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Book Reviews ~ A Woman’s Voice – Inspirational Short Stories

“A Woman’s Voice – Volume 1” by Dolores Ayotte is a beautiful book by a remarkable writer and inspiring woman. The book is a selection of personal anecdotes by the author, enriched with philosophical quotes by her and others and with additional meditative questions for the reader to reflect upon her thoughts.

Ayotte is a strong believer in God and Christianity, yet her writings have relevance to any person regardless of faith. Her pointers are inspired by real life and common sense as much as they are from her faith in God and love. As a matter of fact some of the pieces reminded me even of a book I recently read that came from a Buddhist / Tao angle.

Her positive and upbeat attitude shines through the pages and for me it represents the best of Christian teachings. It is not judgemental, respectful and is written for you to reflect upon your life and its path, trying to help you find confidence and love.

The author uses her life experience to teach us what she learned about love, communication in relationship, about the choices we make in life and the connections she sees in the world that make Gods Great Picture.

This is a heart felt book that contains much wisdom and inspiration. Probably best read in small portions so that you can use the advice of the author and reflect on to the individual pieces for longer. Enjoyable with lots of food for thought.

by Author & Book Reviewer Christoph Fischer


Book Reviews ~ The Luck of the Weissensteiners

ChristophImmediately after reading the book description of this fictional novel, I very much wanted to read the book in its entirety. I realize that “The Luck of the Weissensteiners” by talented Author Christoph Fischer is classified as a fictional novel but words can barely describe how much more it is than that…his style of writing is seasoned, well-researched, captivating, and true-to-life. It brings back memories of my first encounter as a young school girl with the heart wrenching plight of the Jewish people when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

Author Christoph Fischer has such an incredible gift. He is able to quietly and softly bring his reading audience into the lives of his characters and touch their hearts in a memorable and profound way. In 1933, Greta with her kind and gentle manner accepts Wilhelm’s offer of marriage after she becomes with child. At the onset of their relationship, he is smitten with her as she visits the book store where he is employed. He persistently pursues this beautiful, intelligent, young Jewish woman with unabashed veracity. She is also aware of this handsome, blond, German man who has definitely piqued her curiosity and eventually succumbs to his amorous advances.

After their quick marriage, she stoically adapts to a life on the farm which she has never before experienced. She makes every effort to fit in with Wilhelm’s immediate family as well as be at the mercy of the often times harsh and cold reception of his extended family, Johanna and Benedikt. Wilhelm soon finds himself in the midst of emotional turmoil. He is married to a Jewish woman who has given him an Aryan looking, golden headed boy just like himself. With the rise of Hitler and anti-Semitism, he feels his half Jewish son, three year old Karl, is no longer safe in Bratislava. Greta is now pregnant again and Wilhelm’s first reaction is to protect his little family and leave this unsettling situation. It’s sad to say that Wilhelm eventually buys into some of the anti-Jewish propaganda and starts to believe in their faulty genetic makeup. With the help and persuasion of Johanna, he decides to do the unthinkable…

Greta, on the other hand, faces the challenges she is now confronted with in her usual honourable, stoic, and admirable manner. Many unexpected twists and turns take place in the lives of the Weissensteiners as their “luck” continues to protect them and keep them safe from Jewish deportation. Johanna’s previously hard and cold heart is in the process of being thawed as she experiences the gentleness of Jonah…Greta’s father. Johanna is drawn to the love and acceptance she encounters in the midst of this forgiving, loving, and embracing family. In many ways, Johanna now desires far more to emulate this devoted family rather than shun them like she has in the past. Much to her surprise and confusion, this reaction is an unexpected and unprecedented change of heart. It is very apparent that the Weissensteiners have the ability to touch many hearts including the Countess and her friends…

This touching novel has certainly left its mark on me. Early in the morning…I eagerly rose to read a few more chapters before I started my day. In the evening before bed time, I engaged in the same activity with not wanting to miss a word in this captivating epic story with plenty of historical facts and authenticity to make every word penned remarkably believable and enticing. I was so expertly drawn into the story line in this incredible novel that I felt mesmerized by the cast of characters depicted…how their lives were intertwined and how their stories unfolded. This historical novel is such a wonderful and enjoyable read. Thank you to Author Christoph Fischer for sharing his talent with all of us! Simply put…I loved this book!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

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