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Book Reviews ~ I Will Fly

“I Will Fly” is a colorful little book for the early reader. Its story revolves around the life of a little fish by the name of Joel who lives in a northern lake with his other fish friends. His closest friend is Hosea, who very much admires and respects Joel’s determination to experiment in trying new things.

Joel enjoys his life as a fish but he has the aspiration to fly like the birds he sees soaring in the blue sky above the lake where he resides. He is determined to sprout wings and take to air himself one day just like these lovely birds. The other fish find him somewhat unique in this quest but Hosea has faith in him. One day Joel manages to grow wings and soon shoots out of the water and soars high in the sky. Joel quickly discovers that he runs out of air and must return to his lake home which is better suited for a fish like him.

His friends are definitely impressed with his new skill but Joel is now content with his own life. He has shown his friends that dreams can come true. However, he also realizes the benefits of having wings as well as being satisfied with who he is…a fish who survives much better in water where he can freely breathe.

Talented children’s Author Elan Ezra has penned yet another book containing many learning opportunities for young children. It’s okay to be different…dreams can come true…and it is great to realize that we are best suited to be who we are rather than wishing to be someone else. The colorful illustrations in “I Will Fly” definitely add to this pleasurable reading experience. Good stuff!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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