prayers were answered. In doing so, she was forced to work through the pain of her past before she could be truly healed and move forward. Love And Acceptance is a true testimony of God’s love for all His children and the redemptive power of the love and acceptance Annette found in her relationship with Him.

Robertson is a survivor. She knows what it is like to be a victim and the restorative effects of becoming victorious. She has managed to work through her past pain with the help of God and lead a full and rewarding life. It was not easy for her to achieve the sought after peace of mind and contentment that she so richly deserved but she never gave up. With her faith and love for God, she managed to find it. Robertson has shown her courage and tenacity in this well-written book, as she reveals her inner most self when she shares her life struggles, her lessons, and her deep abiding faith and love for God with her readers.

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GROWING UP AND LIKING IT ~ Four Rooms (Part 3 – continued) ~ August 3, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

…continued from yesterday ~ part 3

I would now like to go into each room, one room at a time, to explain what is there and how you can enhance your own lives by visiting what is actually within yourselves. The first room is the spiritual room. It is the room where we develop our relationship with a higher power. As stated in my first book, for those of you who believe in this Supreme Being, you may choose to call him/her by a different name. To make my point, I am going to call mine Bonhomme (a French term of endearment with special meaning to me). In this spiritual room, we spend time praying or talking with God. It is our faith room. We don’t spend all our time in this room because if we did our lives would be out of whack. Although I feel that it is the first and most important room, I also realize that in order to have a well-balanced life I can’t live/visit here all of the time.

According to the elder, I must also visit the other rooms in my body/house. Nonetheless, every day I love to spend time with the one who gave me life and who created me in his image and likeness. “While faith makes all things possible…love makes all things easy.”[i] I start off my day by being thankful for both these gifts. Many times throughout the day, I may re-enter this room. I especially like to visit here at night just before I fall asleep to once again give thanks or to pray for those in my life in need of prayer including myself. It is in this room that I become fully alive. In our local newspaper I have read many of Karen Toole-Mitchell’s articles, which I discovered on the faith page. She has a Masters of Divinity degree. She was previously self-employed in Soul Seasons, a counseling and consulting partnership. In one of her articles subtitled “Fully Alive” Toole-Mitchell states that she has observed that some people live normal lives in extraordinary ways. In doing so, she feels that they live divinely inspired lives because they have explored their spiritual roots and have found the freedom to grow from this inspiration. Toole-Mitchell adds that because of this, these people take time to reflect on their lives and share what they have learned.

To share who we are and what we believe in means taking risks. I couldn’t agree more. To decide to step outside of our comfort zone and express ourselves more openly about our faith and spirituality creates a state of vulnerability. This is why I feel that it is a big decision to enter into this ordinary room and do extraordinary things! “For greatness after all, in spite of its name, appears to be not so much a certain size as a certain quality in human lives. It may be present in lives whose range is very small.”[ii]  I love this room because no matter how small and inadequate I may think I am, I feel God’s presence and accept His Will for me. Although, I come to this room daily, I cannot nor do I want to stay in any one of the four rooms all of the time. I would not accomplish much else in my life if I chose to do so. In this room, I have found my faith and learned the art and value of balancing my life and enjoying what each room has to offer. “Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than his own soul.”[iii]

To be continued…

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SOLACE — April 26, 2010 by Shirley Sarafinchan

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A WOMAN’S VOICE – My Sister’s Voice 

I dedicate “Solace” to all women who have been diagnosed with cancer and to those fortunate enough to have escaped this disease. 

It is ten years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and today I would like to share a wonderful experience I had while receiving my chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  

I awaken with a feeling of doom, today is my first chemotherapy treatment and even though I’ve been educated on what to expect I’m afraid!  I go about my normal routine of getting ready for work but it is not a work day.  I shower and dress and remember not to use lotions that have a strong scent and no hair spray or perfume, I dress casually.  This will be the first of six treatments.  We arrive at the Cross Cancer Clinic and I check in with my new Cancer Clinic ID card.  The receptionist hands me a pink paper with instructions to go directly to the lab for my blood test.  I look around the waiting room and see other patients and family members and I try to relax.  It’s a quiet place with no hurrying or scurrying, just calm. 

My lab tests are in and I wait patiently to see my Oncologist.  My treatment will begin as scheduled, my blood count is okay.  I’m directed to Unit 1 and instructed to sit in a lounge chair.  A nurse comes to see me and informs me the lab technician will be with me shortly.  I’m told I will receive the FAC chemotherapy, a large bottle of red liquid and another of clear liquid.  I will also receive a drug called “Zophran” a steroid to help minimize the nausea. I sit calmly holding my breath as the technician inserts the IV needle into a vein in my right hand but the vein collapses so she must try again.  The second attempt works and the drip begins.  I’m told this procedure will take approximately three to four hours.  A kidney basin and box of Kleenex are placed on a small table beside me, just in case. 

My hair has been cut short and I’m wearing a skull cap to keep my head warm, it is December 22nd, 1999. 

My appointment was 8:00 AM and now over five hours later my first chemo is behind me and I’m heading home. I have two steroid prescriptions I will need to ease the nausea for the next few days.  As planned I will sleep in the bedroom located off of our family room and close to the washroom.  The bedroom is the darkest room in the house and also very quiet and I’m feeling very sleepy. 

My body is numb and my head aches so I draw the blankets over my head and I try to sleep, my stomach is churning and I pray……… 

My wonderful experience begins that day as I huddle under the blankets and continues throughout my chemotherapy and radiation treatments and I call it “Solace”.

I was alone on the days following my treatments and I recall how quiet it was.  No music, TV, phone ringing or computer humming just quiet…. If I wasn’t in bed I was curled up on the couch in the living room.  It was during this time I listened to “God” and slowly day by day my fears turned to trust and hope and then to “Solace”.  How beautiful to have this special time alone with “God” who loves us and gathers us into his arms to comfort and reassure us.  It wasn’t easy, some days were pretty difficult but the gift of “solace” carried me through not only my chemotherapy but also my twenty-five radiation treatments, severe radiation burns and my recovery over the next two years.

I find “solace” in my life today and when things are difficult I remember “God’s” gentle touch as his arms enfold me and I feel safe…………

We are never alone.  He is always close by…. We just have to open our arms to receive his embrace…………

Thank-you Shirley!

Shirley is married to Ken and lives in Edmonton, Alberta.  She is employed full time by Building Products of Canada Corp.  as an Executive Administrative Assistant/HR Cooridinator.  She enjoys her blended family of four children and several grandchildren.   

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Guest Writer – Monday, May 3, 2010 Louise Gauthier — MY MUSINGS

SAVOUR THE FLAVOUR — March 6, 2010 by Dolores Ayotte



“The wisest…keeps something of the vision of a child. Though he may think a thousand things that a child could not understand, he is always a beginner, close to the original meaning of life.”  (John Macy)



Isn’t it hard to believe that Christmas is over once again?  Two months have flown by so quickly, yet the true spirit of Christmas lives on.  I received a lovely Christmas present from a gentleman in his mid seventies whom I hardly know.  He is actually a dear and long time friend of my sister.

I am a fairly new TWG member (summer 2009) and I am also a new author (spring 2009).  I feel that a great gift has been bestowed upon me at this later stage in my life in what I refer to as the beginning of my twilight years.   After completion of my first book I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay, I found such wonderful support from my husband, my family and my friends.  This, too, felt like a generous gift which created that Christmas feeling all year long.

The gentleman I mentioned earlier became a fan of mine shortly after he read my first book.  On completion of reading it, he demonstrated a keen desire to read more.  He eagerly accepted to read the manuscript for my second book.  Are you like me?  Do you like immediate feedback?  Do you patiently wait to hear or read the reactions of others to what you have so carefully written?  Our words are so important to us because they are an expression of our innermost self that we are choosing to share with others.  This choice involves risk.  I feel I show my faith the most when I am prepared to take that risk.  By choosing to share my words with you today I am taking a small step in my life journey in order to grow in faith.

On Christmas Eve, shortly before my sister’s friend was to attend Midnight Mass, he gave me the most incredible Christmas gift.  I had sent him my second manuscript a few weeks earlier and was waiting patiently to get some feedback.  He wrote that he was reading the chapter titled God’s Wife and he was so moved by it that he decided to immediately e-mail me.  He mentioned that he was reading my manuscript much like he was enjoying Christmas candy.  He was reading slowly to better absorb and digest my words and their meaning. He said that he was enjoying what I had written in the way that I meant it to be read, slowly, very slowly, one chapter at a time to “savour the flavour”.

I think that is an excellent expression to describe the Christmas Season.  The true meaning of Christmas is meant to be savoured all year long because it is the gift that keeps on giving.  Savour the flavour…hmmm, hmmm good or should I say hmmm, hmmm, God?   What wonderful gifts God has in store for us all!

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