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BOOK REVIEWS ~ I’m Not Perfect And It’s Okay (13 steps to a happier self)

BOOK REVIEW by Christian Author Laura Davi

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your easy chair and then read I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay, by author Dolores Ayotte. You will feel as if you have stepped into her home, while she talks to you about important things in life, that she has learned and wants to pass on to those who need a boost in the happiness department.Using a baker’s dozen as her template, Ayotte doles out sensible advice that anyone can use and put into practice. She shares from her heart and reveals her struggle with depression. Finding your way out of depression is hard for most people and Ayotte has taken that struggle and used it to glorify God through the lessons she learned while writing this book.With insight and humour, Ayotte shares with the reader these thirteen steps to a happier self. These are some of the lessons I learned through her wisdom.

1. Learning to love yourself
2. Listening to that inner voice
3. Choosing your friends wisely
4. Forgiveness – how to give it and receive it
5. Laughter – it is the best medicine
6. Memories – file the negative ones
7. Truth love – how to have a solid marriage
8. Silence – it may not always be golden
9. Finances – learning to live below your yearnings
10. The gift of wisdom
11. Reading between the lines
12. Passing on to others
13. Keeping Christ close

If you had a mother who shared her wisdom with you then you are blessed. If you did not have a relationship like that, then pick up I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay. You will be wonderfully blessed!

Posted by Laura Davis


BOOK  REVIEW by Christian Writer Janet Sketchley 

I love the cover design of this book – all these uniquely-marked balloons, all in different places but each adding to the scene.

Dolores Ayotte is a former teacher who loves finding ways to share what she’s learned. Her first book, I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay, is one of those ways, and in it Dolores reveals the lessons that helped her move out of a serious depression.I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay offers “thirteen steps to a happier self,” and they’re all simple, down-to-earth things that we somehow overlook when we’re in distress. Appropriately enough, the first step is learning to love: oneself, others and God.The author contends that without a healthy sense of self-worth we can’t find emotional healing. Indeed, why would we think we deserve it? If, she says, we can love ourselves as we are, we can then begin to change those things in us that we don’t like.Dolores speaks of relying on a quiet “inner voice” and it’s clear that this is no mystic “spirit guide” – it’s the Holy Spirit whispering into His child’s life. Healing is, after all, His specialty.

Other key themes in the book are simplicity, relationships, forgiveness, laughter, silence, money management (“live below your yearnings”), wisdom and communication.I wasn’t comfortable with the book’s reference to God as “him/her” although I’m aware that the Bible does attribute both paternal and maternal characteristics to our Creator. I did find the ingredients in this “Baker’s Dozen” recipe for a better life to be pleasant, helpful and encouraging.I’m Not Perfect and It’s Okay is an easy book to read, gentle on the spirit, that feels like a personal letter just for you. It includes many inspirational quotes that have encouraged the author over the years. The book comes with a code allowing free download of the text in audio format from the publisher.


BOOK REVIEW by Christian Author Donna Dawson

Canadian author Dolores Ayotte (www.doloresayotte.com) begins her 198-page book, I’m Not Perfect and It’s OK, with the declaration “I am no author”.  In a way, it sets the stage for a reviewer to bypass things on which she would otherwise make comment.  And this kind of self-analysis opens the door to the gems of wisdom in this book.  I am a suspense writer.  I like compact and fast-moving work.  Normally, I wouldn’t pull a book like this off the shelf.  Am I telling you I didn’t enjoy it?  By no means!  Ms. Ayotte’s book takes me back to a time when I sat at the large kitchen table, shelling peas alongside my siblings.  My mother was nearby, chatting about the things she learned from her mother.  Usually her hands were deep into dishwater or busy peeling, dicing or stirring something.

In her steady and methodic voice, she would rehearse the wisdom that, no doubt, traced back to her grandmother and beyond.  It is this steady, methodical voice that carries through I’m Not Perfect and It’s OK.  It’s this same kind of wisdom strewn through out the lines of each page.  And by the time I turned the last page, I was glad I had read the book. With her unique style of humour Ms. Ayotte shares lessons she has learned through life—lessons that have aided her in marriage, parenting and grand parenting.  Lessons in personal healing and in dealing with those around us.  This is a useful and practical book that I would recommend for those who tend to think that life has given them a raw deal.  It offers better ways to look at that raw deal and to rise above it.  I’m Not Perfect and It’s OK (Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, ISBN: 978-1-60604-781-1) can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Tate Publishing


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