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Book Reviews ~ The Lost Wife

Alyson RichmanThe Lost Wife by Author Alyson Richman

Many years ago as a young girl I had the opportunity to read “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Over time, I have read many books pertaining to the atrocities that were committed against the Jewish people during the reign of terror by Hitler and his cohorts during this unforgettable era in history. Each and every time I do so, I am moved to tears as I can so vividly picture the images portrayed and the cruelties inflicted. I am once again touched by such a tale. In this eloquent and heart wrenching story penned by seasoned Author Alyson Richman, her writing is laced with so many truths and well-researched facts to authenticate her realistic love story during this troubling time.

Her words have touched my heart in a most memorable way as she shares the captivating tale of two newlyweds, Josef and Lenka, who are torn apart by their unimaginable circumstances. Each presumes that the other is dead. They eventually give up hope because they have been informed by the authorities that their loved one has perished…one at sea and the other in a concentration camp with her family. Eventually, they make every effort to go on with their lives. They marry, have children and now grandchildren. However, their paths are about to cross in the most unexpected way. The love that they shared is unique…and after all these years to find each other again is nothing short of miraculous. This intriguing fictional novel starts at the end of Josef and Lenka’s lives when in old age they rediscover each other at the wedding of their grandchildren.

Subsequently…the reality of their situation unfolds as Author Alyson Richman takes us back in time as both Josef and Lenka share their past lives and vividly recall the people they encountered along the way. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a word of their incredible journeys! I received a copy of this book from a dear friend of mine. I am ever so grateful that she shared it with me.

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