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Book Reviews ~ The Fishy Adventures of Gus, Toby And TooToo – Big Tale 1

JoyceI read and review a wide variety of books but for one reason or another I am always drawn to the delight of reading a book penned especially for children. “The Fishy Adventures of Gus, Toby And TooToo” is no exception.

This one is the first in a four book series by talented Author Joyce Mitchell. In the introduction, the young reader gets to meet the main character, a beautiful rainbow trout by the name of Gus. He describes his surroundings in depth which results in a great learning opportunity for children. He further explains how he swims downstream to his favorite eating spot. On one particular day, he meets Toby and a new adventure begins with this not so humble brook trout fish. Toby quickly manages to hog the food while Gus copes with an empty belly feeling. Soon TooToo joins the quest for food and Gus is surprised to hear that she already knows Toby. TooToo is a beautiful female golden carp. These three fish friends manage to entertain themselves for quite some time as they search for food.

This series of fish adventures is a wonderful educational tool and a great introduction to “chapter books” as my grandchildren fondly refer to them. The use of alliterations such as Thunder Thicket and Cavern Cove, as well as, the sense of humor the author displays throughout this novel is very appealing. The colorful illustrations add to this pleasurable learning experience.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte


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