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MEMORY LANE ~ Little Red Outfit ~ November 22, 2011 by Linda Briscoe


Thirty-eight years ago almost to the day…my first born James wore this little red outfit. It was the best dressy outfit I had for him…I loved it so much on him…that I kept it along with the receiving blanket I brought him home in….

Six years later his baby brother Ian…got his picture taken in the same beautiful
little red outfit…and came home in the same little receiving blanket…

Although I knew I was not going to be having any more babies I held on to the receiving blanket…and of course the little red outfit…I loved it so much…such a beautiful red…and looked so adorable on my baby boys.

Once again the little red outfit got to be worn by a little baby boy…my little grandson Nathaniel…at around the same age his daddy wore it…

And now thirty-eight years later…I still have the little red outfit…I never could part with…and the receiving blanket that my two little babies were swaddled in to come home from the hospital.  Two of my very special little treasures from many years ago…I will hang on this little red outfit and blanket…forever…maybe another little boy
will be born who can get his picture taken in this little red outfit.

Thank you very much Linda for sharing such a cute little story with us.  🙂



8 Responses to 'MEMORY LANE ~ Little Red Outfit ~ November 22, 2011 by Linda Briscoe'

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  1. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    I remember the little red outfit and the pictures of James and Ian and it seems like yesterday! Hang on to these treasures Linda and maybe some day a great grandson will wear this very special red outfit! Thanks for sharing such a special part of your life I loved it!!

  2. What a sweet story and I don’t blame you one bit, Linda, for
    keeping that Little Red Outfit! You never know when another little
    guy may look great in it too.

    As Mom’s it is really hard to part with those special pieces of
    memories that bring us to tears when we see them. I can well
    relate, and treasure as you do, my little outfits from our children. My 84 year old Mother
    has taken photos of her great-grand-daughter in a little yellow dress that belonged to her as a child. Keep your Little Red Outfit! God Bless!

  3. Linda Briscoe said,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my little story.
    It sure is amazing how fast time
    goes by, and how fast our little ones grow up. I would love to see
    a photo of your Mom’s little yellow dress Diane. Blessings

  4. Nikki said,

    the memories of those babies in that outfit will last forever – very special…those early years…Loved reading this..

  5. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    I remember that outfit too Linda!! They all look so cute in it. You never know there may be another little one who gets to wear the little red outfit. It is so cute and never goes out of style. We seem to hang onto things that have fond memories.I still have my first purse, bank book and license plate!

  6. Mary Haskett said,

    What a darling story.
    Just love it

  7. I loved reading this story!
    It fits this special season!

    • Thanks Janie….I thought it fit the season too with that little red outfit and all the fond memeories that go with it. It’s wonderful to have you visit A Woman’s Voice. I appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours!

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