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Book Reviews ~ Positive Thinking (Discover the Magic of Positive Thinking)

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Frank MullaniPositive Thinking ~ Discover the Magic of Positive Thinking by Author Frank Mullani

What a wonderful motivational book! It is definitely one that I can relate too as I am an inspirational/self-help author myself and I found the tips in this book on positive thinking most helpful.

Author Frank Mullani goes to great lengths to stress the power of the subconscious mind and the importance of retraining it to have positive thoughts and end goals. He believes it is necessary to learn new habits in order to bring a more positive approach into the conscious mind. We have all been negatively affected to varying degrees by our past and are constantly influenced by this negative frame of reference. In order to bring about the desired change, it is a good habit to get past our possible negative self-image. In doing so, we must dig deeper than the surface/conscious level to bring about true and lasting positive changes in our lives.

This gifted author provides numerous suggestions and tips on how best to conquer and overcome these past negative influences in order to have a full and rewarding life based on positive thoughts and experiences. He touts the benefits of meditation, visualization, and setting positive goals. I like his idea of initially taking small steps in order to achieve our goals and then going from there to achieve even bigger ones. He states that good ideas come to mind long before the dream is realized. There are many thought provoking ideas in this easy-to-read handbook. Good stuff!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


Book Reviews ~ End Result (Hero Series #2)

Mel ComleyEnd Result (Hero Series #2) by Author M. A. Comley

I have only read one previous novel Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book #7) by seasoned Author M. A. Comley and I am delighted to have the opportunity to read another one of her intriguing mysteries. In this new series, the Prologue to “End Results” grabbed my attention right from the onset. The unexplained murder sets the pace for what is yet to come. Once I started reading this fictional crime novel, I had a tough time putting it down.

Moving on to Chapter One with the introduction of Hero Nelson, a supervisor for the Met Police Department, I was further drawn into the story line and the mysterious murder of Stu Daws. Garroted to death, the police seem to have little to go on but DI Nelson has the nose for crime solving. After the birth of his twin daughters Zoe and Zara, he is unable to take a leave of absence until he solves this crime. Julie his partner is distracted these days due to a personal crisis going on in her life but Hero Nelson forges ahead with his due diligence as he makes every effort to get to the bottom of this heinous crime. Now he has been informed of another death in his area…

DI Hero Nelson and partner DS Julie Shaw work in tandem along with the other copper members of their team to discover the connection between these two murders. It doesn’t take long for Hero to get to the realization that Cathy Daws is the common thread. He certainly has his suspicions that Daws’ wife Cathy is involved but she has a rock solid alibi to add to his frustration in solving this case. Regardless…he is relentless in pursuit of justice as he digs into the case to try to piece together the puzzle of clues in order to ferret out the murderer…or is it murderers? Only time will tell. He needs a break to crack this case wide open. Stan Foster might be able to help out there but…a third murder takes place. Once again, Cathy Daws has a “cast-iron” alibi. To add to Hero’s frustration, what can he do to help his twin sister Cara out of the fine fix she’s in, the one that could result in the end of her career?

I just love a good mystery and talented Author M. A. Comley has delivered just that. I realize that “End Result (Hero Series #2)” is the second book in this crime solving series but it is a stand alone novel and I never felt short changed by not reading the first one. Although, it does give me the itch to go back and do just that. However, I am going to revisit the first novel in the Justice Series. Today, I just downloaded a copy of Cruel Justice (Justice Series #1). I need another great mystery novel to read and this author sure knows how to deliver one!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte

Book Reviews ~ Unwilling Wife

ReneeUnwilling Wife by Author Renee Roszel

My book review of “Unwilling Wife” is going to be short and sweet just like the content of this fictional romance novel. Married couple, Gina and David Baron are headed for a divorce after ten years of marriage. Gina is soon turning thirty and is questioning her submissive role in her marriage to Physics Professor and would-be Dean at the Einstein University…that’s if David fulfills his ambitious dream. She can no longer live in the shadows of her husband as she decides to move away and pursue her own dream of writing a book. Gina leaves to take up residence in a lighthouse home she has inherited from her uncle just outside the town of Maryvale. David has agreed to a month separation so she can sort things out but he is totally dismayed when he receives divorce papers from her lawyer. David unexpectedly appears at her doorstep and then the fun begins…

Seasoned Author Renee Roszel spins a captivating tale as these two star-crossed lovers figure things out. She tastefully shows the steamy side of their relationship without going into excessive detail. I consider this romance novel to be both captivating and refreshing. It turned out to be a “feel good” book because that’s exactly the way I felt after reading the Epilogue at the end of it.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


Up The “Down” Ladder by Author Dolores Ayotte

Up The “Down” Ladder special promotion…now 99 cents for one week only!
May 9-16th.

…I’ve noticed something else in my travels. At times, the recollection of what happened to us to cause our depression can be skewed. It can build up in our minds as being much worse than what really occurred. It is only human to want to “pay back” others for what we think they did and for the grief that they caused.

If someone was really mean-spirited toward you and caused you nothing but grief, I repeat, the best way to “get even” is to “get better”. Remove your invisible “kick me” sign and don’t allow anyone to get the better of you. Stop… and I do mean stop allowing people to put you down. It seems to be a human flaw that if someone feels lousy, someone else will capitalize on it. I hope that you read me loud and clear on this matter because I can’t stress it enough. Work everyday at building up your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Make this the basis of your “new you” structure.


Blog Tour ~ Author Laura Davis

May Launch Banner 2014

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a former singer/songwriter who had a singing ministry for a little over 30 years. About 14 years ago a tumour was discovered in my abdomen and when the doctors took it out they accidentally ruptured my bladder without knowing it, sewed me up and sent me back to recovery. When I didn’t recover as expected, I was sent back in for emergency surgery. Somewhere in that time frame my vocal chords were damaged due to being intubated. Although I was assured that my voice would come back it never did and to make a long story short the Lord began a “new work in me” that ended with my first novel – Come to Me.

So you had a singing career and then a writing career – just like that?

Not really. Over a period of several months while I was recovering from my surgery, I struggled desperately to get my voice back. I went through a time of depression because I couldn’t understand why the Lord would allow my voice to be taken away after so many years of service. But during that time a story was beginning to form in my mind about the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother. I had the distinct impression from God that I was supposed to write about it, but I was so angry at losing my voice I ignored it because I wanted my voice back. Besides, I couldn’t see the end of the story, only the beginning. But, over time the desire to write became so strong that I could not ignore it. Until one day I went to my computer, placed my hands on the keyboard and said, “Okay, Lord. I surrender. Use my hands as you used my voice.” The next thing I knew the floodgates were opened and I didn’t stop typing until the story was complete.

But the Lord still had some more changes for you to come, didn’t He?

That’s for sure. About a year after my surgery, a fall down a flight of stairs left me partially disabled. In time, other problems set in, including arthritis. Then I was diagnosed with a disease called lipo-lymphedema, which affects my lymphatic system, which causes my legs to swell and requires me to keep them elevated all the time. I have to spend two hours every day in something called a lympha-press that massages my legs to get the lymphatic fluid moving. It is so important. Amen!

Which do you enjoy more – reading or writing?

Since singing is my first love I will say reading. While I love to write, sometimes the research can get overwhelming and my brain turns to mush. I would much rather escape through a good historical fiction.

What are your current projects?

I am currently running a Bible Study on Revelation at http://www.believersbiblestudy.com. For a short time all the notes for this study are free and available to download. When it is finished I will put it all together in a workbook. I am also working on another historical novel tentatively called Finding Claire.


lauradavis1Laura J. Davis is a former singer/songwriter turned full-time writer. She has had stories featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul Married Life and Chicken Soup for the Soul the Dating Game. Her first book, Come to Me, is a Reader’s Favorite award winner. In 2013, her Bible study, Learning from the Master, Living a Surrendered Life, was featured in BookFun Magazine as the non-fiction book of the month first place winner. Her latest book, He Who Has an Ear, is a look at who the seven churches of Revelation are today. Laura is currently featured in the Author’s Network latest book, 50 Great Authors You Should be Reading. She can be contacted through her website at http://www.laurajdavis.com. HE WHO HAS AN EAR2

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LauraJeanDavis
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LauraDavis
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/laurajeandavis
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/laurajeandavis

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Book Reviews ~ Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures by Author Louise Dupont

Louise Dupont

I very much enjoy reading true stories that hit close to home. Debut novel by Author Louise Dupont is one such story. Although inspired by a very sad event in the life of this talented author and devoted mother, Louise manages to draw from the tragic death of her son Andre in order to glean…not only the “hidden treasures” in his life…but in hers as well. Andre Dupont, overcome by depression committed suicide at the young age of twenty-one years of age. This once vibrant young man could no longer endure the personal pain he was experiencing and decided to take his own life.

As difficult as this choice may have been for Andre and his family, he managed to leave a wonderful legacy to those left behind. Louise Dupont, a mother who personally knew the debilitating effects of depression, chose to look for the “hidden treasures” in this unexpected and tragic death of her dear son. She has succeeded in penning a picture of Andre’s life and the positive influence he had on those who crossed his path. His adventurous personality and engaging smile certainly warmed the hearts of many as he touched their lives.

Now, through the gift of his mother’s book about his life, Andre continues to live on and impact even more lives. When sharing Andre’s story, Louise succeeds in narrowing the space between this life and the next by bridging the gap between the two worlds. Although, she may no longer see Andre face-to-face, their heartstrings remain forever bound by love. His life lives on through the fond memories and pictures so eloquently shared in “Hidden Treasures”. Louise has chosen to rise above her sorrow and see the blessing in knowing that her son no longer suffers. This thought manages to take the edge off her loss.

It takes a courageous person to share her story so honestly and openly. Author and mother, Louise Dupont has done just that. Kudos to her for opening her heart to others, not only in memory of her son Andre, but in much the same way as he did himself during his short life.


Book Reviews ~ The Shift

M A Ricks
The Shift by Author M. Ann Ricks

The Prologue to “The Shift” immediately grabs the attention of the reading audience and sets the pace for what is to follow. Xion is deep in dreamland as she experiences first hand, the persecution and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The vividness of the dream/nightmare is so very real that Xion feels like she is there in person witnessing this most life-altering event that so affected the entire world.

Veronica, Xion’s mother is somewhat estranged from both her daughter and her parents, Zeborah and her step-dad Richard. After graduating from college in New Jersey, Xion decides to remain there instead of returning to live with her mother. Xion has chosen to live closer to her grandparents in an effort to be part of a more normal family life. When Veronica receives a call from her daughter that she should come home and visit with her mother and step-father…the familiar, upsetting, emotional merry-go-round of feelings immediately starts to turn. She is not eager to face the demons of her past as she vividly recalls memories of unpleasant conversations with her mother. Veronica feels extremely inadequate and knows she has been a disappointment not only to her mother Zeborah, but to her daughter Xion as well.

As an only child, Veronica knows what she is required of her but…does she have the strength and courage to go back and face the music? Will she ever come home and be a real mom to Xion and a genuine daughter to her parents? Maybe then, both she and Xion would truly believe in the power of prayer and accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Both are reluctant as those around them continue to pray for this realization. Veronica thinks her past sins are unforgivable and Xion wants to discover her faith in her own way and on her own time schedule. But the dream continues to haunt her even during her awake moments….

Three generations of women…Zeborah, mother to Veronica….Veronica, mother to Xion, Xion, daughter and granddaughter to these two women with incredibly painful pasts. Each with memories and secrets they’d just as soon forget…some so deeply hidden…even unknown to themselves. Connected by blood and determined to be who they are, they are seemingly unaware of the unique presence of Cinque and Christophe and their endless guidance. All three women fighting both mental and spiritual warfare…so many secrets yet to unfold if they are to move forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ by embracing the truth that shall set them free. “The Shift” is about to take place when Officer Bo Pillar enters into Veronica’s life and Delia visits New Jersey to make her claim. Her visit changes it all…

Talented Author M. Ann Ricks has done it again! You will not want to miss a word of this incredible Christian romance novel with its many unpredictable twist and turns. She has managed to pen another captivating fictional novel filled with the supernatural presence of a loving God and His gift of salvation. This quote from the book packs a powerful punch… “God is changing the atmosphere and using His people to bring His plans to glorious fruition”. Yes indeed…that is exactly what He is doing!

Inspirational Author & Book Review ~ Dolores Ayotte


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Oh my gosh!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers Sargeant Joe Friday played by Jack Webb on the weekly television show Dragnet.  There has to be someone out there who remembers him besides me.  That show is so old and I know I’m dating myself here, but this famous quote that has been associated with Joe Friday resonates in my life today. 

We have recently gone through an emotional situation in my family. It’s wonderful to see how much we all care and how passionate we all are about what we “think” and “feel”.  We are what I consider to be a passionate lot. I guess when you are part of one family, you have no idea how other people operate within their own families. Perhaps when it comes to someone or something we love or care about, we are all passionate and operate much the same way. I have no idea if this holds true. Only you can tell me how you or your family handles a crisis situation. I hope you do by leaving a comment. 

If there is one thing I notice in life, not only in dealing with personal problems, the closer to home the situation is, the more emotional we become and as a result, the less objective.  Whether positive or negative, emotions can cloud our vision and hamper our judgment. We need our emotions.  They make us tick and are a vital part of our human nature. However, when we are very emotional about a situation, we can let them get the better of us.

At times, it is not only necessary but better to step back and let cooler heads prevail. This can be very tough to do in any situation but in a crisis situation it is essential to make a wise and informed decision. I agree with Sargeant Friday.  Sometimes, we need “just the facts” without the emotions riding rampant.  I’m taking Sargeant Friday’s words of advice to heart.  Oftentimes, I need to be reminded to go for a walk to clear my head and deal with “just the facts”.  What about you?  

By the way, I checked that famous quote out. Joe Friday really said “All we know are the facts, ma’am”.  It kind of morphed into “Just the facts, ma’ma…just the facts” over the years. As far as I’m concerned, as long as we deal with “just the facts”, we will make much wiser decisions.  However, it doesn’t hurt to check them out as well to ensure that they actually are the facts.  


Happy Birthday Red Clay and Roses!

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From one author recognizing the diligent efforts of another…Dolores

S.K. Nicholls

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the day that Red Clay and Roses went live for the whole world to see.

I want to express my appreciation to all of the people who gave me an opportunity to share this story. Thank you most sincerely for the decision to invest in me and the time you spent reading; perhaps reviewing, my work.

Tomorrow I will put on my lab coat and go to work on an assignment that will pay me more in eight hours than I have earned in sales on this book this year. Yes, nurses often earn more than writers. Does this mean my sales are bad? No, it means my earnings in nursing are better. Most of you know I stepped out of career nursing to write. “You must be crazy!” some people have said to me.

Though I can’t refute that I am crazy, what…

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Joie de vivre

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I’m honored to share this post by Kelly Quinn!

Writing From The Ashes

joie de  vivre Joie de vivre – Love of life

I enjoy meeting new people, and today I had the good fortune to meet a woman who was so full of life, it was contagious.

As I sat and listened to snippets of her life, I was in awe of how much this woman loved life, and how contented she was to be herself.  Many people I have met seem happy with their life, but I think this is the first time I have met someone whose happiness seems to flow from every pore.

For almost an hour she chatted about a wide range of topics.  Good things, bad things, fun things, tough things, but all of it was shared with such amazing spirit.  I have no idea of the woman’s age, although I know she is at least seventy (she looks decades younger), and her zest for living left me breathless.  Her…

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