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DRIP…DROP ~ December 24, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte


When we think about erosion in our environment, we may picture a huge wave beating against the wall of a cliff at sea. Eventually as it pounds away, the cliff caves in and the waves continue to erode the shore line.

In many of our personal relationships, the erosion that takes place doesn’t always  occur in the same dramatic way. Sometimes, it does take one big upset similar to a tsunami to end a relationship but usually it takes many years of neglect or even physical or emotional abuse. At times, our unacceptable or unattractive behavior is more subtle, like a lack of consideration or at times unkind behavior as the drip…drop of our uncaring ways eat away at  the bond we may have once shared.  The drip….drop may include gossip or maligning. The drip…drop may also include conditional love.

Whether with family or friends, a continuous drip…drop of inappropriate behavior eventually takes its toll and the relationship caves in much like the major erosion that takes place at sea.

To create and maintain a quality relationship, it is necessary to show that we care. We do this by taking the time to cultivate or maintain these special connections. In doing so, it is necessary to put forth the much-needed effort in order to keep the relationship alive and healthy.  If we don’t do this, the relationship will not be very positive or rewarding and more than likely will eventually die.

Caring about the people we love involves making them feel like a special part of our lives. It’s not about taking them for granted but rather about showing our appreciation and love for them in some of the simplest ways…putting them first on the list instead of last, a special card, a visit…or any other small act of kindness that we may choose in order to let our family or friends know we love them.

Please, during this special Christmas Season as we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, it is wise to remind ourselves to make room in the “Inn” of our hearts instead of allowing the drip…drop…of our behavior to force family and friends into the stable of our lives. If that’s where they are…perhaps we must ask ourselves why.  Have we really and honestly made room at our “Inn” or have we made them feel like they belong outside? Having room at our “Inn” is a year-long activity not a once a year occasion.

Hopefully, the true meaning of Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth, will also be exemplified by our behavior between New Years and Christmas, rather than the short week between Christmas and New Years.  On this note, I would like to wish you a wondrous, peaceful, and joyous Christ-filled Christmas as well as an abundant 2012 with room in your “Inn” to celebrate all year-long!


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  1. Desiray said,

    amen we need to make room in our hearts for Him thanks for the reminder and a Merry Christmas to you and yours sis

    • Thank you Desiray…yes it is so very true. “We need to make room in our hearts for Him.” Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. raisethegaze said,


    This is a great post!
    Your “drip . . . drop” analogy is so true and applies to many aspects of life.
    Thank you.

    May you and your loved ones, your guest bloggers, and all your readers / followers have a very joyous and safe Christmas in celebration of our Lord — the “Word made flesh,” who by the Holy Spirit continues as Emmanuel — “God with us”!

    • Thank you Peter,

      As usual I welcome your kind and encouraging words. Many years ago, almost thirty to be exact, I had what I refer to as a period of “enlightenment”. I remember leaving my classroom and rushing home to share the “good news” with my Dad and Mom. I think I was a little ahead of the times because I couldn’t seem to find another person who could relate to my wonderful personal discovery. When I revealed to my Dad that I saw “Jesus” in him, he was very taken aback and thought I had lost my mind. After all those years, I’ve come to realize that we are supposed to see Jesus in all of humankind and to treat each individual as such. With the help of the Holy Spirit, pershaps one day we will all truly realize that “Whatsover we do to the least of our brethren….”

      Yes Peter ~ the Word is indeed made flesh and God is definitely with us. All we need to do is open our hearts to see the world as He does and to treat each person with love and dignity.

      I wish you, May and all your loved ones a blessed Christmas. I may not have met you in person Peter, but I “see” Jesus in you. Enjoy your family time! 🙂

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