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Book Reviews ~ Marriage Takes Three


Marriage Takes Three by Author G.E. Hamlin

I feel the need to admit that I am a romantic and if there’s one thing I enjoy it is a love story. Secondly, I enjoy the story even more so if it rings true! Fiction or non-fiction, credibility and authenticity go a long way with me. Debut novel “Marriage Takes Three” by talented Author G.E. Hamlin offers both.

Darla and Randall have a tumultuous marriage. After seventeen years, it appears that their relationship is coming to an end. Randall, a recovering alcoholic with close to two years of sobriety under his belt, loves his wife and has every desire for his marriage work. After joining AA and then finding his faith, Randall is striving to be a better husband to Darla and father to teenaged son, Paul. However, Randall is not Darla’s first love. High school boyfriend, Jack Collins is determined to make his past claim on Darla as one of his top priorities. Better known as successful country western singer, J.J. Collins, he is making advances on Darla and causing much friction in Darla’s unstable and already stressful marriage to Randall. Presently, she is managing to fight off the temptation to give into Jack’s persistence in pursuing her but…

Darla, on the other hand, has a dark and deeply hidden secret. Paul’s surprise discovery is a shock. The unknown is about to be revealed and is destined to upset the already wobbly apple cart. Can her marriage survive this revelation and worse yet…does she really want it to?

If there is one quote that deeply touched me in this fictional love story, it is this…“Righteous anger is good. The other kind is like taking poison and expecting it to kill the other person.” At last, Randall decides to take back the power in his marriage and refuses to be a victim…he makes a very profound and life altering decision. The other man, namely Jack Collins, no longer has a place in his marriage to Darla. Randall makes a conscious choice that, yes indeed…“Marriage Takes Three” and that third person is God. A God-centered marriage is definitely what his marriage requires to survive. With the help of long time friends Lonnie and Vicki, Darla might just agree…

Another image that will forever stick in my mind in this captivating novel is the description of the picture of Jesus that Randall notices hanging on the wall behind Pastor Bill’s desk. The artist depicts a “laughing Jesus”. All the pictures I have ever seen of Jesus are serious ones. However, in my mind’s eye, a laughing Jesus is exactly what I envision! I thank gifted Author G.E. Hamlin for sharing her view of Jesus this way. How refreshing!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.



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  1. Dolores, thanks for this interesting review. My take from it is that this book offers a fascinating story that explores the dynamics of temptation, relational struggles, and hope, and what I suspect (and personally hope, since you wisely don’t give the spoiler!) may turn out to be a solid reconciliation and redemption. 🙂

    That “Righteous anger …” quotation is excellent.

    Someone gave me a poster-sized copy of a B/W line drawing of The Laughing Jesus in the mid 70s. I don’t have it now. However, many people remarked on it, for they’d never thought of Jesus in that way before.

    • Hi Peter…it’s always so wonderful to hear from you. Your words are so preciously chosen and I delight in the fact that you take the time to share them. It’s neat to hear that you had a “laughing” picture of Jesus all those years ago before I ever even heard that such an image of Him existed. It is very refreshing and I wish I had been exposed to this side of Jesus at that time as well. Take care dear friend and thank you once again for blessing my life. Dolores

    • Ginny Hamlin said,


      Thank you for your thoughtful comment on Dolores’ review of my debut novel. I believe that you will be drawn into the story just as others have experienced. I am looking forward to hearing if the expectation rings true. May you be blessed when you read “Marriage Takes Three”.

  2. N. M. Thomas said,

    I loved the review, thank you for sharing 🙂 I can’t wait to read the book!

  3. Ginny Hamlin said,


    I am happy your reading experience was palpable. Only through prayer and chats with Christ did the words come together, so readers could have the experience of standing in the midst of the characters as the story played out. I have been blessed by God to have done so with “Marriage Take Three”.

    I want to thank you for sharing your review of my debut novel here at “A Woman’s Voice”. You have provided an opportunity for others to hear about Randall and Darla’s plight, and how they too can benefit from God’s loving nature.

    God bless.

    • Ginny…it’s my pleasure to feature you on “A Woman’s Voice”. I wish you every success with your debut novel “Marriage Takes Three”. I am sure the content will touch many people’s lives and help clarify what it takes for a marriage to survive.
      God bless you & yours,

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