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MEMORY LANE ~ My “Old Dog” ~ November 9, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte


I’m sure at one time or another you’ve seen commercials or ads where they say that dogs resemble their masters.  Well, the dog in this picture is not my dog but it sure resembles someone I know very well! 

A few years ago, my husband had double cataract surgery.  His vision could no longer be corrected adequately enough with eyeglasses so it was recommended that he get new lenses. My husband has worn thick glasses ever since he was a young boy. As a result of the surgery, he ended up with extremely good “distant” vision.

On the way home from the eye doctor, after removal of the first patch, I could have sworn he was “winking” at me. He kept opening and closing his eye because he couldn’t believe the difference. He repeatedly placed his hand “on and off” his eye in his state of disbelief at what he could now see.  Good thing I was driving, which is unusual in itself, if we are both in the car. 

After his second eye surgery, he got his eyes tested and the prescription he received was for glasses that would accommodate his now “not so good” near vision. But….there was no way that this man was going to wear glasses, not after wearing them almost all his life. The “old dog” felt certain he didn’t need to wear glasses anymore.  He then decided he could make do with glasses from the dollar store in order to read.

Well, let me tell you, if we don’t have ten pairs of glasses lying all around the house, we don’t have one. They are on or in every nook and cranny you can imagine. Do you see the dog in the above picture? Every time I talk to my husband when he’s reading the newspaper, this is the look I get as he peers over the top of his glasses at me. I now have a husband who resembles a “dog”.  This must be a test.

Com’on girls…is there anyone else out there dealing with the above “look”? If I can have my glasses on straight, why can’t he?

Don’t you just love it? Now, I can’t help but wonder what my husband would say about me!



16 Responses to 'MEMORY LANE ~ My “Old Dog” ~ November 9, 2011 by Dolores Ayotte'

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  1. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Cute!!! Very nice article!!! Barry has the same eye glass collection!!

    • Lorraine,
      Yes…I know! I think they’ve even shared their eyeglasses a few times. Those guys!! 🙂

  2. Oh I so recognize Wayne in that picture. He has the same set of 10 dollar store glasses. Well he had 10 but our new puppy ate at least 3 pair so far. The look up from the chair when he is reading is exactly like that dog. I am forwarding this post to him.

    • Jan,
      I can just see Wayne too and several other guys I know who do the exact same thing! They are a cute bunch. I’m honored to hear that you shared this post with Wayne. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Judith said,

    I love the story, the photos, and the comments. What a hoot! or should I say, What a woof!

    • Judith…you are so right! What a “woof” those guys are in more ways than one. Thanks for your comments and your appreciation for my sense of humor! I love it! 🙂

  4. Sarah said,

    nice read and those dogs…too cute. Love that 2nd one. I laughed at your thinking “is he winking at me?’

    • Thanks Nikki,
      I agree! Aren’t those dogs cute? You mean you think he wasn’t “winking” at me? LOL 🙂

  5. Audra Krell said,

    Love the pictures Dolores! But what I’m really in love with, is the gift of sight. How glorious that he was able to see after all the years of thick glasses.

    • Audra,
      I agree with you 100%. The gift of sight after all those years of thick glasses was a true Godsend. The word “miracle” comes to mind along with much gratitude. 🙂

  6. lol, so cute; love the doggie in the picture 🙂 Barb

    • Thanks Barb…I love the pictures of those doggies too but not quite as much as the “old dog” himself! 🙂

  7. I was excited for Dad when he didn’t need to wear glasses anymore. Having had to wear glasses myself, since grade three, I too would think it was a miracle to be able to see clearly!

    • Andy…I know how excited you were for Dad when he had his eye surgery. You’ve been wearing glasses a very long time so I understand why you can relate! Looking for miracles in everyday events sure makes them seem more frequent!:)

  8. Steven Fivecats said,

    Hi Dolores,
    I can relate to this… have a hole in my left eye and things are very distorted. Had surgery a little over a year ago to correct it. No go, but did put in an artificial lens in that eye so I see out of it without glasses. Yet I do wear glasses to compensate for the hole. The right eye has to work harder now, but that’s okay…. Love the doggy pics…. cute…..

    • Hey Steven…thanks for visiting my site. It sounds like you can really relate to my husband’s experience. I appreciate your comments! 🙂

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