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Book Reviews ~ Up The “Down” Ladder

Posted in A WOMAN'S VOICE,BOOK REVIEWS,BOOK REVIEWS ~ OTHER AUTHORS by doloresayotte on December 29, 2013

This book is about finding true happiness and contentment no matter what your life circumstances are. Once again, Dolores Ayotte shares her wisdom and life advice through personal stories, warm writing style, and humor.

It is aimed at everyone who wants to get “into the positive cycle of life” – and shouldn’t that be everyone? Advice from Dolores Ayotte can make anyone’s life more complete and happier, and this book has specific sections aimed at different kinds of people and different life problems.

A part of this book seemed to be written specifically for people who, like the author herself, have battled with (or are still facing) depression. Dolores Ayotte describes that time in her life as “drowning in my own despair” and talks about effective ways to take charge of your own life and your depression and start the healing process with self-awareness and with the evaluation of different aspects of your life, such as job and home life to see if they are causing you unhappiness.

This book does not offer any quick fixes that are guaranteed…to fail. Instead, it offer lots of good, thoughtful advice tested by life experience, such as about the dangers of comparing and competing with each other in a marriage – actions that can lead to nothing but resentment and grief.

Dolores Ayotte book also addresses issues of stay-at home vs. working moms of today’s generation. With more choices that women have today about the course of their family lives and careers comes more responsibility and sometimes more opportunities for…unhappiness since making the wrong choice is now one’s own responsibility and not that of society. I really like Dolores Ayotte’s definition of happiness as a combination of creative effort and the satisfaction of achievement.

From seeing problems to opportunities to the discussion of leadership, including corporate leadership, the book has a lot to offer its readers. Great advice. Highly recommended.
By Julia Gousseva


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