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Book Reviews ~ Apollo Road

Cliff RobertsApollo Road by Author Cliff Roberts

Yikes…where to I start? In this macabre murder mystery, very little is left to the imagination. Protagonist Clint/Jake has been carefully selected and stalked by psychopath Bill Connelly…definitely not his real name. He methodically and emotionally kidnaps Jake. Clint’s new name is Jacob Keys and an untraceable identity is provided for him by his new best friend and potential partner in crime.

Bill has an agenda…Jake is his protégé. The message is extremely clear and very succinct…co-operate or else. Clint/Jake is in a total state of confusion and utter despair. Disabled and relatively new to Florida, he finds himself in a fine kettle of fish. Now unemployed and virtually penniless, his wife is starting divorce proceedings and has been carrying on behind his back for the last four years. How does he know this…because Bill has been stalking her as well! In fact, the blame game started with her and led to his obsession with Jake. He’s bugged their house, he’s bugged their car…and there is not a word or privately shared moment that has taken place between this soon-to-be divorced couple in the last four years. Every word and every action has been heard or witnessed by this self-proclaimed man of justice.

Bill has now taken Jake under his wing and is determined to avenge the mistreatment that has taken place in Jake’s life. Bill has adeptly and calculatedly taken on this role in his life and Jake is at a total loss as to what to do about it. Grin and bear it comes to his mind but then the master plan unfolds bigtime and he is caught up in a sinister plot. Expect the unexpected as the twists and turns take the reader on a well-written and suspenseful roller coaster ride with Bill at the helm calling all the shots until…

I really enjoy Author Cliff Roberts’ style of writing. As he pens this mystery thriller in the first person, he manages to get his reading audience right into the head of the main character. It is a unique method of getting in touch with Jake’s every thought, emotion, and vicariously experiencing his psychological and moral warfare. I had a tough time putting this novel down. I did not want to miss a word of it. It grabbed my attention from start to finish and left me wanting more. Riveting!

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