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Book Reviews ~ How Did We Become Angry? (Lamb Ministries 7×7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse Book 1)

PaulaHow Did We Become Angry? (Lamb Ministries 7×7: Biblical Recovery for Women Suffering from Trauma & Abuse Book 1)

Author Paula Rose Michelson is determined to leave an imprint on this chaotic world we call home and she is doing an admirable job of it. She is a devoted woman with vision who has touched many a life with each and every inspirational word that she pens. She is adept at listening to and sharing the inner voice that she so clearly hears.

Author Paula Rose Michelson speaks from the voice of experience and has every desire to reach out and minister to others so that they too may bask in the glory of the Messiah (Christ). She has said “yes” to her calling and eloquently shares her gift in both her fictional and non-fictional works. As she writes on forgiveness, she gently reminds us, “…following Messiah’s (Jesus) model we know that only through confession is redemption realized.” To be sure, Author Paula Michelson has a mission in life as both a Life Coach and a Devotional Author, and she gives all the glory to God.”

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ The Old Farmhouse ~ August 31, 2011 by Shirley Sarafinchan

My Sister’s Voice 

This poem was originally written on April 30th, 1981 about an old farmhouse that was once home to a family but some time later I associated it with abused women. In essence, it reminded me of women who strive so very hard to make homes for their families.  No matter how hard they try, they are worn down and battered.  Finally they have the opportunity and the strength to stand up for their rights and to free themselves from their bondage to at last find the peace and solace that they so richly deserve.  The old farmhouse is a symbol of a refuge for abused women.


Amid the fields it stands so alone, so serene, so peaceful, yet filled with an emptiness all its own, this old farmhouse that was once called home.

Its shingles torn and tattered, windows scarce of glass, doors hanging by a single hinge alas this old farmhouse so battered.

What secrets dare to lie within its walls, love, laughter, fun and joy, echoes of little children running down the halls, tears, sorrow and pain for loved ones lost.

Music must have filled the nights with sounds of crickets and birds in flight, the sweet scent of the prairie harvest and wild flowers a pleasant sight.

The tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread reaching every corner of the old farmhouse and early morning sunrises filling each room full of light, the warmth from the wood stove soon to spread. 

Memories fill this old farmhouse, nothing more is really left but, it has served its purpose in this life and now alone, it can be at rest.

Thank you Shirley.

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