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Book Reviews ~ Get Up-7 Life Lessons

It has been awhile since I have read such a touching book based on an incredible journey by a very talented young author. Twenty year old Author Jenna Phelps is bound to inspire anyone going through a difficult life experience. She is a cancer survivor and a motivational author. She not only speaks from personal experience….she reaches out to embrace, inspire, and touch the hearts and minds of others with a wisdom well beyond her years.

“Get Up – 7 Life Lessons” is absolutely refreshing! Ms. Phelps includes a description of her experiences and a wealth of photographs to clearly demonstrate her trials and tribulations. However, she does admit that what she once thought were her weaknesses, she has come to realize are her strengths. This well-written and carefully thought out book is not for the faint of heart. Her personal story is not easy to digest but her positive attitude and encouragement definitely are, as she turns her obstacles into opportunities on a daily basis.

Ms. Phelps also includes a thought-provoking quote at the beginning of each chapter. She generously shares the wisdom of others along with her own. To quote one of her personal views on life’s sufferings she states, “Traumatic events often scar us on the inside…and serve as life-long reminders of the difficult journeys we’ve faced.” Although, she has battled for the majority of her life to merely stay alive, she knows full well that not all scars are visible like her liver transplant scar. She shows the utmost compassion when she shares her philosophy about emotional or less visible scars with her reading audience as well. She has definitely gained both my respect and admiration, not only as a survivor but as an author as well! Yes indeed… “Get Up and be UNSTOPPABLE

I was encouraged to read this wonderful book by fellow Author Matt Patterson ~ My Emily

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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