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Book Reviews ~ Pebbles (different faces of life)

Pebbles by Author Madhu Kalyan and Gunjan Vyes

First of all, I love the cover of this book. It very much suits the contents of this lovely and thought-provoking book. “Pebbles” is a wonderful compilation of short stories which is sure to tug at the reader’s heartstrings. They certainly tugged at mine. Each one is a separate story sharing a personal experience, some true…some fictional, and how each affected the writer’s life. For example, The Imperfect Father”, is the story of a college student by the name of Moksha who has been raised by a deaf and dumb father, Das. When he goes with her for a parent teacher interview, he handles himself very well. However, a fellow female student of his daughter, decides to shame her while mocking him and his physical disabilities. The next day when Moksha returns to school she is ganged up on and humiliated by several other students. She cannot handle the pain and decides to commit suicide. You will not want to miss this heart wrenching story to discover for yourself if she succeeds in taking her own life or not and the devastating consequences of her actions. Moksha soon realizes “No one is perfect in this world and the one that accepts his weaknesses with grace and courage is a true hero.”

There are several more stories just wanting to reach out and grab at your heartstrings. I was very moved by the true love story between Fatima and Steve. I can vividly picture Fatima sitting on the bench in the park patiently waiting for Steve’s return…the love of her life…the one and only as there could never be another. And then, there is Ramu…a young boy of approximately ten years old and the conversation he has in the hospital with a perfect stranger. His sister has cancer and he has no idea what cancer is and the life threatening danger it poses. His innocence will bring tears to your eyes.

I could go on and on and tell the gist of each story but it would be pointless to describe each one in detail and the affect they had on me because that would steal from your own enjoyment of reading each of them for yourself. I can only recommend and strongly suggest that you read this little gem of a book with all its captivating short stories and find your own pleasure in their messages. I am sure they will touch your heart in much the same way they have touched mine.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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