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MEMORY LANE ~ Remembering When…~ September 22, 2011by Linda Briscoe

Posted in MEMORY LANE by doloresayotte on September 22, 2011
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When I was a child we walked to school on the very first day! Brand new outfit and school bag, packed with crayons and all new supplies. I walked and walked for what seemed like forever, happy to finally be at school, only to realize that there would be the same walk home at lunch, then back to school and home again!The days would be glorious in the fall, still warm enough for just a sweater.  The leaves would start to fall to the ground and the winds would pick up.

Before I knew it, the cold would be in the not too distant future. It was time to bundle up to make the walk to school as bearable as possible.  Now, in the bitterness of winter, lunch bag packed, off to school I went.  Bundled tightly, with my scarf around my forehead and neck, I braved the long walk to school.Oh…it could get bitterly cold, so cold as the wind blew through my not so warm coat and the well-worn boots which had known other winters.  Is this cold winter ever going to pass?

Then it changed.  The days started getting longer, the sun started getting stronger, and I was very excited as I could spot the first patch of pavement. The ditches were so inviting filled with melting ice and water.  Trusting to step on the now thin ice and not sink…only to find a boot full of water was merely a fine line away…just one more step and a little more pressure before the ice cracked and I could feel the SPLOOSH as the cold water seeped into my boots.  A young child and a ditch full of water are like two magnets being drawn to each other.

On that walk home from school, the snow was only going to bring the worst of spring, with its dirty snow banks and slippery sidewalks after a cold night.
Getting splashed by a passing car was the norm as I surged forward on my long walk home.Try as I might to keep my spring coat clean and the runners that I changed into after school as I rid myself of my heavy rubber boots was an impossible feat.

Then finally, the lovely spring weather came and stayed like the pavement rid of ice and snow for the season.  Now, with a skipping rope in hand, it was like heaven. All the things I loved most, fresh air, rope to jump, light clothing, and the walk to school was almost effortless.  Almost a year had passed since the first day of school and it made me so aware of the changing seasons. What was it like for you?

Thank you Linda!



“Plodding wins the race.”  (Aesop)



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