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CHRISTMAS LOVE ~ December 10, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte

Hello my dear friends….I am honored to say that I have been invited by Janet Harllee to be a guest blogger on Just a Closer Stumble With Thee.   I would be honored if you would take a moment to read Christmas Love which I wrote especially for you during this wondrous Christmas Season.  Please take an extra minute or two to browse around Janet’s site. She has a delightful sense of humor that you will be sure to enjoy! 



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  1. Good Morning Dolores,

    Thank you for the beautiful memories and also for the reminder of what Christmas is all about! Over the past few years I’ve returned to the true meaning of Christmas and tried very hard to eliminate all the “X’s” associated with this very special occasion! Dad instilled so many values in us in our childhood years and it is a joy to bring back the true meaning of Christmas, family love and celebrating “The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph”! I feel so much freedom from the X’s after reading your beautiful story “Christmas Love”!

    Love Shirley

    • Good morning Shirley,
      Your response brought tears to my eyes as I know how special all these memories were to us as children. Remember how, when we were just children ourselves, we even used to shop for our younger siblings so that they could have a gift under the tree. As the years have gone by, it has become so liberating to eliminate the X’s at Christmas as much as possible and to just enjoy the true message of Christmas Love as celebrated by the Holy Family. I agree with you…what a wonderful sense of freedom it is as we celebrate the true meaning of Christ’s birth.

      Love Dolores

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