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Book Reviews ~ I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay

Marriage, money, wise life decisions: Author Dolores Ayotte has written an amazing book that needs to be read by young and old alike. Every couple looking to get married should read this book! She brings to the forefront some “old fashioned” methods on how to make a life together thoroughly enjoyable, richly rewarding and solid. Her stories about her and her husband’s life prove it out and show how it’s done.

Dolores also very candidly tells her story of struggles with guilt and depression and other of life’s obstacles and how she overcame them. In this book she shares 13 major keys to living a happy satisfied life, being a benefit to one’s own self as well as to others.

I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay is a delightful read, as well as a book full of hefty life changing wisdom on many levels.

by Author Carolyn Molica


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