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Book Reviews ~ The Admirer’s Secret

Pamela Crane
The Admirer’s Secret by Author Pamela Crane

The Prologue sets the pace in a gut wrenching way as it lays the foundation for the story of Haley Montgomery to follow. It gave me an eerie feeling and sent shivers down my spine to witness the despair of this very troubled person. How in the world did it get to this point of such utter inner turmoil and sense of hopelessness?

And then Haley’s story begins….a twelve year old girl in a hospital room waiting by the deathbed of her father. Her grief is unabashed as she mercilessly pounds away on her mother’s chest to release her sorrow as she witnesses her beloved dad waste away before her very eyes. First Jake’s suicide and now the impending death of her father. Haley is beyond consoling and finds a secret place within to help her deal with the depth of her grief.

Years later, she still resides in the quiet town of Westfield, New York. At twenty seven years old, she has the dream of becoming a screenplay writer. The nonstop rejections of her manuscripts do not daunt her nor dampen Haley’s desire to fulfill her dream. During the time when she decides she could benefit by furthering her writing skills…Allen Michaels, a well-known Screen Play Writer and Producer who is escaping some skeletons in his own closet…decides to offer a writing course in the town of Westfield. Right from the very first moment Allen sets his eyes on the beautiful green-eyed student in the front row of class. It seems that he is mesmerized by her innocent beauty and personal magnetism. However, Haley also has a secret of her own. She has been receiving anonymous letters from what appears to be a secret admirer. Her gut tells her she should contact the police, but nonetheless…she is intrigue by the hauntingly beautiful content of these almost daily messages. Yet…there seems to be an even “greater force” that is orchestrating her life when her computer goes on the blink and Marc, the cute IT guy, arrives at her door to repair it!

Three lives so closely knitted together by chance or co-incidence. It appears that both men are so deeply affected by the compelling and innocent Haley. Will Allen Michaels lure her away from the safe community of Westfield with promises of success and fame or will her heart continue to skip a beat as she entertains a possible future with Marc? There is a sense of foreboding in the air…something is off kilter. Who is the secret admirer and to what extent will he control Haley’s life? Or…is there something else amiss?

Talented Author Pamela Crane takes her readers on one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride in The Admirer’s Secret. I was glued to every page in this romantic and mysterious fictional novel with its many unpredictable twists and turns. Wow…what an incredible read! You will not want to miss a word as this intriguing and captivating novel unfolds. A special thank you to the author for her personal note at the end of the book. It is not always easy to write on a topic so close to home. It takes faith, courage, and a keen desire to reach out to others in order to make them more aware of this type of situation and the negative consequences. In my experience, it can be very therapeutic for the writer as well. Great book!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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  1. It does sound like an emotional roller coaster! ๐Ÿ™‚ But a testimony to our Lord and how He helps those going through such difficulties. I know it
    would be good therapy to write many of the things in life we’ve dealt with or seen others go through. Nice blog, Dolores! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Diane…your supportive comments mean a great deal to me. I am sure Pamela will be encouraged by your kind words too. God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

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