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Book Reviews ~ Paul The Owl

Elan EzraAs a mother, grandmother, and former teacher, I give full credit to talented children’s Author Elan Ezra for penning a wonderful children’s book that is sure to be enjoyed by many a reader.

“Paul The Owl” is primarily about the experiences of a young ten month old Elf owl by the name of Paul. He is very eager to spread his wings and have his first flying expedition. After eating a meal of insects and other mites provided by Mother Owl, she encourages him to make his way. Paul is a small owl…actually the smallest in nature and he is very self-conscious about his tiny size. He is made even more aware of his diminutive size by Gary, a big spotted owl who sees him fly by. Gary commences to ridicule and mock Paul about his size. His teasing ways eat away at Paul’s self-esteem and he becomes reluctant to fly at night in order to avoid Gary’s nasty comments. This does not last long as Paul is not familiar with the forest during the day and he quickly returns to his regular night time routine.

One night, Gary has even gone so far as to mock his three chick brothers. They are also humiliated by his ridicule and decide to fly on their own to prove him wrong. They end up stuck in a hollow log and are unable to free themselves. Paul comes to the rescue despite his size and manages to release them so that Gary can then carry them back to the safety of their nest. Gary is ashamed of his rude behavior and cannot believe that Paul rises above this unkind treatment and helps him rescue his three little brothers.

Paul learns a very valuable lesson as well. He readily forgives Gary and his grandfather’s words hold true…”even if I’m a small owl, I’m still an owl, and I can do anything I want”. I agree…size isn’t everything and good things come in small packages just like Paul, the little Elf owl who saved the day. Kudos to Author Elan Ezra for providing a great opportunity for children to learn to accept themselves as they are and to develop a positive self-image based on that fact!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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