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MEMORY LANE ~ Through the Eyes of a Child ~ November 30, 2011 by Lorraine Gauthier

 My Sister’s Voice

As children, with the purest of hearts we see life with wonder.  We learn to walk by crawling, standing, and falling…so similar to life as an adult. We educate ourselves by seeing, hearing and copying those we want to be like…a parent, an older sibling, or a friend.    

We all started off as children and somewhere in us, we still have the heart of that young child. I know I still do.  As an innocent child, I usually chose to do things for the absolute right reason.  

At age two, I chose to cut off my hair to look like a boy. The reason…my dad had ‘hoped’ I was a boy  because he wanted another son after my brother and three sisters were born.  I loved him and wanted to please him. I wanted to give him what I ‘thought’ was a boy, as if cutting off my hair, would do the trick. 

Years later, we had another girl born into our family. Now there were five girls. We had a small house and had to learn how to share. We were lucky to get a new chest of drawers.  This was very exciting to me because now we could each have our own drawer for our personal belongings.  However, I was worried that we, as sisters, wouldn’t recognize our own drawer.  I decided to engrave our names on each drawer so that my sisters knew which one was theirs.  Needless to say, this was not well received.  My dad was furious.  I was punished because I had damaged the new chest of drawers. 

How many times in life, even as an adult, do we have perfectly good intentions, with the purest of hearts, yet it is received differently?  I am grateful that throughout our lives we can still have the heart of a child.   

Over the years, this child’s heart will feel both joy and pain. It truly becomes our guide to how we perceive things as an adult.  Hopefully, we can continue to see the beauty in all things like we did as an innocent child! 

Thank you Lorraine! 

Lorraine holds a B.A. with a major in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg.  She  is a member of Advocis and a Life member of Million Dollar Round Table. Lorraine lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband Barry.  She works full-time as an Advisor at Sun Life Financial.

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  1. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Thank you Lorraine for sharing such a big part of who you really are, a caring, loving individual who still has the heart and the innocence of a child. I recall very clearly both instances you’ve spoken about and it really only seems like such a short time ago!

    • Lorraine Gauthier said,

      Thanks so much Shirley for remembering!! I think we all of a child who will reside within us forever. Thankfully it keeps our hearts pure.

      • Thanks Shirley and Lorraine….when you are sisters it’s not too surprising that our memories intermesh and spur us on to remember the really important things like our love for each other.

  2. kay wielinski said,

    What nice thoughts- helps us to recall the life’s lessons for all of us.

  3. Andrea said,

    I too am so grateful that as adults we can still have the heart of a child. It is in those moments that I feel the most connected to myself. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this!

  4. Sulo Moorthy said,

    Enjoyed reading your posting. Aren’t we so glad that the child in us is still alive? Though life may intervene and try to kidnap that child from us, with God’s help we can retain her and see the world through her perspective-magic and wonder

    • Sulo…Welcome to A Woman’s Voice. Yes, it is wonderful when we can see the world through the eyes of a child. As adults, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that the child is still alive in us. In doing so, we can draw from the simple pleasures that are still able to being us joy even if we’re older. Blessings!

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