A Woman's Voice

Book Reviews ~ A Woman’s Voice – Inspirational Short Stories

“A Woman’s Voice – Volume 1” by Dolores Ayotte is a beautiful book by a remarkable writer and inspiring woman. The book is a selection of personal anecdotes by the author, enriched with philosophical quotes by her and others and with additional meditative questions for the reader to reflect upon her thoughts.

Ayotte is a strong believer in God and Christianity, yet her writings have relevance to any person regardless of faith. Her pointers are inspired by real life and common sense as much as they are from her faith in God and love. As a matter of fact some of the pieces reminded me even of a book I recently read that came from a Buddhist / Tao angle.

Her positive and upbeat attitude shines through the pages and for me it represents the best of Christian teachings. It is not judgemental, respectful and is written for you to reflect upon your life and its path, trying to help you find confidence and love.

The author uses her life experience to teach us what she learned about love, communication in relationship, about the choices we make in life and the connections she sees in the world that make Gods Great Picture.

This is a heart felt book that contains much wisdom and inspiration. Probably best read in small portions so that you can use the advice of the author and reflect on to the individual pieces for longer. Enjoyable with lots of food for thought.

by Author & Book Reviewer Christoph Fischer


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