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Book Reviews ~ The Shift

M A Ricks
The Shift by Author M. Ann Ricks

The Prologue to “The Shift” immediately grabs the attention of the reading audience and sets the pace for what is to follow. Xion is deep in dreamland as she experiences first hand, the persecution and death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The vividness of the dream/nightmare is so very real that Xion feels like she is there in person witnessing this most life-altering event that so affected the entire world.

Veronica, Xion’s mother is somewhat estranged from both her daughter and her parents, Zeborah and her step-dad Richard. After graduating from college in New Jersey, Xion decides to remain there instead of returning to live with her mother. Xion has chosen to live closer to her grandparents in an effort to be part of a more normal family life. When Veronica receives a call from her daughter that she should come home and visit with her mother and step-father…the familiar, upsetting, emotional merry-go-round of feelings immediately starts to turn. She is not eager to face the demons of her past as she vividly recalls memories of unpleasant conversations with her mother. Veronica feels extremely inadequate and knows she has been a disappointment not only to her mother Zeborah, but to her daughter Xion as well.

As an only child, Veronica knows what she is required of her but…does she have the strength and courage to go back and face the music? Will she ever come home and be a real mom to Xion and a genuine daughter to her parents? Maybe then, both she and Xion would truly believe in the power of prayer and accept Jesus Christ into their lives. Both are reluctant as those around them continue to pray for this realization. Veronica thinks her past sins are unforgivable and Xion wants to discover her faith in her own way and on her own time schedule. But the dream continues to haunt her even during her awake moments….

Three generations of women…Zeborah, mother to Veronica….Veronica, mother to Xion, Xion, daughter and granddaughter to these two women with incredibly painful pasts. Each with memories and secrets they’d just as soon forget…some so deeply hidden…even unknown to themselves. Connected by blood and determined to be who they are, they are seemingly unaware of the unique presence of Cinque and Christophe and their endless guidance. All three women fighting both mental and spiritual warfare…so many secrets yet to unfold if they are to move forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ by embracing the truth that shall set them free. “The Shift” is about to take place when Officer Bo Pillar enters into Veronica’s life and Delia visits New Jersey to make her claim. Her visit changes it all…

Talented Author M. Ann Ricks has done it again! You will not want to miss a word of this incredible Christian romance novel with its many unpredictable twist and turns. She has managed to pen another captivating fictional novel filled with the supernatural presence of a loving God and His gift of salvation. This quote from the book packs a powerful punch… “God is changing the atmosphere and using His people to bring His plans to glorious fruition”. Yes indeed…that is exactly what He is doing!

Inspirational Author & Book Review ~ Dolores Ayotte


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