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HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS ~ December 19, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte


I am the mother of three married daughters. I have eight delightful grandchildren.  I always knew that I loved my children with all my heart but I had no way of knowing until I became a grandmother that I would love my grandchildren with the same depth. Each time a grandchild is born, I feel the same thrill as when I gave birth.

When we raise a family we all go through the trials and tribulations that come with each phase of growing up.  I remember thinking to myself that after all three daughters were married and settled down, I would have a lot less to worry about. I must admit that this was one naive thought. 

As my family continues to multiply I find that I actually have more to worry about, not less.  Now my daughters are experiencing some of the woes of raising their children and I am well aware of almost everything that they are going through.  I try my best to encourage them to “not sweat” the small stuff but one of the things I still “sweat” about is childhood illnesses especially in the youngest grandchildren.  The older ones can at least tell you what’s wrong when they’re not feeling good. Is it only in my own mind or has there been an increase in childhood illnesses?  When these little ones get sick, I’m so concerned in a way that brings out the worrywart in me.

It is at these times that I have to search inside and draw from the same strength I used when my daughters were young. That strength is my faith. I know that each and every child born on earth is a whole world to God. I also know that He’s got the whole world in His hands. I not only desire to trust in Him, I need to trust in Him for the benefit of all just like my daughters need to do.

It’s wonderful to have been blessed with such an ever-growing family and I thank God on a daily basis but as I said, it’s not only the family that is multiplying.  The fears and concerns that go with it have also multiplied.  I need my faith now more than ever in order to  encourage my daughters. I want to be there for them as much as possible as they face what life has to offer.  I heard many years ago, that you never fully realize how much you believe in God until you have children.  I couldn’t agree more!  We need prayers and our faith as we work through the challenges that go with raising a family.  Don’t you agree?



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  1. Yes, yes , yes I do agree that we need our faith more than ever. As a mother, I am learning the difference between those things that need my worry and concern, and those things that I need to give up to God. Now this has been the challenge!


    • Andrea…it’s not always easy being a mother. The rewards far outweigh the trials and tribulations but we do need our faith to deal with the challenges that come our way.

  2. chosenwoman said,

    Lovely post sis as usual…God is in control..amen

    • Thanks sis…God is definitely in control and for that I am truly grateful. I may not be able to see around the corner but I know I’m in good hands.

  3. Jeff Kusner said,

    faith over fear is definitely the solution. its been on my heart for many years and was finally blessed with the opportunity and time to research God’s word in the area of fear, worry and the fear of God.

    ~ jeff

    • Thanks for your comments Jeff. I checked out your website and I like what I see. I will be going back to read more!

  4. Barb Newman said,

    Well said Dolores,
    I couldn’t agree more!!!

    • Thanks Barb…I knew a mother and grandmother like you would know exactly what I mean. I appreciate your comment.

  5. hope_rising said,

    Miss D!

    very beautiful post … I know you were very worried about your wee one a few days ago… I hope she is doing well.

    LLL from HTH

  6. Peter Black said,

    Thanks Dolores,
    Although you speak from a mother and grandmother’s perspective, I find resonance in this lovely post as a father and grandfather.
    In my case I know that it’s my wife who is most adept at helping out with the kids and grandkids when they’re in need, but she also inspires me to trust the Lord to bring them through.
    Hail grandmas everywhere — I salute you!

    • Hello Peter…how wonderful to hear from you! Yes, I can well imagine that my article also applies to fathers and grandfathers as well. I hope you are enjoying your retirement and your extra time with May and the rest of your family.
      I sincerely appreciate your subscription to my blog. It’s great to be in touch with you once again. I have been following you too but I can see that you have been very busy in your retirement. 🙂

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