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MEMORY LANE ~A Simple Faith ~ October 8, 2011 by Susan Earl


A long time ago, I made a decision to become a “Christian”. To me it seemed a simple step. I was only ten; all I had to do was what I saw many others before me do. I would walk down the aisle of our church, talk to the pastor, and declare that today I was saved. I had a simple faith, the belief of a child. My belief was innate. God was and always had been God. An omnipresent part of my every day world. I didn’t question how or why the stars were in the sky. I just knew and believed that God placed them there to sparkle beautifully just for me.

From the time I was born, I attended church on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday evenings. God lived at church and he always came home with me each time I left the church building. I knew I carried God in my heart. It had to be true because every Sunday we sang “Into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart Lord Jesus”.  I believed those words with the fierce belief of a child, never wavering in the “shadows of doubt”.

My life was by no means perfect, and I was by no means perfect. Many of my life’s experiences should have shaken my faith; my belief in God’s unfailing love. Yet, even through the darkest parts of my life, I always knew; always felt, God’s presence surrounding me and guiding me to make the “right” choices.  I only needed to wait upon that still, quiet voice whispering within me. Sometimes I chose to shut out the voice, and I would stumble frequently. Nevertheless, God’s loving presence would still be there, helping me pick up the pieces and begin again.

Throughout the years, I’ve heard testimonies from friends, co-workers, and even strangers who declare they have never heard the word of God, nor set foot in a church. Some are hungry to hear about God, while others turn a deaf ear to the word. I know I’m one of the lucky few because my faith stems from a firm foundation: my mother and her sisters. My mom kept us actively engaged in church, as well as through her music.  She wrote many songs that carried the message of God’s love to all who heard them. Although she spoke at many meetings, I believe God’s gift in her life was writing songs of inspiration. She and her sisters traveled to many places together and each in their own way shared God’s love with all they met.

My mother’s gift of writing has also been gifted to me. It is my hope, my prayer that through my words on the page of a book, those in need of healing, of knowing God, will be drawn into his fold. My desire is that as others read my novel, they will come to understand that God has always been beside them throughout their whole life, just waiting for them to stop and listen to that still, soft voice. And I pray that they too will accept Christ with the simple belief and faith of a child.

One last thought before I go. I’d like to share a special memory I have regarding one of my mom’s songs.  Her first album (yes, album in those days!) was released when my daughter was two. She heard the songs almost every day and sang along with her Gramma’s record. Around the time she turned six, as she was playing happily with her friends on the playground, she suddenly rushed over to me, her arms folded irately, and declared, “C. told me there’s no such thing as a rainbow of love!”  I assured her there was, and she stated, “I knew I was right!”  Then she charged back to her friends and “straightened” them out.

This example only illustrates the simple faith and belief a child has that God is covering them with his covenant, his rainbow of love. I’d like to share just a verse from my mom’s song “Covenant of Love”.

“God’s love is so wonderful, his peace so serene, I walk in green pastures, I drink in his stream. A river that’s flowing with his grace from above, I’m covered in his rainbow of love. The rainbows of promise God gave to man, he called it his covenant that would forever stand. When I see a rainbow in the clouds up above, then I know that I’m covered in his rainbow of love.”

                                                 ~ Nita Owen ©1982

As Christians we are commanded to “Go forth and spread the good news”. I hope I have accomplished this, and that today you have felt God’s love through the power of the written word.

Blessings to all,

Susan K. Earl, author of Moon Dance ~ a novel

Thank you so much Susan for sharing such an inspirational story with us.

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MIRACLE MONDAY ~ MOON DANCE (a novel) ~ Book Review ~ March 28, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Title: Moon Dance  ~ a novel (321 pages)

Author: Susan Earl

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel, Moon Dance, by Author Susan Earl.  It is very easy to discern that Susan is passionate about her relationship with God as she so skillfully intertwines her own values in her novel about Maggie and Joe.

The story takes place in Texas during the Great Depression yet despite the poverty and hardship that so many people endured; Maggie and Joe manage to find love and romance. Although, the main plot of Moon Dance revolves around the love they share, there are many other delightful characters that enhance the story line. There is much sadness and sorrow that is also addressed in this well-written, descriptive novel, but the faith of the family and the love that they all share manages to bring it to a happy conclusion. This book grabbed my attention right from the onset and I enjoyed it immensely.

Susan K. Earl grew up in a small town deep in the heart of East Texas. Her writing often reflects her roots, where good-hearted folks left a lasting impression on her life.

She has been blessed with a large, loving family, has been an educator for twenty-five years, and lives in Central Texas with her husband, her cat, and her dog.

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