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Book Reviews ~ The End of the Line

The End of the Line by Author Jim Power

Latesha Thomas is one of the main characters in the well-written and interesting fictional/historical novel. Living with her wheel chair bound father, they are in dire straits. Latesha, a young university student with just over a year until graduation…and with the hope of becoming a teacher…finds pressing money problems plaguing this father and daughter duo. Much needed house repairs, high tuition, and the other necessary demands of everyday living take their toll on their dwindling back account. Latesha subsequently decides to start a matchmaking business in order to supplement their income. In doing so, she falsely presents herself as an expert in the field.

Her first client, Peter Elsworth, the other main character in this captivating romance novel, is a handsome electrician. Latesha inadvertently sets him up with three very ill-suited women. As she is about to return his money by mail…Peter unexpectedly shows up at her house in the “all-black village” of the Beechwood Community.

He is very surprised to discover who Latesha really is, as he has seen her before on campus. Her skin is the “color of rich, creamy chocolate” and she is beautiful beyond words. She is immediately attracted to his handsomeness with his fair skin and blond hair…but more importantly, the attraction goes far deeper. There is a special and inexplicable quality in their relationship that is impossible to ignore. Peter asks to join Latesha in a walk to the local Beachwood grocery store. He wants to take a chance on developing a more intimate relationship with her; however, she is dead set against it. She sees life as black and white but Peter tries his best to sway her by saying…”Life isn’t black and white, it’s gray. Black and white works well on a piano, or in the law, but not in human relationships.”

If fictional romance novels are your genre…you won’t want to skip a word of “The End of the Line”. It grabs at the heartstrings with its spellbinding love story. The magnetism of the storyline and the reality of the challenges these two young lovers face adeptly draw the reader into the intense attraction between these two love-struck people from very different worlds. Latesha’s father is outraged at Peter’s determination to make Latesha a part of his life. Peter’s mother, is equally distraught and has no desire to have Latesha in her son’s life. Both parents have one thing in common. They have every desire to keep Peter and Latesha apart for the very same reason. They even go so far as to threaten to disown each of them if their wishes are not obeyed. Will their hatred and bigotry succeed or…can the undying love that Peter and Latesha share survive the odds?

I just cannot express the pleasure I received in reading this enticing and heartwarming romance novel. Author Jim Power is one talented writer…who in my opinion has a very kind heart and a wonderfully creative imagination as he skillfully uses it to connect the dots in this very intriguing story. This talented author’s character and belief system clearly shine through with every word that he pens. Simply put…I loved this book!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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