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Book Reviews ~ Tell the Enemy to Scat

Christine HornbackTell the Enemy to Scat! by Author Christine Hornback (Kindle Edition)

“Tell the Enemy to Scat” by Author Christine Hornback is a short, true story that packs a powerful punch! Christine and her husband have remained childless for almost twenty years when she hears “the still small voice” that tells her she is expecting a baby. They are overjoyed to say the least, but then, she is plagued for the first five months of her pregnacy with the possibility of losing this long awaited child. She hears the words from within and is inspired to “tell the enemy to scat” so she can carry out her pregnancy to full term. The glorious birth of her first son ensues. Christine’s faith and prayers have been rewarded but…she believes she is meant to have children…not only one child. Therefore, at 40 years old, she trusts in the Lord for the miracle of a second child . After more trials and tribulations, once again, “the still small voice” is there for her and she gives birth to a second son!

In her book, Christine Hornback openly shares her struggles and disappointments. She eventually takes off her mask and shows her despair to those around her as they reach out in prayer to help her during this difficult time. In the end, her belief and faith in God and the fact that He is true to His Word…wins out! Christine’s book is an inspiration to others as she coaches them to not give up their dreams, no matter the obstacles, so that they, too, can be triumphant!
Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


BOOK REVIEW ~ It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily ~ October 3, 2011by Dolores Ayotte

It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily is a wonderful daily devotional written by author Shawn Boreta.  Shawn has chosen to share her spirituality and gift with her readers. She shares her intimate relationship with God in order to help others know a better way so that they too may find the joy, peace, and comfort that she has found.

Shawn’s devotional is full of applicable biblical quotes that reach out to people in a warm and comforting way. She has chosen to live one day at a time and her words of inspiration encourage others to do so as well. Every morning I sat quietly in my rocking chair as I read Shawn’s peaceful and encouraging words. Yes…peaceful is the word that is best used to describe the feeling I attained after these early morning encounters with It’s All About Me – Giving Thanks Daily. 

Shawn states at the bottom of each page “Your journey to daily gratitude begins with your decision to find something good in every situation”. Shawn knows exactly what she’s talking about because we have so much to be grateful for and it’s good to be gently reminded of this fact.  Her daily devotional has been a great inspiration to me and her honesty and openness are a great gift to us all.

To learn more about Shawn, please visit her FB author’s page.


BLOG HOPPING DAY ~ “Above All Else” by Desiray Lewis ~ February 2, 2011

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Over the last several months, I have been very inspired by my dear friend, Desiray Lewis.  Over and over again as I read her daily blogs I am touched by her spiritualism, her forthrightness and her down-to-earth attitude.  Everyday Desiray has a special theme when she takes the time to share her thoughts and prayers with her readers.

Today, I would like to share ABOVE ALL ELSE with you. I found it most enjoyable and hopefully you will too. Blessings to each and every one of you.  

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