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Book Reviews ~ The Colors of Blue

The Colors of Blue by Author Lance McCulloch

Are you a romantic? Do you believe in second chances at true love? Talented Author Lance McCulloch does a wonderful job in his debut novel “The Colors of Blue” by tapping into the possibilities of love at first sight and the intriguing consequences of taking a second chance with love.

The protagonist in this well-written fictional novel is Sarah Field. She has been endowed with a very unique and powerful gift…she sees the world in colors. This gift is very evident in her younger years but as time and life progresses, she is no longer as tuned in to this once enjoyable and inexplicable ability. As an adult…surrounded by the stresses of life…it seems that she is unable to tap into this powerful sixth sense. Sarah has so adeptly used it in the past, not only to assess her personal situation, but also to get a better understanding of the people who cross her path. As a gifted teacher, she now manages to see colors once again in her daily dealings with the young children she loves so dearly in her class. However, her joy is soon to be shattered on more than one front. Due to budget cuts and shortly after her break up with fiancé Greg Watkins, she no longer has the bright future that was once a part of her dreams. Much to Sarah’s dismay…shortly before her job loss, she catches Greg in a clandestine tryst with another woman and cancels their upcoming marriage which further adds to her financial worries and concerns for the future…

Sarah is the younger sibling of Rachael who is about to be married. After an unfortunate automobile accident that took the lives of both parents, these two sisters enjoy a deep love for each other and an understandable protective bond. While on a pre-marriage getaway at a lovely remote ranch by the name of Tres Piedras situated in the mountains near Durango, Colorado, Sarah has the opportunity to meet Rick Wheeler. She mistakenly takes him for a tour guide and he makes no effort to correct this assumption. Rick has an incredibly sad story of his own. Sarah and Rick connect on an almost ethereal level which is beyond both of their understanding. Ex-fiancé Greg, who is also attending this prenuptial gathering because he is a friend of the groom’s family, makes every effort to destroy what he sees developing between Rick and Sarah. Will he succeed?

Now the colors are back in full force as Sarah deals with this new attraction to Rick and the mixed emotions that ensue…true love is definitely the color of blue. As so eloquently stated in this captivating love story…”if you’re going to love, be sure to love with every ounce of your heart.”

In “Colors of Blue” it is as if a banquet was prepared before me and I had the good fortunate to feast upon every word. The vivid descriptions of Tres Piedras and the surrounding area….the true love story…the concept of the gift of colors…and the hope of life’s perfect gift of hope and love…what more can a reader ask for when reading a book? Delightful debut novel by Author Lance McCulloch! I look forward for more to come.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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