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THE ART OF PLAYING CARDS ~ October 31, 2011 by Fred Ayotte

Posted in MEMORY LANE,WORDS OF WISDOM ~ A MAN'S VOICE by doloresayotte on October 31, 2011
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I grew in a household where card playing was a family tradition. From an early age, I learned how to play children’s games such as War, Fish, and Old Maid. As I grew older, my parents taught me how to play Hearts, Barouche, Cribbage, and more advanced card games. Therefore, as my daughters were growing up, carrying on this long time family tradition of playing cards came naturally.

When they were very young, one of their favorite games was Fish. We would play literally, for hours. As much as I loved playing this game with them, I would get quite tired after a while. However, they never wanted to quit.

As you know, the game of Fish is the matching of cards. You start by asking the other player if they have a certain card. If the answer is yes, they must give it to you. If not, then you just pick one from the deck.  After hours of playing, if my young daughters didn’t have the card I asked for, I eventually would pick one from the deck and put it in my matched cards whether they were a pair or not. Soon afterwards, the game would end. Nobody could figure out why they ended up with unmatched cards. I know some of you may call this cheating….I called it relief….lol.

It wasn’t until many years later that my daughters put “two and two together” and figured out what I had been up to so many years earlier. We all had a good laugh about it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my oldest granddaughter, Abby who was five at the time, was listening. She is now fourteen.

Some years later during one of our many visits to my daughter (Abby’s mother) in Saskatoon, we decided to play some cards (Fish to be exact) with our young granddaughters. Abby who was now eight years old was organizing the seating. She was telling her mother and grandmother where to sit as well as her younger sister Becca who was five. Becca is now eleven.Then she looked right at me in a very serious demeanour and said “Grandpa, you sit beside me. I want to keep my eye on you because I hear you cheat at Fish”.  My wife and daughter just burst out laughing.

Alas, my reputation had caught up to me after all these years. Everyone had a good laugh and no one has let me forget it since.

Thanks Fred, for sharing this cute little story. As you can see by the pictures, Abby and Becca didn’t hold your “cheating ways” against you!


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  1. Sarah said,

    loved this story and the girls are beautiful…Go Fish!!!!

    • Thanks so much Sarah for your playful comment. Now that brought a “grin” to my face. 🙂

  2. Laura said,

    Ha! I loved that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Laura,
    It was my pleasure. So happy to hear that you could see the humor in it! I’ll be sure to tell Fred! 🙂

  4. hope_rising said,

    that is the sweetest story ever!

    I have to say … when I was little I was so easily dooped I just believed adults. Even when something didn’t sit right (like cards not matching, for example), I didn’t question it. I just moved on. But now as I interact my nieces and nephews, they are very discriminating, they question and challenge everything, they verify things on the Internet…. GEEZ! It’s hard to keep up!

    times they are a-changin’ – oh dear!

    great post !

    • It’s funny how naive we were when we were young. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one. You’re so right. The kids today are far more on top of things. We also have a hard time keeping up. There’s no fooling them and they call you on it too! 🙂

  5. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Ok Fred the cat is out of the “bag” so now I will be watching your every move and play when we’re playing cards with you! I thought Ken was bad but I think you take the cake!! I really enjoyed your memories of playing cards with your daughters and granddaughters and the pictures are lovely, very beautiful granddaughters and smart too!! Can’t wait for another game of cards and you can sit next to me! LOL

  6. Kathy Eberly said,

    That’s so funny, Fred! Thank you for sharing the stories and your pictures of your beautiful granddaughters!

  7. Cheryl said,

    Dad, thanks for “verifying” the story in public! I told Abby that you were writing a story on Grandma’s blog about playing cards. She asked if it was about cheating!! I agree that this is a story that will live on and on.

    Thank you for taking the time to play cards with my girls. Those memories will be with them forever.

    Love, Cheryl

  8. Such a sweet photo of Fred and your grand gals. I’m glad they
    have his number and the tradition is a sweet memory. Kids love
    to play games and not all parents or grandparents do! 🙂 So glad
    Fred does!

  9. Andrea Cockerill said,

    It took Jo and I quite awhile to realize how come you had so many pairs all the time!!! I am sure that Abby has informed her cousins how grandpa plays cards!

  10. All of you have been so wonderful with your comments. Some of you are family so you know what Grandpa is all about and thanks to those of you who don’t know Fred. You have shown your appreciation for his card playing “skills” by your comments. His reputation will never be the same now that the “cat’s out of the bag”. 🙂

  11. Susan Earl said,

    I loved this story! It brought back so many memories of the days we’ve spent playing cards with our family. A favorite game of my mom and her brothers and sisters was called ShangHai. Growing up, we were always told it was a game for grownups only… I still remember the first time I was “old” enough to play. (It’s only rummy, but oh well!) You have a beautiful family, Dolores, thank you and your husband for sharing this story with us!

  12. Ginny Hamlim said,

    I forgot about that game. I will have to teach it to my grandkids! Thank you for sharing the lovely story and the reminder. 😉

  13. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Great Article Fred! I really enjoyed it!! NOW I know why you guys WIN at Hand and Foot!! We are going to have to keep a watchful eye on you!! I am really glad your grandkids uncovered your secret!!! 🙂

  14. Gloria Korell said,

    Loved the article Fred. Dallas and Meagan have many memories playing cards and games with Brian’s mom and dad. They loved it and remember those days very well. You have created some long lasting memories with your grandkids.

  15. Mary Haskett said,

    What a delightful article. It so heartwarming to read of your family’s “togetherness” and that warm and fun time continues with your grand-daughters. I’m still smiling.

  16. Fred Ayotte said,

    Thank you for all your wonderfuil comments.

  17. […] is a follow-up to The Art of Playing Cards by one of my husband’s boyhood […]

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