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Book Reviews ~ Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book 7)

Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book 7) by Author M.A. Comley

“Virtual Justice” is my first exposure to talented Author M.A. Comley and after reading this 7th Book in the Justice Series…I am chastising myself for not starting with Book 1. The Prologue captured my attention right from the onset with the eerie encounter and first-date experience between two strangers who met online through a dating service. The macabre theme sets the pace for the haunting story to follow. Married couple Lorne and Tony Warner operate a dog kennel with the help of their daughter Charlie. Lorne, a former copper and Tony her second husband…an ex-soldier and amputee who survived the war in Afghanistan make a compatible and lovable couple. Their relationship and rapport sets the tone for a congenial home atmosphere.

Lorne, now a private investigator and a fine sleuth is hired by Stacy Meldrew to investigate the disappearance of her sister Karen. With dogged determination, she refuses to leave a stone uncovered as she makes every effort to solve the very troubling case of the missing Ms. Meldrew. Lorne taps into her resources by contacting her friend and former partner Katy on the Met police force as well as psychic friend, Carol who quickly senses death.

…And then enters Bella Croft who decides to find a date online. Her blind date…a handsome accountant by the name of Morris. Mesmerized by him…Bella becomes like a puppet on a string. Mind boggling…spine chilling…unpredictable! I could not put this book down. Talented Author M.A. Comley has penned a fictional novel about the unthinkable crime. You won’t want to miss a word of this one!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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