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REMEMBRANCE DAY — November 11, 2011 by Fred Ayotte


We all know what Remembrance Day stands for. It is the day we stop and pay respect to all the soldiers in our Armed Forces who fought in wars. It is to thank them for what they did so that today we can enjoy the freedoms many people throughout the world still do not have and can’t even dream of having. 

Remembrance Day also has another very special meaning to me. My wife teases me when she says that I often don’t remember important dates. Well, I will always remember Remembrance Day, 1968. It was the day I proposed to my wife of now 42 years. You may ask why I picked that day. It is so I would never forget the anniversary of our engagement and at the young age of nineteen, one of the most important decisions of my life. 

It is the day that my fiancée and I started getting ready for a lifelong journey. It has been a fantastic ride for which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

Therefore, for me, Remembrance Day is a day to thank those brave soldiers who allowed us to have this life and to thank my beautiful wife for agreeing to go on this wonderful never-ending trip with me.

Fred, Remembrance Day has a two-fold meaning to me as well. I will never forget either one. Thank you to all the soldiers who fought for our freedom and thanks to you too Fred, for asking me to be your wife on that memorable day so many years ago. 




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  1. Jeremy asked me to marry him on his parent’s wedding aniversary, so he too would never forget the date!

  2. Sarah said,

    I love reading Fred’s heart…..you guys are soo special…the two of you.

  3. hope_rising said,


    you two are the sweetest couple! Iove learning more about your love story!

    In these times especially, it is so important to put our focus on the love that we have and to shine our heartfelt thanks in the direction of all who fought or are fighting for our ability to experience that freely!

    excellent post!

  4. Fred Ayotte said,

    Andrea, Sarah & Hope
    Thank you for your wonderful comments…they are very much appreciated.

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