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Sean & Sarah Gee BuroMy Life Untold by Authors Sarah & Sean Gee Buro

What a lovely story and so well-told. It is epic in its vastness as it starts with Magda’s parents and Magda herself, as a young child crossing the ocean and landing on Ellis Island in New York. The journey is harsh but what occurs makes it even worse. Magda’s father is accused of stealing a pocket watch from the ship’s captain and other items from his fellow passengers. As a punishment, his tongue is cut off and thrown overboard. Now as a mute…it is initially very hard for him to find employment in this new country where he hoped to have a better life for his family. He eventually succeeds and with the combined efforts and income of both he and his wife…after several years, they manage to save enough money to buy a farm in Gettysburg.

Magda has been homeschooled thus far but she now must attend school with the other local children. She does not fit in well with her peers. With the exception of Samuel who seeks her out on a regular basis, she pretty much sticks to herself. Right from the onset, he is smitten with her but Magda does not return his affection. She is intent on burying her head in the books so generously provided by her kind and caring teacher Mr. Dawson.

The farm house and land known as Stone Croft are in much need of repair and refurbishment. After much hard work and determination, this hardworking family restores Stone Croft to its former condition. Eventually, they are able to purchase an adjacent piece of farming property. However, in order to operate it, they hire a handsome farm helper by the name of Lars. There is only a few years difference in age between Lars and Magda and soon an inevitable attraction occurs between the two of them. And then….Magda’s life turns upside down with the start of the American Civil War. Initially, Lars is determined to enlist for a period of three months but much to the frustration, anger, and sorrow of love struck Magda, he re-enlists for a period of three years.

Magda, the protagonist in this captivating and heart wrenching story, faces a bleak future after a series of sorrowful events. Death, betrayal, and unprecedented challenges crop up in every corner of her life. She then decides to do the unthinkable when she takes matters into her own hands…

You will not want to miss Magda’s breath-taking story as penned by this talented author duo, Sean and Sarah Gee Buro. They have captured a wonderful combination of romance and American history in this refreshing, well-written, romantic fictional novel. Kudos to them for such an enjoyable read!

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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